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2013-04-08, 01:21 AM
Okay, so recently I have learned a lot from this forum and other places, as well as did my own research, on how Vow of Poverty kind of sucks. But I love the idea behind it, a feat with high cost and great rewards and great roleplaying options like it has. But in performance you lose too much, and gain so little. I've thought and I've researched, and now I want to make my own. But I really don't know where to begin.

So, to the point. My request is either for someone to make a better VoP, or to give me advice in making my own. What I'm looking for:

-Staying close to the orignal, but improved
-More versatility, rather than generic all around buffs
-Ways for it to be accessible to most classes, not just those that don't rely on gear (few that they are)
-Any other ideas that work to improve the original concept.

Now a few things to make clear. I still want this to be Exalted. I know there are a lot of arguments and discussions on how vows can be incorporated or fluffed for nongood people, but that isn't the point of this. I want a feat that is all about altruism, inner peace, and improvements to the self without world possessions. Also no Sacred Vow requirements. That is right out. Other than...just something with some fun! I don't want the stick-up-their-butt goody goody characters, I want this idea with some spirit and joy to it. So of course with the ideas or the full thing, have fun!

And lastly: I do know of a VoP fix by Drolyt 3 years ago, that I do not have the inclination to link at this moment, but I do know that is pretty good, and I do like it, I just want to try something different. So please do not bring up that particular fix, nicely done though it is.

And ahead of time, thank you.

2013-04-08, 03:06 AM
It's best to determine what type of magic weapon, magic armor, and cloak of resistance a character would be expected to own at a given character level. Then have the feat grant those bonuses as sacred bonuses to attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, AC, and saving throws.

To cover the utility side of it, I would probably have the character get a list of spell-like abilities. Mostly passive things that are still really useful. Endure elements would be good at first level. At later levels it could include things like spell turning and energy resistance. Perhaps make a list of spells they can choose from as they gain levels, so that a character in an aquatic campaign can pick up water breathing. True seeing should be on that list.

Another way to do it would be to have the feat not make the character stronger, but instead make his opponents weaker. Ignoring damage reduction, forcing Will saves to successfully target the character with spells and spell-like abilities, and imposing penalties to attack and to hit could all be fun things the feat could grant.