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2013-04-20, 07:43 AM
These are bonus feats taken at level one and have no prerequisites, and each character can only have one. The skills mentioned are class skills for every class that character takes.

Everyone gets one for free, so I'm not worried about strength compared to other feats, just balance against each other. Each one gives a fairly useful benefit and makes a few skills class skills permanently - the idea is the classes that would most want the benefit will likely already have those skills, making them best at boosting multiclass characters. So, any thoughts on their balance compared to each other?
And yes, some are just copies of existing (but strong) feats.

Altered perspective
Others can't seem to see your reasoning, but it's always been obvious to you that your strength, your dexterity or maybe your charisma is the source of your bonus spells.
For one of your spellcasting classes, you can determine your bonus spells per day with an ability score of your choice. Your choice of spellcasting class and ability score cannot be changed.
Class skills: Any two class skills that use the ability score that modifies your spells per day.

Dual wielder
Ambidextrous, well trained or a master of weapon synergy, you find it nearly as easy to attack with two weapons as with one.
By choosing to take a -2 penalty on all attacks until the start of your next round before your first attack, you may designate a primary and a secondary weapon. The secondary weapon, typically wielded in your other hand, temporarily gains the same magical properties as the primary weapon (if applicable to that weapon type) and any time you make an attack with the primary weapon you may make an attack with the secondary weapon at the same attack bonus, though you may only apply half your strength modifier to damage. If the secondary weapon is not light, the penalty increases to -4. This does not apply to maneuvers, and cannot be used in conjunction with two-weapon fighting.
Class skills: Balance, sleight of hand, tumble.

Esoteric learning
You go out of your way to learn the basics of unusual sources of power.
You gain a free feat at first level, fourth level and every four levels thereafter. These feats must be chosen from the following list: hidden talent, psionic talent, martial study, martial stance, bind vestige, improved bind vestige, practiced binder, bonus essentia, shape soulmeld, open least/lesser/greater chakra, draconic aura, double draconic aura, any truename feat. Your effective binder, initiator, truespeak, manifester or meldshaper level is always half your ECL (rounded up) if you have taken a feat related to it from the above list, even if you gain levels in a related class.
Class skills: Concentration, knowledge: psionics, martial lore, truespeak.

Forceful personality
Most people with such sense of self use their skills to influence others or direct supernatural abilities - maybe you do too, but you've mastered a few unusual uses in any case.
Once per round, you can use your bluff to feint or your intimidate to demoralise as a free action. You may substitute your base attack bonus for your skill ranks in bluff or intimidate while doing so.
Class skills: Iaijutsu focus, use magic device, use psionic device.

Harsh training
You have spent a huge amount of time vigorously training your mind and body to perfection, but unfortunately picked a really stupid direction for that training.
You gain dodge, toughness, endurance and run as bonus feats, which cannot be retrained or swapped out in any way.
Class skills: Appraise, climb, decipher script, disguise, forgery, psicraft, sleight of hand, truespeak, use rope.

Maybe you were a thief, a bounty hunter or just have a natural gift for blending in, but you're almost impossible to find if someone's looking for you.
You are treated as being constantly under the effects of the nondetection and undetectable alignment spells with caster level equal to your ECL.
Class skills: Disguise, forgery, gather information, hide.

Jack of all trades
You've lived a long time, had a wide range of training or are just naturally gifted, and can do anything you put your mind to.
Every skill is considered trained for you, and you are considered to have skill ranks equal to half your character level (rounded up) in any skill you have no ranks in, though you gain no synergy bonuses unless you have invested actual skill points.
No bonus class skills.

Magical dilettante
Whether by training, knack or a lot of time around other arcanists, you've learned a few cantrips.
You can cast three 0-level arcane spells per day as either a sorcerer or wizard (your choice, so long as you have a score of at least 10 in the ability that controls the spellcasting for that class). You must make this decision when you first take the feat. Thereafter, you have an arcane spell failure chance if you wear armor and are treated as a sorcerer or wizard of your arcane spellcaster level (minimum 1st) for the purpose of determining level-based variables of the spells you cast. If you choose to cast spells as a sorcerer, the DC for saves against your spells is 10 + your Cha modifier. You know two 0-level spells of your choice from the sorcerer/wizard list. If you choose to cast spells as a wizard, the DC for saves against your spells is 10 + your Int modifier. You have a spellbook with three 0-level spells of your choice from the sorcerer/ wizard list. You prepare your spells exactly as a wizard does.
Class skills: Concentration, knowledge: arcana and spellcraft.

You always keep a sharp eye on the rest of the world, never letting details about the people around you or your surroundings escape you.
You reduce the miss chance against a foe granted by concealment or total concealment by 20% when making a melee or ranged physical attack.
Class skills: Listen, sense motive, spot.

Powerful build
Whether by luck, magic or unusual ancestry you're much larger than the average member of your race.
The character's space and reach remain the same, but she is treated as one size larger whenever this would be beneficial (such as when wielding weapons, grappling or determining whether a creature can swallow her whole).
Class skills: Climb, jump, swim.

Religious aptitude
Through religious training, insight or natural attunement to the ways of your deity or philosophy, your faith enables you to cast a few orisons.
You can cast three 0-level divine spells per day as a cleric does, and must have at least ten wisdom to do so. You are treated as a cleric of your divine spellcaster level (minimum 1st) for the purpose of determining level-based variables of the spells you cast. The DC for saves against your spells is 10 + your wisdom modifier. You are considered to know all 0-level spells on the cleric spell list, and must prepare them in the same manner as a cleric.
Class skills: Concentration, knowledge: religion and spellcraft.

Part of a culture or tradition based around riding, trained from birth or naturally gifted, you have incomparable skill at riding animals.
You can temporarily improve any animal you ride, teaching it three tricks as a free action as you mount it. If the animal has less hit dice than you it temporarily gains enough hit dice to equal yours, and gains a +1 bonus to strength, constitution, dexterity and natural armour for every two hit dice gained in this manner. These bonuses last until one round after you dismount, can only be applied to one animal at a time and cannot be applied for another 24 hours if an animal you are mounted on dies.
Class skills: Handle animal, knowledge: nature, ride.

No matter what stage of life you're at, you constantly pick up new skills.
Regardless of any other factor (such as low intelligence), you always gain no less than four skill points to spend as normal when you gain a level(x4 at first level). This obviously provides no benefit if you are already gaining four or more skill points once your class, intelligence modifier and any relevant racial bonuses or feats are taken into account.
Class skills: Any three.

Slight build
A pint sized powerhouse, for some reason you're much smaller than the average member of your race.
The character's space and reach remain the same, but he is treated as one size smaller whenever this would be beneficial (such as when determining space he can squeeze into, his size based equipment costs or determining an escape artist check).
Class skills: Escape artist, sleight of hand, tumble.

You're good at getting into and out of places unseen, whatever your goals may be.
You are not automatically detected by means such as blindsense or mindsight, but creatures with senses that would otherwise automatically detect you get a +5 bonus on checks to detect you per sense that would normally do so automatically.
Class skills: Hide, move silently, open lock.

Social creature
You're naturally good with others, no matter what road you take down life.
You can take ten on any charisma based skill apart from use magic device, no matter the circumstance.
Class skills: Bluff, diplomacy, gather information.

Whether you've been swept from place to place, explored, adventured or went where the work was, you've been practically everywhere - and by this point you've learned to be exceptionally good at getting places
You can use the spells teleport and plane shift as spell like abilities once a day each, with a caster level equal to your ECL. You cannot take other creatures with you aside from those you are bonded to such as an animal companion or familiar. These spell like abilities take ten minutes each to cast, regardless of their normal cast times.
Class skills: Knowledge: geography, knowledge: local, knowledge: the planes, survival.

Well rounded
Whether careful to correct your flaws or perhaps just really crap at everything, your flaws and strengths run together.
Your lowest ability score increases by two.
Class skills: Any two skills that use the ability score you increased.

Wild at heart
Whether you grew up in the wild, studied it later in life or have a natural affinity for nature, you're always at home away from civilisation.
You gain the favoured environment ability as a ranger of your ECL.
Class skills: Handle animal, knowledge: nature, survival.