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Gwazi Magnum
2013-03-11, 12:41 PM
Currently me and three friends are having a d&d 3.5 game in a month that's going to be three players and the DM.

Read Spoiler if you want the longer explanation of my situation and my question.

We come from a group with 6 players, cutting down to three because we found we could actually get more involved and enjoy the roleplay when there were less people trying to get involved.

(This was discovered when three of us went on a side quest to sell our loot and found we roleplayed both much more easily and had more fun when the amount of players were cut in half)

Coming from a campaign of 6 players though, we'll still be facing the same level of opposition, just as three Gestalts rather than as 6 normal characters.

We are also restricting ourselves to non-magic so we don't just become spell casters who spam spells to solve everything.

So classes we can't use are: Druid, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard

While Paladin, Ranger and Bard can still be used.
Originally we were allowed to negotiate with the DM for benefits to make up for losing our spell tree, however with the Gestalt thing it might simply become 'deal with the lack of a spell tree' for balance reasons (have yet to confirm if this is the case with DM I am just guessing at this time).

We're restricted to the players hand book and dungeon masters guide by my suggestion to prevent us from making completely broken characters with the Gestalt style.

The point of the Gestalt approach is so as three characters we can be more competent each, deal with bigger challenges and be able to cover all the typical party roles despite our lack of players to fill the roles.

Note: Reinasance Guns have been allowed for use.

(Also technically modern, but the DM set the price to 99999999999999 platnium :p)

Currently what players plan (concept wise) is...

1. A skilled doctor who can easily hold his own in a fight
-In other words this player used to be our Cleric and he's looking to try to remain as someone who can heal people and fight well. The DM has created a new surgery skill he can use to heal people in the middle of battle.

2. A engineer/inventor
-DM is making a new invention skill that regulates how complex inventions/creations the player can make. Essentially this players main goal is to create new items, (probably cause some explosions) and new devices that might be considered ahead of it's time.

But knowing him I'm assuming he's also going to pick up a bow or something since combat wise he's always preffered inflicting damage from far away.

3. (Me) The Combat Proficient Face
-I plan to try to be the guy who will be taking care of things such as Diplomacy checks etc. While also being proficient enough to combat to stand on the front lines and not only survive but deal a good amount of damage. Along with having a good amount of skill points (to be mostly if not fully invested in knowledge skills, social skills and listen/spot).

My current Gestalt plan in this regard is Barbarian/Bard

This gives me the following...

HD: D12
High BAB
High Reflex, Fortitude and Will
6 + Int Mod SP per level
Bardic Music & Knowledge
Fast Movement & DR (I don't plan to use Rage)
Martial Weapon & Medium Armor Proficiency

Is this a good set up or is there something else that might work for my idea better?
If this is a good set up, what feats, skills and ability scores do you think should be my focus?

Note: It is yet undecided if ability scores are to be rolled, we all get a certain array or if we do the 32 point buy system.

tldr: A game with three Gestalt characters starting at level 8.
Difficulty we'll be facing should be around the equivalent of what would thrown at a standard group of 6 players.

We're aiming for non-spell casters for this game, so what non-magic Gestalt build do you find works well? Both in general and for the purpose of being skilled and skilled in combat?

Banned classes: Wizard, Cleric, Sorcerer, Druid
Manuals we can use: PhB, DMG

2013-03-11, 01:15 PM
Hmm, with these rules I'd most likely make a Fighter/Rogue. MGS FTW!

Barbarian/Bard is good too. The classes do mesh well and a singing warrior must be fun to play.

Edit:Use Rage. Be Metal.

2013-03-11, 01:35 PM
What I would make for a face that can fight? How about Fighter/Bard and then enter into Horizon Walker to replace fighter? I would pick Rogue instead of Bard but that makes entry harder and Ranger leaves something to be desired for melee in 3.5.

2013-03-11, 01:37 PM
The important thing to remember about Gestalt is that while a given character may have more options, you still have the same number of actions each combat. This means your 3 gestalt characters will not have the same level of power as a group of 6 normal characters.

As for actual combinations: Fighter goes well with anything (proving just how bland a class it is). Look for other groupings that benefit from the same abilities, such as Rogue/Ranger/Monk (with ranged combat/sneak attack you can dump Str from the Monk's list of requirements, and worry less about Con and armor).

They're aren't any base-classes in the DMG, as far as I can remember, though if you want to get into prestige classes then gestalt would make it easier to access things like Mystic Theurge or Arcane Archer.
Example- Bard/Paladin (both Charisma based, and you are going to want SOME magical healing without either a druid or cleric). There are items that can do it, but not so many of them in core.

Edit: Using bard to get access to Dragon Disciple also looks like fun, but I've never played the class so I can't swear to it.
The Gestalting definitely makes accessing many of the prestige classes much easier, and therefor more viable.

2013-03-12, 03:43 AM
Factotum/UA Warrior works pretty well as a face that can fight, and you can do almost anything with it.

But I'd like to also suggest a psionic or incarnum user. Neither one of them technically count as magic classes, but both of them have magic-like abilities.

Incarnum users putter out above mid-level, but the lack of magic in the world may actually prevent that. It basically allows you to have whatever magic weapon/armor you want for no cost and 0 crafting time, without it technically counting as magic.

2013-03-12, 01:04 PM
What I would make for a face that can fight? How about Fighter/Bard and then enter into Horizon Walker to replace fighter? I would pick Rogue instead of Bard but that makes entry harder and Ranger leaves something to be desired for melee in 3.5.

Oh yes. Horizon walker who can Dimension Door every D4 rounds is golden.