View Full Version : Need help designing Concept: Street Chase

2013-03-10, 10:01 PM
Spoilers for the Cyberpunk game group in NH. I doubt there is more than one using the Tri-Stat System.

Last I left my players off they were just finishing a mission about recovering files from a corporate HQ. The mission went off without a hitch. However, they were given a notification that a military project is within proximity range. The military project is called a TAKE 10. Which I'm making stand for something like Tactical Automated (Something) (Something). In layman's terms, a smart tank.

The mission that I am trying to make involves the tank targeting both. The NPC and one of the Players. I'm expecting a chase sequence, at the same time we might end up with a stand off.

What interesting landmarks/scenery pieces would you like to see in the chase sequence?

I so far have two:

Water Tower on top of a building.
Gas station

But I am having trouble figuring out what else I could use.

If you have any ideas for different buildings please let me know.

Right now the players are on top of a one story cafe.