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Tetsubo 57
2013-03-30, 07:44 AM
In January of 2012 I pre-order a copy of Metamorphosis Alpha RPG (SGL1001) from Signal Fire Studios. I have heard nothing from then since. I have attempted to contact them twice via email to no avail. Does anyone know if this is still a viable company? Have I simply lost my money? Will this product ever see the light of day? Thank you for your time.

2014-04-21, 12:41 PM
Over on Drive Thru there is a preview of the game.


I don't think you've lost your money. It's take a long time to come, but I'm sure he'll finish it.

If you like MA checkout this kickstarter as well, the original content put up is already done, asfaik.


It'll have things that would be useful in the 5th edition, imho.