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2013-03-10, 01:06 PM
So, my wizard character just recently went to an oracle to have his future foretold. Yaphyll, the friendly diviner, had me and the rest of the party (minus our superstitious fighter and our otherwise-occupied druid) draw tarot cards from a deck--one for our past, three for our future, and one for the unknown. In a bit of cool design, our DM actually passed around a deck of custom cards and had us pick from it at random. For my cards, I drew the following:

Past: Secrecy,

Future: Valor, Pride, Humility,

Unknown: Ruin.

What this seems to suggest to me is that my character has a future of heroic deeds ahead, but if I'm not careful, my actions could lead to disaster. With this in mind, I'm starting this thread with the following purpose--to share stories of experiences you've had in games where prophecies have gone horribly wrong. Part of my motivation for this is to gather information on common mistakes to avoid, but mostly it's just for teh lulz.

So, when has knowing your future caused horrible, horrible problems?

2013-03-10, 01:43 PM
Mage: The Awakening game, my mage using Prophecy spell divined a number of possible outcomes for near future, and decided that the only course of action that did not end with a friend dying or the whole cabal being put at serious risk was confronting a bad guy without informing the local mage authorities. As a result, the bad guy ended up blowing himself up with a powerful spell, the cabal unknowingly screwed up many months of investigation done by the Sentinels, and got blamed for the bad guy's (premature) death. Also, it weakened the position of an important NPC with whom we shared similar goals. Still, The group did achieve its stated goal (no friendlies dying, keeping sanctum safe), despite the collateral damage.