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2013-03-08, 04:12 AM
This suggestion is not a complete Fighter fix, but an addition to whatever class fix one might come up with.
Id like to know what people think of it in terms of balance, complexity and how it solves the [FEATS < FEATURES] issue.

Fighting Styles (Ex)
Rather than learning a single combat feat at a time, fighters gain them in groups.
Starting at 2nd level, a fighter chooses two feat chains with which to start specializing.
As levels progress, a fighter gains either an additional feat to each of his feat chains or a new feat chain.
The accumulation of styles and the progression of each style are as follows:

Fighting Styles | feat chains
2nd (2 styles, 1 feat)
4th (2 styles, 2 feats)
6th (3 styles, 2 feats)
8th (3 styles, 3 feats)
10th (3 styles, 4 feats)
12th (4 styles, 4 feats)
14th (4 styles, 5 feats)
16th (4 styles, 6 feats)
18th (4 styles, 7 feats)
20th (5 styles, 7 feats)

Special: After a fighting style ends (i.e. has no more feats left), a fighter may begin a new style, but if and when an extra style is taken (levels 8/10//14/16/18), it counts as if taken at 2nd level (meaning you start it normally, gaining but a single feat in it).
Special: A fighter may also enrich an existing fighting style by putting general feats into it (one might wish to do so for obtaining feats higher in the chain as early as possible).

Realms of Chaos
2013-03-08, 10:14 AM
So... basically my fighting styles class feature with your edit from back in the thread? (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=270092):smallconfused:

Edit: Also, I must say I'm impressed by your wording with how to handle one chain ending and the next starting. I didn't really understand it before but now it seems very logical. Kudos