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2006-11-19, 10:18 PM
Technocratic Empire of Sol

Flag: Black with yellow curve on left side. Eight yellow circles in a horizontal line through the middle, representing the sun and planets of the Sol system.

Emblem: Shield bisected with a stylised sword, cornucopia on the left and stylised DNA molecule on the right.

Motto: Sciencia Potentas Est (Knowledge is Power)

Capital: Kuhn, Luna

Official Languages: English, Cantonese

Government: Meritocratic Feudalism
Emperor: Jonathan Ko

Formation: 43AE

Area: 695895600km2 (The TES lays claim to the entire Sol system, and is uncontested in this. Given area is the total surface area of Terra, Luna, Mars and Europa, on which the principle settlements of the Empire are located. The Empire also possesses numerous colonies on other moons, in orbit around the other planets, and several on very large spacecraft within the system, as well as frontiers beyond it.)

Population: approx. 10 billion human. The Empire also recognises citizenship of advanced A.I. units (currently approx. 13,500) and mantids (currently 7).

Currency: Credit. A credit will buy 1 kilojoule of energy. Most transactions are carried out with several hundred or thousand credits.

Military: The TES has two main military branches, the army and the navy. The army fulfils the requirements of a land and sea based military, using infantry, tanks, helicopters, boats and other troops to engage an enemy while on-world. The army does have a number of ships, mostly fortresses and transports to decrease their reliance on the navy.
The navy is the air and space based force, primarily based around the Terra and Mars-classed Battlecruisers. The navy also maintains several corps of marines, and most large vessels carry squads of killbots to deploy as ground forces in the absence of the army.
The military as a whole is commanded by the Lord Militant (no Lady Militant, titles are not gender specific. Female officers are referred to as ‘sir’ or by rank). Below the Lord Militant are the Supreme Warlord and Supreme Admiral, commanders of the army and navy respectively.