View Full Version : [3.P] Low Magic Concept, sound viable?

2013-03-24, 09:38 AM
So, I ended up finding a feat, Master Craftsman (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/general-feats/master-craftsman---final), and realized, that this could be the start of a low magic setting. In an era without spellcasters, I would imagine to a post-tippy-apocalypse, the only real magic is in magical weapons, armor, and nick-knacks. I was also thinking maybe potion making.

Does this sound viable, would people be interested in this type of setting? Also, what kind of other things would still be viable in a no-spellcaster setting?

2013-03-24, 11:25 AM
Seem viable to me.

as for other things, no magic setting have plenty to offer, for example the Viking Russia and rome gurps books show interesting historical settings.

Gurps Low tech is one great resource too.

(i know you are looking for a 3.5 D&D setting, but these books are good examples, and very descriptive, so you donīt need to actually know the system to find them useful)

2013-03-24, 05:51 PM
If you think of stories like Conan the barbarian it's easy to imagine. Game of Thrones is probably a decent example too. Just remove those small touches of magic. Tons of things are still viable in a no spellcaster setting. There's still conquest and vengeance.

In some ways it can be more fun. The fighter can be the hero again.

2013-03-24, 06:25 PM
Sounds to me a lot like how "magic" works in Middle-Earth...

2013-03-24, 06:43 PM
Well, I mean, you can do a lot of different things with Wondrous Items. I thought about having all the simi-magical feats and stuff too. It would definately be more magical than Game of Thrones or Conan.