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2013-04-15, 01:20 PM
Now ,like every other skillmonkey, I love skills. however with the current system they do not work in a 'realistic' way. I intend to try and balance out skills to balance natural talent and skills while not stopping players with poor ability scores from becoming efficient in skills. My goals are to make checks more dependant on ability scores and ranks as opposed to random chance.

Skills: A character gains a number of skill points as indicated by their class levels. They gain 15 extra skill points at level 1. They may assign these to any skills that they wish up but may have a maximum of ranks in a skill of their character level + 3. A character may select 3 skills from his class skill list at creation to which they gain a bonus equal to their class level on that skill

Fluff Skills At character creation a character may select one of the following options to fit his character.
Any character may gain 8 skill points to spend on any profession skill or 4 on any one class skill
BalanceBalance is the ability to stay upright in difficult situations. This is more due to natural dexterity than formal training ailthough training will allow you to transverse otherwise impossible surfaces like a rope. You make the check at the start of your turn if on a slippery or narrow surface, or when you move onto the slippery surface. You must also make a check to take a standard or full round action on a slippery or narrow surface or when you take damage from a weapon or spell. A balance check is a free action
Check: Dexterity Score + D10 + Ranks
{table=head] Surface | DC
Half your Width | 15
Quarter of your width | 20
8th of your width | 25
Thin Rope| 30
Slippery Floor| 15
Ice Sheet or Grease | 25 [/table]
If you opt to move at half your speed you gain +5 to balance checks
If you opt to crawl (Prone, no use of hands, Quarter Speed) You gain +10 to balance checks while crawling. If making an
BluffBluffing is the ability to make someone believe something that isn't something true. You make a bluff check to convince someone of something that you want them to believe. Your bluff check has a set DC which is then opposed by a will save. Making a bluff check is the same action as speaking.
The DC of the bluff check is 10+CHA Modifier+Ranks
1 skill point will buy one rank.
If the bluff affects them in a positive way they take -5 to their save
If it affects them negatively they gain a +5 bonus to their save
If it puts them at risk they get + 10
If it is nearly impossible they get +20
If you have a trustworthy appearance or reputation they take -5 to their save
If you are known as untrustworthy they gain +5 to their will save.
You cannot convince someone of something they know not to be true.
So any comments on the system as of yet? Different skills will now work differently, but most will have the same mechanic of Score + Rank + D10

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First of all, "realism" is, IMO, a poor goal to base any fantasy system on. I think we kind of gave up on realism about the time wizards started flying around, shooting fireballs out of their elbows at elephant-sized insects.
So maybe drop the "realism" descriptor and simply lay out with a little more detail what your problems are with the current system and what you are hoping to fix. One of the best ways you can help us evaluate your homebrew is by telling us what your goal is, and then we can see how close you've come.

Secondly, paying double points for non-class skills is a terrible rule. Terrible in the sense that it is just no fun at all, and it gets worse for classes with skimpy skill lists. It's one of the most frequently house-ruled changes, ever. If you really want to not penalize some classes, then start by getting rid of this and find some other way to reward class-related stuff.

I think your attempt to distribute skill points to specific areas for specific classes is overcomplicated and unecessary. No one likes having their build dictated to them, so why not just let players put skill points wherever they want? Plus, what's the purpose of the single "fluff point" when you are just going to spend it right away anyhow? Are you planning on handing out more "fluff points" somewhere down the line?

If you want characters to be more equal but still have options at first level, I recommend the following: Rather than getting 4 times their normal skill points at first level (which encourages people to dip Rogue when they're not dipping Fighter or Barbarian for the HP) everyone gets a flat number of skill points, plus their normal skill points from their class.
For example, everyone gets 10 skill points to represent the things they learned growing up and before they became an adult adventurer.
So a Fighter might have 10+4 skill points to spend, and the rogue has 10+8, etc etc. This has the benefit of allowing the DM to adjust the value up or down for higher power games, just like some people do with point-buy for character creation.

This line is kind of out of nowhere:

Paladin: May be of a different alignment
I have no idea what that has to do with skill points.
Edit: Wait, are you saying that the paladin can spend skill points to be non-lawful good?
Assuming this is what you meant, its basically requiring a mechancical cost for roleplaying freedom. Not really a good direction to head in, IMO.

What does "Liquid Floor" Mean? It seems like if you just mean the surface is damp, then it would be better to say that being wet adds +5 to the DC of any balance check.

And since everthing else is based on a multiple of 5, the "Thin Rope" with a DC of 28 kind of comes out of nowhere.

2013-04-15, 03:31 PM
I agree with you on the fact that the fluff idea was poorly written and badly thought through and I have tried to improve that. The main idea of the homebrew us to make skills less based on random chance and more based on skill.

About realism. I agree with the fact that fantasy isn't realistic, but there is still an element of realism in fantasy. There are still the same laws of physics, and nature and time work in the same way. If you add magic into the scenario it can change these elements, but without magic things still work the same

The balance section has been fixed

The fluff for the certain classes was an awful idea. Looking back over it it seemed like several weak fixes of classes in an attempt to if just this system and the core rule books to be used, paladins, fighters and rangers would have slight fixes.

Thanks for the criticism, more is greatly needed. Climb, Concentration and Diplomacy will come tomorrow

2013-04-15, 03:56 PM
Getting a d6 skill points adds more RNG, I hate RNG... My other concerns have been spoken.