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2013-04-18, 02:55 PM
Okay, this is my first post on here, so keep that in mind.

I am currently starting several pathfinder games all taking place within my version of the Narutoverse.

To give a little backstory: Several years ago, the shinobi and samurai fought the Great Fourth Ninja War, resulting in Naruto separating the 10 tailed bijuu into 10 separate tailed beasts. While the five great shinobi nations remain peaceful, there is strong tension due to extremists and their attempts to topple the peace.

Also during this time, the 5 Great shinobi nations cloned the chakra of the 10 new tailed beasts, creating 10 artificial beasts, each related in some way to its predecessor.

So with the above "history" in mind, I have the following guidelines for character creation:

1: Clan generation will replace race. This is done utilizing the Advanced Race Guide with a few modifications.
-Modification 1: The Clans will be built based on 10 Points(Standard), but are able to utilize any of the racial traits.
-Modification 2: Only the humanoid(human) type is allowed.
-Modification 3: Size must be medium or small.
-Modification 4: Chakra natures shall be expressed using the elemental resistance and elemental affinity(leaving 8 points left for clan building)

Edit: -Modification 5: Multiple Chakra natures(Kekkei Genkai) will be made using the same options for Modification 4, save that they will be made for additional elements.

2: Class selection. This is done utilizing rules for gestalting two classes with a few restrictions based on concept.
-Modification 1: Jinchuuriki are required to have one class be a synthesist summoner to represent becoming the tailed beast gradually, and unlocking their abilities.
-Note:Spell casters utilize the existing rules to represent chakra usage. This may change in the future to allow for spell points.

So what I need now are opinions about the above options, as well as suggestions and if possible some examples of what you would play in a game like this. Also, Id like some help trying to nip any terrible cheese. I understand gestalting is powerful, and thats being done on purpose.

2013-04-18, 02:57 PM
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2013-04-22, 09:14 AM
BUMP Ive started one of the games it has went surprisingly well, save for the fact that the players were rolling terribly.

2013-04-22, 09:48 AM
2: Class selection. This is done utilizing rules for gestalting two classes with a few restrictions based on concept.
-Modification 1: Jinchuuriki are required to have one class be a synthesist summoner to represent becoming the tailed beast gradually, and unlocking their abilities.
-Note:Spell casters utilize the existing rules to represent chakra usage. This may change in the future to allow for spell points.

So lemme see if I understand this rule. When you make a character using this system, it involves making a gestalt of two classes. Is one of those classes automatically the "Ninja" class? It would make sense; the Naruto series is ostensibly about ninjas, and the class itself has several abilities that are a perfect mirror for the basic Academy stuff that every character should know.

If not, how do you have a person who doesn't take Ninja (or at least Rogue) in the setting? Would a combination Sorcerer/Gunslinger still be considered a ninja even though their skillset is, I daresay, the exact opposite of a ninja's M.O.? Would you have to house-rule in some kind of changes, like making Move Silently and Acrobatics required trained skills? Granted, Naruto as a series is not averse to unsubtle characters, so I guess you've got leeway, but it does raise questions when you do the classic "Running through the forest" scene, and the tank doesn't have the Acrobatics chops necessary to hop from branch to branch, especially in heavy armor.

I do like the concept. I remember thinking that the Ninja Pathfinder class was everything I liked about the Naruto series, with its emphasis on stealth and evasion and supernatural trickery. That being said, must the character be gestalt? If it were me, any class I'd tack on to the Ninja would just be something designed to complement its inherent stealth, or to add more flavor to its fighting style, when the primary focus would be on just the Ninja's skillset.

2013-04-22, 02:32 PM
I am allowing any gestalt combination, the exception being two of the same base class archetypes(IE: synthesist summoner and black blade summoner cant combine, etc).

As far as the limitation of classes, there are none. Fluff wise, you could play as a ninja(shinobi from one of the five main villages) or a samurai(From the Kage summit era of the storyline). The reason I made those two distinctions was to alleviate some of the possibility of the "tree scenario". For instance, if you play a fighter/oracle, whose clan has the fast(1RP) attribute is able to move 40 ft per round unarmored, and could also be capable of casting expeditious retreat if needed.

So there are ways to make the odd ball combinations work, and Naruto has a huge amount of diversity from the standard ninja ideals.

2013-04-22, 03:33 PM
I see. So the class combinations can be made to fit with just a hint of aesthetic tweaking, and no matter what else happens, a person who wants to be a ninja can be a ninja.

But yeah, I'd probably wind up doing something along the lines of Ninja/something else, if only because when I think Naruto, I think doppelgangers and quick disguises. Actually, Ninja/Sorcerer would be a potent combo, since it makes for the Kakashi kind of character who specializes in magical effects without sacrificing battle lethality. And, going further, if one specialized in illusion, then it would be the same as choosing to be a Genjutsu master. I imagine Wizards would have to carry around a scroll or something instead of a spell-book.

But if one could go outside the typical Ninja mold, then maybe something along the lines of Monk/Berserker. A raw physical build, the Rock Lee type, that not only has incredible combat prowess, but the ability to tap into incredible powers at the cost of one's own physical health.

Ah, but we can also be samurai, huh? Well, choosing Samurai seems too easy as a class choice. Maybe Cavalier/Inquisitor to represent a fanatical hunter of shinobi or whatever other threat arises in the general area.

2013-04-22, 04:17 PM
One of my players has actualy made a Magus/Fighter that follows the current style of samurai in Naruto(They still utilize a chakra like ability).

Also of note, A good Jinchuuriki build that Ive seen a few times is Summoner(synthesist)/Barbarian or Monk. Decent hand to hand, good power boost, and the synthesist summoner gets alot of hit points and flexible evolutions.

2013-04-29, 02:15 PM
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2013-05-14, 11:31 AM
Update: Both monthly games have started with each group going thru a graduation exercise. The story thus far:

Attack! The Noble Woman's Heirloom Stolen!

The Fire Lord's wife have been robbed of several pieces of jewelry, with one being a bracelet of extreme importance. The groups have been advised that they must locate the bandit caverns and recover the stolen bracelet and other jewelry.

Both groups have breached the cavern entrance, one in swift ninja fashion(Sneak attacks from two in the surprise round fell half the bandits in the doorway), the other not so much(Alot of 1s were rolled on both sides).

The first group has made it into the second cave corridor, passing the bandit's storage of sake and other various dry goods. One ninja even stole one of the sake barrels and later used it to make a fire bomb at the end of the next corridor, which was filled with bandits.

The second group stopped at the first main corridor, and will be coming across the storage room this friday.

If you have any clan ideas/builds, they are always welcome. If you want to just read it to read it, thats fine too. More to post after Friday!

Edit: Ive also created the next story arc outline and will be fleshing it out soon!