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2006-11-15, 05:50 PM
Just wanted to bring to the attention of everyone a webcomic I discovered a while ago but has a strangely small following (judging off its community) for such a good read. I can't remember where I found this at.... but here's the link to Paradigm Shift:


It's one of those rare beasts, a serious action/drama story in webcomic form. I admit the writing isn't the best, but the artistry is amazing, I'd say. I've certainly seen "professional" comics that were far more terribly drawn than this.

As a caveat, this comic does feature scenes of intense violence. (It is ostensibly a police/murder mystery, although you'll quickly realise this is no ordinary episode of Law & Order.) If you don't care for strong violence or language, give it a miss. But if you like fantastic art and intense action, you can do a lot worse than Paradigm Shift. =p

2006-11-16, 12:18 PM
Holy god Banjo, this is perfect! Just read from number one to the latest, it's freaking sweet, and the artistry is helluva good. Though I have figured a good deal of the plot:

Mysterious blonde guy and Kate are both the same type of a special kind of lycanthropes, probaly normal werewolves. Wether it's a "bloodline" or if the mysterious guy made her the werewolf, i have no idea of, though it might be the latter, which explains why he would want to warn her. Except if all the individuals that are werewolves are gathered, like an order, and when they find a new subject, they seek to immideatly warn them.

Merlin the Tuna
2006-11-16, 01:02 PM
Wow, not bad. And as someone from the greater Chicagoland area, I get extra amusement out of seeing asterisks for people who don't get references. Many thanks, sir.