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2013-03-07, 09:23 PM
I started this thread to talk about a campaign setting I made. The name Agarest comes from the game that inspired the campaign setting. The game is "Record of Agarest War" if anyone is interested. Anyway the biggest thing that makes my campaign setting unique is that, the material plane as a whole consists of multiple smaller material planes, that are all separated by invisible barriers. Anything that comes into contact with these barriers is transported to the barrier on the opposite side. This can give the illusion of the world being round should someone decide to travel in a straight line until they reach the place that they had originally departed from. Now all of these different "material planes" can be vastly different from one another. Whether it be due to religions ex. one could use greyhawk gods where another could use egyption or greek gods. Yes in my campaign setting all of the gods exist at the same time. Technological advancement ex. one could be in the stone age where another in modern day or various other differences. Knowledge of the barrier or other material planes is extremely scarce only those with the highest skill checks could hope to even have slight knowledge of their existence. There are only 3 possible ways to breach the barriers;
1 Creating an epic spell that's sole purpose is to pass through the barrier.
2 An artifact that was designed to allow travel between the worlds.
3 A gods alter reality ability.

The reason the material plane was made this way comes from the origin of the multiverse itself. You see when the overgod Ao was deciding to create the multiverse he realized that he wanted there to be a perfect balance between the positive and negative emotions that filled his being, but being true neutral he could not fully grasp these emotions. He then decided to create 2 beings one with all of his positive emotions and the other with his negative emotions. This is how good and evil came to be in the multiverse. After creating them Ao tasked them with creating new creatures that he could study and use to create more beings to fill the multiverse. These 2 beings who would come to be known as the First Evil and the Creator respectively went about this task for very different reasons. The Creator did so because the one who had made him asked him as thus and was happy to fulfill his request. The First Evil on the other hand did so, so that he could use their power to overthrow his twin and creator and do what he wished with the multiverse without having let anyone tell him what to do. The Creator went about making the first celestials whereas the First Evil did something a little different he made both demons and devils. The First did this simply because he enjoyed conflict but knew under his power they could work together and accomplish the great task of overthrowing Ao and the Creator. After the First felt his armies were strong enough he marched them upon his enemies decimating the being the Creator had made. As he was fighting it out with the Creator due to their sheer power they each managed to contaminate the others armies with essences of themselves. This is the reason every creature contains both good an evil, why there can be fallen angels and risen fiends. After Ao got fed up with the Firsts action he combined his power with that of the Creator to seal the First within a newly created plane. He then used his power to erect powerful barriers all over it and scattered seals throughout the lands to ensure his prison didn't weaken. Hoping that since he had divided up the world there was no way that all of these seals could be destroyed to release the First back onto the multiverse he went back to creating new creatures. Seeing what had happened to the beings the First and the Creator had made he thought that perhaps it was best to keep them that way with little aspects of each other within them.

Some things about the setting the rest of the multiverse remains the same. If an outsider should travel to the material plane they will end up in a random section of it afterwards they can only travel to that section through whatever means they use aside from the mentioned. Artifacts exist all throughout the material plane there are in fact multiple version of all of them some might have numerous amounts some might have none. However if one of these artifacts is brought to another material plane outside of its original it becomes completely worthless until it is brought back, this includes any lingering effects such artifacts might have for example a Deck of Many Things. Likewise only one of these artifacts can retain its power outside of the material plane, any that are brought outside of the material plane after the first lose all power. The exception to this rule is the artifact that was designed to allow passage through the barrier.

I think I covered everything if i missed something I might add it later if you have any questions about this setting feel free to ask and I will do my best to provide you with an answer.

2013-03-30, 02:39 PM
Can someone please tell me what they think I'd like some feedback.

2013-03-30, 05:25 PM
What you've got here is an origin myth, not a setting. The first thing you need to do is expand on what you've written here. Describe the material planes and their inhabitants in detail. Also, try to find a way to capitalize on the theme of dualism. Don't just leave it at "every creature contains both good [and] evil".

Aside from that, it would be interesting to see you break from D&D's mold, but that's up to you.

And for the love of Pelor, do some formatting!

2013-03-30, 08:53 PM
Personally while not directly interested, I think you should put some effort into making it more readable.

For instance I have an intense hatred/fear of large blocks of text(part of it is I get lost another is they make my head hurt) that disappears whenever you put them into smaller paragraphs.

I'll admit to having skimmed, but not because it is to long but because you have three huge chunks of words that could be split into smaller easier to digest chunks.

(I do unfortunately have a tendency to write without the spaces I personally need simply because I'm always at the bottom when I'm writing, and went back over my own post to space it out)