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Malachi Lemont
2013-03-31, 07:18 PM
So I decided to casually start a new worldbuilding project. This one, called Dunra, consists of four gods and their overlapping spheres. In Dunra, the human race is just one of five intelligent races the occupy the spheres of existence. I started by making a diagram of the cosmos. The names of the gods, on the four outer circles, are based on the Turkish words for the four seasons:

Baharos = spring, the creator god of life and youth

Yasira = summer, the sustainer goddess of love and marriage

Sombros = autumn, the destroyer god of war and death

Karisa = winter, the redeemer goddess of wisdom and rebirth

There is also Melekos, who considers himself a god, but is not one of them. He is mortal, but constantly seeking immortality. He surrounds himself with an army of demon-like creatures called the Pure. The Four other races - Humans, Gilders, Stormers, and Undermen - must resist the might of the Pure lest they be pushed into Katalir - the Abyss.

Here is a link to the diagram, since it is too big an image to fit here:

I would appreciate any feedback, since I have just started working on this world. Thank you!

Malachi Lemont
2013-04-01, 10:17 PM
So I figured I should add some more to this idea.

Here is the layout of Dunra, along with its five races:

It is a standard, spherical planet mostly covered by ocean. There are two principal continents and a long chain of volcanic islands. The humans live on the northern continent, but have begun to colonize the southern one. The Gilders, native to the southern continent, have resisted colonization to some extent. Some Gilders live in the mountains and some in the jungles. Gilders have golden, metallic skin, and love metals, crystal, and fire.

The Stormers live deep in the mountains, especially the volcanoes. They can walk through fire without being burned. They are the least humanoid of the races. They come in many colors - red, blue, green - but move extremely fast and are rarely seen by humans except in surprise attacks.

The Undermen are a peaceful race, living underground and underwater, as their name implies. They are amphibious, capable of living in both dry and wet environments. They resemble people, but larger and with gills and tentacles. They have a huge network of tunnels that covers the entire planet.

Somewhere in the middle of the ocean is the great Curtain - a region filled with such fierce electric storms that no ship can pass through it safely. Beyond the curtain is a crystal island with an impossibly tall mountain. This is the home of the fifth race - the Pure. They consider themselves superior to the rest, and wish to turn all the races into Purefolk. They are not inherently evil, just misguided.

That's all I've got for now. I'd really like to know what you think!