View Full Version : Vampire Folklore?

Mr. Mask
2013-03-20, 12:44 PM
Anyone know a good source for Vampire Folklore? I've found out a lot of interesting stuff just searching online... but I can't find a trustworthy compilation of ancient vampire lore.

There is such an interesting variety of traditions and beliefs related to vampires, in history. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me in researching real vampire folklore.

2013-03-20, 01:16 PM
Most of the Vampire lore posted on those untrustworthy compilation sites comes from the same books/stories/other websites. Good luck! If you do find one, please let us know... its something I have not been able to find myself.

2013-03-20, 01:26 PM
I think it would be worth going to a physical library, if you haven't tried that. Reliable compilations on specific topics are where paper still has the Web beat. :smallbiggrin:

2013-03-22, 11:00 PM
The only book I know of is called "Forests of the Vampire - Slavic Myth". Despite the name, it is a short, general introduction to Slavic mythology with a few selected stories interspersed with cultural information and vampires comprise only a section of it. I found it at my public library, so it is worth a shot. The ISBN is: 0705436136.

2013-03-23, 02:51 PM
Well, the writer of Bogleech has some pretty good articles on weird multicultural vampires, so if you're looking to do something weird, I suggest you go here (www.bogleech.com/blather-vampires2.html), here (www.bogleech.com/blather-vampires.html), here (http://www.bogleech.com/blather-sillyvampires.html), and here (www.cracked.com/article/128_7-vampires-around-world-worse-than-ones-in-twilight/)

2013-03-23, 03:03 PM
Go to a college or university library. Even if you're not a student/don't have borrowing privileges, you can usually just walk in and start looking at the books, as long as you don't try to leave with any of them. Somewhere around BF 1400-BF 2000 there'll be books on witchcraft, satanism, the occult, etc. Pick anything focused on Eastern Europe, and remember, a lot of superstitions don't distinguish terribly much between vampires, witches and ghosts as we might recognize them.

Alternatively, GR in the 400-600 hundred range will give you folklore, with much the same results