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2013-04-16, 04:25 PM
Physical Description: The Kingsguard have two subtypes, one strong and battle ready (protector), the other quick of body and mind (investigator). The Kingsguard must select what subtype they wish to be and thereafter it cannot be changed.

Society: Kingsguard are centered around Zevchenko city, and spend most of their time with their charge. The intimacy of the emotional bond shared between the charge and the Kingsguard is a real thing, with emotions such as curiosity, panic, and joy traversing the connection both ways. For this reason, early Kingsguard and their charges tended to form relationships that compromised the duty Kingsguard were put to, and all later versions of the Kingsguard were altered to have a certain emotional numbness. (protector) Kingsguard tend to be straightforward and at times blunt with their manner, though hold discretion and service to the Charge as a priority. (investigator) Kingsguard are quiet and contemplative, constantly thinking of escape routes or possible angles from which an attack may come.

Relations: Kingsguard tend to acquire the beliefs regarding the other races that their Charge has, though they favor humanoids.

Alignment and Religion: Kingsguard are almost always Lawful. The focus the Kingsguard place on their Charge causes them to devote little energy to religion, though Kingsguard empathize with deities who are lawful or bear the protection domain.

Adventurers: A Kingsguard could be pursuing the kidnappers of their charge, following their charge on their own adventures, or be one of the few oddities who overcome their races' inherent predisposition for servitude.

Male Names: Alvos, Barr, Chen, Gallev, Kiri, Nicolai, Tyetin, Vanko

Female Names: Alest, Ayanova, Coalstin, Nyra, Seelie, Vetya


(protector)- +2Str +2 Con -2Cha (investigator)- +2Dex +2 Int -2 Cha Size. Medium 30 ft. Charge: A Kingsguard has the supernatural ability to designate one creature (int 6 or more) as his charge, the person whom it is his sworn duty to protect at all costs. Designating a Charge requires 24 hours of uninterrupted meditation within 20 feet of the target of the Charge, during which no other action can be taken. If the process is interrupted, the Charge moves out of range, or the Kingsguard takes an action, bonding process fails and a new meditation period must be undertaken to bond the Kingsguard to the target of the Charge. After the initial bonding process, the Kingsguard must spend 2 uninterrupted weeks within 100 feet of their Charge. After the entire process is complete, the Charge and the Kingsguard gain the following benefits:
-(Protector only)(Su)Shield Other: 3/day as the spell, except no bonus to save and AC, Charge only as target.
-(Ex)Locate Other: At will as the spell, though only the Charge can be targeted
-(Su)Empathetic Link: Emotions such as Curiosity, Fear, Panic, and Joy are shared across the link between a Kingsguard and their Charge. The Kingsguard and the Charge share saves to resist mind altering effects, with each rolling separately and the higher value being used. The range of this ability is (400ft.+40ft./lvl)
-(Ex)Intuition: You may make a Sense Motive check (opposed by your opponent's Bluff check) immediately whenever any creature approaches within 60' of your charge with harmful intent. If you succeed, you know the location of the creature even if you cannot see it.
-(Investigator only)(Ex)Hyperalertness: Can always choose to take 10 on spot, listen, and search checks.
- Languages: Common Bonus Languages: Any of Charges' known languages
Age, Height, and Weight effects as Human

Edit: Major overhaul, redefinition of some abilities, new ones added. Race creation template applied.

2013-04-17, 11:55 AM

Advice on the sooner side would be appreciated, planning on implementing in a 3.5 campaign. Any perspective of more experienced players/DMs would be appreciated, as this is initially going to be an NPC race, but over time I have invested enough interest into it that I would love to implement it as a PC race, and thus appropriate balance and level adjustment opinion is welcomed.

2013-04-17, 12:01 PM
i could see this as a template, applied to another race. hell, even a small 3-5 level prestige class

2013-04-17, 01:23 PM
It is looking unfinished and so it is difficult to judge.

Type and Subtype, if any
Do they have any weapon proficiencies?


2013-04-18, 11:49 AM
Edit: added suggested traits, altered ability modifiers

The kingsguard is for all intents and purposes, a human. The whole concept of the charge ability is that they are trained, indoctrinated, and altered from cradle to maturity, which gives them their abilities but sacrifices some of what makes them human (first level feat, extra skill points). For these reasons, I would prefer it as a race instead of a template, though I can see it being applied to most anything.

Hopefully, they should be balanced enough to be a viable PC race in a different campaign, or some NPC of interest that I can kill off in a suitably dramatic fashion.

Thinking of adding penalties for the charge dying, or being separated from the charge by distance. Some sort of will save for insanity or similar penalty, stunned for a duration, horrible depression, some sort of long cooldown on forming a new charge. Basically a mechanic that motivates a PC or NPC to protect the charge. A LA approximation would be helpful as well.

2013-04-18, 01:08 PM
If they are basically human, I would look to one of the various Edition's Building Challenges (Like the Pathfinder Grab Bag), look at how they do a Template, and apply it to this idea.

It is a great piece of fluff, it just needs to be easier to read.

2013-04-30, 02:42 AM
Edited once more, need seasoned opinions and first glance reactions. Hopefully, I'll get to the drawbacks associated with losing the charge or the charge dying later. In the meantime, all suggestions are welcome.

2013-05-03, 01:50 PM
I quite like the premise, but I reckon the template idea would make more sense than a racial thing, and here's my reasoning:
You say yourself that they are 'basically human' but have been groomed/trained their entire lives to become Kingsguard...that implies an acquired template rather than a race since it's not inherent racial tendencies you present, but learnt and conditioned behaviours.

You could probably do with presenting the protector as the Kingsguard and the investigator as (perhaps) the Kingscharge. Make them separate in every aspect, but linked by the culture which has created them. I can see a pair of these working insanely well as a Shadowbane pair, and if you were to make them Thundertwin Dwarves as well......I'm sure you can see how amusing that could all become!

Certainly needs polishing, and again I suggest you split the protector and investigator into 2 entries, and make them templates....if you require/desire some help doing so, I am readily and happily available to assist...now all I have to do is consider one of these guys as a Bastion...hehehe :smallbiggrin: