View Full Version : Large Scale Combat-Please help

2013-04-20, 10:20 AM
Few weeks ago I asked if there was a Last Remnant conversion to tabletop. I got no answer. So, I decided to make something similar.

My idea is to make something between wargame and D&D.
So, few small squads(4-8 members).
Is it possible?

Please ask as many questions as you can think of, it will help me a lot.

2013-04-21, 08:58 AM
Finally got some time to explain what I want with this.

I will start with basis of combat.

Squads will move on a chess like board. I am thinking of making each squad move a small number of squares(2-4).
When two squads are next to each other they can engage. This would be equivalent to deadlock in TLR. You can only be engaged with one squad. If your squad is engaged and another squad is trying to engage you, your squad will be flanked. This gives the attacker bonus to their attack.
"Lock on" is when a ranged squad targets a squad that is not next to them. When a squad that has locked on another squad is engaged they are interrupted, and they receive penalties.

Once two squads are engaged combat starts.
Each squad member gets one action. Actions can be divided in Attaks(dealing damage), Positive(healing, buffs, defense...), Negative(debuffs, seals...) and Indirect(Summon, DOT, pure/dispel).
Rouges will have higher initiative, so they are masters of flanking.
Archers will be masters of ranged combat, but weak in close combat.
Warriors will have higher HP, but less options. They will still get different martial abilities(weapon techniques), but they will mostly be different ways of attacking.

I like the idea of skill trees, so every class will start with a few(3-5) basic abilities and learn other through their use.
Also, there are specializations (prestige classes) that will grant other skill trees.

More to come.