View Full Version : warhammer fantasy 2nd edition help:

da prophet
2013-04-03, 05:07 AM
so, as the title says i need help, more spesific: lustria help. I have used all my google abilities looking for a, homebrew or official warhammer fantasy class. does anyone know about one?

aberratio ictus
2013-04-03, 06:44 AM
What sort of class are you looking for? Lustria is that South America-stand in, covered in jungles, if i'm correctly informed. There are Dark Elves in the north, Lizardmen all over the place, and a couple of Amazons and some kind of small humanoid race who's name eludes me at the moment.

Do you need classes for lizardmen or what are you specifically looking for? I mean, for most of the humanlike races you could simply use reflavored classes from the books.

Also, you should have posted this thread in the "other systems"-section.