View Full Version : It's A Trap! (Requesting a little dungeon help)

2013-04-16, 01:28 PM
I am currently creating a complex tesseract (http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?78915-Piratecat-s-dungeon-design-fun-with-tesseracts!) dungeon with a twist. Instead of one tesseract, I am using seven. They are each going to be a different color, going through the spectrum. The group will start in green in the center and will be able to go through each color, but they are locked within the seven. If you check out the section of the above linked article titled 'The Complex Version' and imagine 7 of them lined up side by side, with the doors/portals normally connecting boxes E and F to box D instead connecting to the D of the previous and next color respectively, you have my intended setup.

The goal is to have the party locate 14 crystal spheres between the 7 tesseracts and place them in positions in the 7 G and H boxes to open the path out of the tesseract they started in. The spheres are color/material coded and have to be placed in one of the two positions in the corresponding tesseract to avoid magical backlash.

Where I'm running into trouble is coming up with an idea for what is in each tesseract. Should I theme each color separately based on an element/emotion/virtue or vice; have them all mirror each other with slight differences and different hiding places for the spheres, or build each one like an individual dungeon independent of the theme of the others? The tesseracts are part of an ancient temple guarding a powerful artifact. The temple was constructed by Yuan-ti and Lizardmen, and is devoted to a jointly worshiped serpent deity. I have not fleshed out the serpentine religion as they will not likely be back to this area of the world after collecting/destroying the artifact.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?