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2013-04-21, 12:39 AM
The Outer Planes are the most obvious source of soul-energy, and therefore Incarnum, being the final resting place of most souls. Though meldshaping is a rare art, Incarnates are the most numerous of its practitioners for that reason. Totemists draw Incarnum from the spirits of the wild lands, and the greatest of its spawn, embodying that which mortal kind has lived amidst for all of its mayfly history. This source, too, would be obvious to some.

But there are stranger places in this world to look for souls. Deep crevasses between one reality and the next, locations that know neither time nor space, creatures who swore oaths in ancient days that leave them exposed to the wandering fancy of mortals that dwell in universes beyond their sight and grasp.

The King's Panoply

Crown, Hands, Feet

Crimson Primate Paws
Chakra: Hands

The soul-stuff of some long-forgotten exemplar of rage and blood-lust forms about your hands, tinted red with past deeds that no passage of time could cleanse. Now, they appear over-large, crude, and ape-like; their backs, knuckle to wrist, are coated in thick dark-red fur, matted with dried blood.

Your new hands know how to kill, if you do not, and lust for murder, even if you do not. You gain the benefits of the Improved Unarmed Strike feat while this soulmeld is shaped, and your unarmed attacks deal damage as if you were one size category larger than you actually are. Furthermore, your unarmed attacks are treated as a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon, for the purposes of spells and effects that enhance or improve weapons (such as the Magic Weapon or Magic Fang spells).

The benefits of this soulmeld only effect unarmed attacks made with your hands.

Essentia: For every point of essentia you invest in the Crimson Primate Paws, you gain a +1 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls made with hand-based unarmed attacks.

Chakra Bind (Hands)
The fur of your Primate Paws climbs up your forearm, and your fingers each grow an extra joint with a sickening pop as the incarnum binds to your body. Afterward, you become distinctly aware that you hands never seem to feel dry, and they constantly reek of blood.

You gain the benefits of the Brachiation feat while this soulmeld is bound to your Hands. Furthermore, as a swift action, you may concentrate on one of your hands, and coat the inside of your fingers and palm in a thin layer of blood; just enough to leave a bloody handprint on whatever you're touching at the time.

Flesh-Weaver Piercing
Chakra: Crown

A whirlwind of incarnum sweeps upward from your collarbone and, as it passes, your hair disappears, including any facial hair; even eyebrows. In its place, you have a silvery ring of energy attached to part of your head, as if it were a piercing. Most often, it is set into an eyebrow, or the upper part of one's ear, though the nose, lips, or even just a random bit of flesh, pressed outward slightly for the purpose, are possible.

Under your fingers, skin and meat seem more malleable, shifting like warm, wet clay with every pet and prod. With a touch attack, or through an unarmed strike, you may warp a target's flesh slightly, either healing or harming them by 1 hit point, at your choice. This ability only functions on a target whose body is made of flesh.

Essentia: For every point of Essentia you invest in the Flesh-Weaver Piercing, the effects of your flesh-warping increase by 1 point, and you gain a +1 competence bonus on Heal checks.

Chakra Bind: (Crown)
Seven more silvery piercings appear around your face and, with a moment of pain, all eight become more material, snapping into your flesh like real metal. As the pain recedes, you notice that your skin is crawling. And it doesn't stop.

As a full-round action, you may alter your appearance as though using a Disguise Self spell, except that it only effects your body, and not your possessions. This ability is not an illusory effect, but a minor physical alteration of your bodily features, within the limits described by the spell. Not even effects such as True Seeing may reveal you for what you are, because, for all intents and purposes, your new appearance is perfectly natural. But, once this souldmeld becomes unbound, you automatically revert to your true form. If you use this ability to create a disguise, you receive a +10 circumstance bonus on the Disguise check.

Vitriolic Footsteps
Chakra: Feet

The familiar blue hue of incarnum whips about your body but, accompanied by a pungent, sickly sweet smell, it seethes into a bright acid-green as it coats the underside of your feet. As you walk, you notice that you now leave behind sizzling, burning prints of acid in the wake of each step.

At the beginning of each turn, anything touching your feet takes 1 point of acid damage. If you are standing still, the acid spreads such that it burns a roughly circular patch of ground equal to your own Space (5ft for a Medium creature). Your kick-based unarmed attacks also deal an additional point of acid damage. Furthermore, the acid damage dealt by this soulmeld results from an ancient and brutal abyssal chemical, translated into Common as "Vitriol", that circumvents the Acid Resistance (but not Acid Immunity) of all non-Demon creatures. You are immune to the damage of your own Vitriol.

Essentia: For every point of Essentia you invest in your Vitriolic Footsteps, you gain Acid Resistance 5.

Chakra Bind (Feet)
The disgusting ooze beneath your feet writhes upward, engulfing your legs up to just below the knee, transforming your feet into pools of gelatinous, burning goop.

Your feet are exceptionally good at adhereing to surfaces, permitting you to walk or stand on vertical surfaces, or even upside-down, effectively granting a Climb speed equal to your base land speed (just be careful about standing in the same place too long, and melting the surface you're clinging to). For every point of Essentia invested in this soulmeld, you also gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Balance checks.

Brow, Arms, Shoulders

Doorway-Spanning Vambraces
Chakra: Arms

A pair of metallic incarnum arm-guards materialize on your forearms, ornate and menacing with spikes. Smoky blackness swirls within them and they make you appear somehow larger and more solid, every movement conveying a kind of weight and durability surpassing that which you normally possess.

Augmented by a powerful soul of warding and protection, you become a stout wall for your allies to rally behind. You provide Cover against enemy attacks targetted at your allies as if your body filled every space adjacent to your actual dimensions. This provides no defensive benefit to you.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in your Doorway-Spanning Vambraces, you receive a +2 competence bonus on rolls to resist being Bull Rushed, Overrun, Tripped, or Disarmed.

Chakra Bind (Arms)
The black smoke held within your vambraces swells up to engulf the whole, transforming their appearance into something dark and reflective, not unlike volcanic glass. As it changes, so do you, your ribcage and shoulders bulging outward to unnatural proportions, and your musculature thickening and bulging with veins.

You gain the Powerful Build special quality.

Light of the Grieving Lord
Chakra: Brow

Shafts of blue spiritual energy descend from above, pooling in your eyes. With a jolt of exceptional anguish, both physical and emotional, you convulse, tears of shining viridian boiling forth from your eyes, as the pools drift into a similar, angry green. While the stream eventually slows, you never quite stop weeping.

As a standard action, you may focus the twisted emotions of the Grieving Lord into a pair of beams from your eyes, striking a target within 30ft, given a ranged touch attack. Plants within the target's space (including Plant-type creatures) take 1d6 damage, becoming dry and brittle, as do objects made primarily of gold, melting and warping as if touched by extreme heat, and creatures largely composed of air or weather (such as Air or Storm Elementals). Likewise, fog and clouds become tinted red, and leave a foul smell and taste in their vapor. Stone is unharmed, but turns a dull pitch black.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in the Light of the Grieving Lord, the damage of your ranged touch attack increases by 1d6, and the range increases by 5ft.

Chakra Bind (Brow)
The burning tears spilling from your eyes momentarily flow upward and around, leaving intricate glowing green tattoos in beautiful, alien, and disturbing patterns all over your face and neck, before resuming their perpetual descent.

Your ranged touch attack now leaves a corrupting effect on animals and pregnant humanoids. If an animal should fail a Will save, their skin becomes the color of verdigrised brass, and they acquire the Fiendish template, permanently. If the animal is serving as a cohort, animal companion, special mount or similar, and their owner is not high enough level to control a companion of its new and improved ECL, they lose any loyalty they have to that owner, and become unfriendly towards them (the owner may acquire a replacement, afterward, as normal). If a pregnant humanoid fails a Fortitude save, their child will be born with the Fiendish template, or as some minor Demon, and is inclined to be unfriendly, or worse, towards their mother. Animals and mothers need only ever save against this ability once, and are thereafter no longer effected.

Furthermore, you have the option of grasping your own eye-beams as they exit your skull, and pulling them aside, to form a brilliant weapon of light. This weapon may be either a Shortspear or a Longspear, at your choice each time you create it, and it has an Enhancement bonus equal to the amount of essentia invested in this feat. While you wield this weapon, you may not use your eye-beams as a ranged touch attack, but the first time in a round that a target is struck with the spear, it is also effected as if it were struck by the light of the Grieving Lord. Creating the spear, or placing it back in your skull to regain your ranged touch attack, is a full-round action. The spear automatically disappears if this soulmeld is unbound.

Voice Woven Into Power
Chakra: Shoulder

A thin sheet of incarnum weaves itself around your shoulders and the bottom half of your face, before fading into invisibility. Nothing seems to have changing until you attempt to speak.

You lose the ability speak, having had your voice stolen by the energies you command. As a standard action, you may send your voice forth, producing an effect like that of a Ventriloquism spell, as if produced with a caster level equal to your meldshaping level. However, you may only have one instance of this effect activate at a time (you may dismiss an old instance as a standard action), and the effect is not an Illusion; therefore, a successful Will save does not impart its illusory nature, just that it is being projected magically. You may not target any space within 10ft of yourself with this ability.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in your Voice Woven Into Power, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on all Perform (Sing) checks you make with your projected Ventriloquism effect.

Chakra Bind (Shoulder)
With a thunderous exclamation of some kind, your voice becomes tangible as a cloud of intense blue energy, before unraveling as if it were made of cloth. The threads spin and whirl in the air for a moment, weaving themselves into a beautiful tapestry, before entangling themselves around your shoulders as a cape or scarf.

For every point of essentia invested in your Voice Woven Into Power, you gain a +1 morale bonus on saving throws against Fear. In addition, as a swift action, you may choose a number of morale bonuses currently effecting you, equal to the amount of essentia invested in your Voice Woven Into Power. The chosen morale bonuses are 1 point higher. (If a morale effect is phrased as effected multiple things, such as "a +1 bonus on attack rolls and saving throws againt fear", you must choose each benefit as an individual effect. So, if you were the beneficiary of a Bless spell, but only had one point of essentia invested, you could choose to either increase the attack bonus or the saving throw bonus.) If you use the Ventriloquism effect of this soulmeld, you lose all benefits gained from binding it to your Shoulder Chakra until the beginning of your next turn (and your cloak disappears during that time).

Throat, Waist

Brass Obi
Chakra: Waist

A solid ring of blue energy envelops your waist, before elongating into a wide sash that covers much of your abdomen. In a moment's time, the blue chips away, flaking off like rust or paint, to reveal brass. Through the center of the sash is a black stripe, denoting the lowest rank in the Crucible of Brass and Iron.

The omniscient martial knowledge of the Crucible is at your disposal. Unfortunately, you are too stupid, clumsy, and weak to utilize any fraction large enough to not be simply indistinguishable from zero. Once per encounter, as a free action, you may activate the Brass Obi. Roll a ten-sided die. One denotes the Desert Wind discipline, Two, Devoted Spirit, and so on, down to Nine, which is the White Raven, and Ten, the Infernal Monster (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=176059). Until the end of your next turn, you may use a 1st level non-stance maneuver of your choice from the denoted discipline.

(Note: To make this even more fun, use a random number generator along with the Homebrew Martial Discipline Compendium (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=255468).)

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested into the Brass Obi, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on all Martial Lore checks.

Chakra Bind (Waist)
With a surge of confidence, you feel the colored stripe on your sash simply and suddenly shift from black to white, marking you as an accepted novice of the Crucible, without even needing to look.

When you utilize the Brass Obi, you now call upon a 4th level maneuver (note that you cannot choose a lower level manever). If you have a point of essentia invested, your stripe turns silver, and you call on 5th level maneuvers. With two points invested, your stripe is gold, and you call on 6th level maneuvers. With three points, the stripe is green, and you call on 7th level maneuvers. With four points, you attain the highest stripe, iron, and call on 8th level maneuvers.

Word of Demesne
Chakra: Throat

An inchoate cloud of incarnum forms about you, before surging inward like an explosion played in reverse, accompanied by long-off echoes rather than the sound of fire or shrapnel, forming into a single jewel. The jewel shudders, before disgorging a length of chain that wraps itself around your throat, becoming an amulet.

As long as you speak, even in a whisper so quiet that none can hear, your personal belongings are safe from harm. Armor, weapons held in either hand, and equipment that fills any of your various body slots (arms, legs, hands, etc) are immune to damage, and cannot be rusted.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in your Word of Demesne, any other belongings in contact with your person, small enough for you to hold in both hands (books, bags, rope, and so on), receive damage reduction 5/- and all-encompassing energy resistance 5. With even one point of essentia invested, these belongings are also immune to rusting and water damage.

Chakra Bind (Throat)
A sigil denoting the word for 'house' in the Words of Creation becomes etched on the jewel of your amulet. When you are in danger, it hums softly and soothingly.

As a full-round action, you may gather the power of your amulet together and unleash its Word, causing the jewel to shatter. At a point of your choosing, within 60ft, a handsome building of gleaming, enchanted brass erupts from the ground. It is 20ft square, and 30ft high, with walls that extend 10ft into the ground. Each wall has 100 hit points and hardness 20, and is wholly immune to fire damage and radiation, protecting those inside from both. There is a single door, which opens at your verbal command, and resists any attempt to otherwise open it, both mundane and magical. On the inside, there is an assortment of ornate, comfortable furniture, as well as enough food to feed a single person for ten meals (though the nature of the food tends to be quite odd, culled from plants and animals completely alien to the Prime Material Plane). Furniture and food brought outside the house disappears.

Creatures occupying the space where the house is initially built must make a Reflex save. In either case, they are shunted to the nearest available space outside the house, but on a failure, they also take 1d6 damage per 5ft of forced movement, and they land prone.

This ability may only be used once per instance of this soulmeld being bound. Upon being unbound, the house and all of its paraphernalia disappear. With each re-binding and re-summoning, the house refurnishes, repairs, and restocks itself.

Heart, Soul

Green Heart
Chakra: Heart

The air around you begins to sizzle and shine as incarnum is drawn forth and funnels into your body, converging on a single point - your heart. Eventually, the glowing dot in your chest reaches critical mass, and explodes outward, becoming a seething viridian orb around your own heart so bright that its radiance is visible, even outside your body.

You radiate a field of bright light out to 40ft, but this light produces no shadowy illumination, and no shadows may exist within it. The light is bright enough to dazzle creatures with Light Sensitivity.

For the purposes of interacting with [Darkness] spells, the Green Heart is treated as a [Light] spell of a level equal its invested essentia.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in your Green Heart, the light it produces extends another 15ft.

Chakra Bind (Heart)
The green light of your heart begins to seethe and spark as it becomes, somehow, more spiritually dense. Gazing upon it is unsettling, as if it asks for death or obediance. If one looks directly into the light for more than a few moments, for the next five days, when they close their eyes, they see washed out blots of color in the shape of a mad, alien city, and its citizens there, too numerous to count, and too grievously beautiful to describe.

The light of your Green Heart is considered natural sunlight for all purposes, and is considered a [Light] spell two levels higher than normal for the purposes of interacting with [Darkness]. Furthermore, creatures that enter, or begin their turn, inside the radius of your light must make a Fortitude save, or else take Fire damage equal to amount of essentia invested in this soulmeld, and a likewise amount of damage that results from a type-less cosmic power. Those that take damage are also Sickened for a number of rounds equal to the amount of essentia invested in this soulmeld. Multiple applications of this Sickened condition stack their duration. If a creature accumulates a total of 10 rounds or more of being Sickened, they reduce the duration by 10 rounds, and are Nauseated for 1 round instead, as they howl, and weep, and vomit, and pull out clumps of their own irradiated hair.

Primo Uomo Rhythm
Chakra: Soul

A thin layer of incarnum coats your entire body, before evaporating in a bright blue flash. In its wake, your skin now gleams like metal, and you have an undeniably strong urge to dance. In fact, now that look, you notice that you've been dancing all the while. And you can't seem to stop.

The supernal grace you are now endowed with allows you to utilize the Perform (Dance) skill to perform all the functions of the Balance and Tumble skills, and you gain a +2 morale bonus on all Perform (Dance) checks.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in your Primo Uomo Rhythm, your morale bonus on Perform (Dance) checks increases by 2.

Chakra Bind (Soul)
A shimmering spotlight of green-tinted incarnum casts itself down on you from above. Your heart flutters for a moment and, as the spotlight fades, you feel a mytserious draft.

Any armor and clothing that you wear changes shape to appear as an assortment of basalt chains and silken veils so thin and delicate that they are all but entirely invisible, leaving you naked for all to see. Even Glamoured armor's appearance must change to suit the emperor's new clothes. Your armor still functions in all ways as it previously did (it appears, to onlookers, as if your metallic skin is especially resilient), albeit you may now remove it as a single full-round action, and its armor check penalty is one less than it was previously. If you remove your armor, it returns to its normal appearance, and if you don a new suit of armor, its appearance changes accordingly.

Finally, as a standard action, you may force others within 40ft to join in your dance. Creatures that fail a Will save lose their next Standard Action, as they do nothing but revel in the beauty of dance, and submit to your fanciful whim. A creature who fails must continue to make Will saves at the end of each turn, or else continue to lose their Standard Actions. A single successful save breaks the cycle, and this Mind Affecting Compulsion automatically ends after 10 rounds, regardless. You may use this ability as often as you like, but cannot have more than your meldshaper level in creatures bewitched at a time. An effected creature has the option to forfeit their entire turn if they like, allowing the dance to consume their being. In this case, they receive a +2 morale bonus to their Armor Class until the beginning of their next turn, and heal 1 hit point of damage.

The Prophet's Raiment

Crown, Hands, Feet

Dreamer's Third Eye
Chakra: Crown

You pull incarnum forth from, as your mortal mind perceives it, the future. The soul-stuff, as yet unborn by linear time, but eternal in the omniscience of the Prophet, collects upon your forehead, pooling into a matte orange oval, its coloring reminiscent of pumpkins and poison dart frogs. A single, tiny blot of bright, lustrous purple sits in the exact center.

As a full-round action, you may force sleep upon yourself, collapsing prone and becoming helpless and unconscious. In this troubled, dream-filled sleep, you are completely unaware of the world around your body, disallowing even penalized Listen checks from alerting you to nearby events. The single bit of information you are capable of discerning is whether your body is taking damage or not, and whether the damage is lethal or non-lethal. Even though you are unconscious, you may take a free action at any time to awaken yourself; otherwise you will sleep indefinitely, even to the point of starvation. When you awaken, your Dreamer's Third Eye is immediately unshaped.

While asleep, if a creature uses a slashing weapon to cut their name into your flesh (it need not be their full name, or even their real name, but they must identify with it), dealing 1 point of damage (at least), you may respond by appointing them as your Apostle. This does not require an action. You may only have one Apostle at a time. The chosen creature is your Apostle until you next awaken, or until it dies or is rendered unconscious.

Your Apostle, when chosen, is adorned with an orange and purple third eye symbol, identical to your own. When you have an Apostle, the veils of your dreaming part, and you see through the third eye pattern on their forehead. You may communicate with them telepathically, and relate information to them that you see, effectively allowing them to use your Spot modifier in place of their own for Spot checks, if it would be advantageous, and if you consent.

Finally, while you have an Apostle, you may perform one Dream Action per round. As a Dream Action, you may reallocate all of your invested essentia, as a meldshaper normally would be able to with a swift action. If you have another ability that is activated with a Dream Action, you may also reallocate your essentia as part of performing that action; first, the ability activates and resolves, and then you change your essentia, if you choose, all with the same Dream Action. While you have an Apostle, you always act on their initiative count. While you don't, you always act last, after everyone else, to the degree it matters for an unconscious being with no actions.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in your Dreamer's Third Eye, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Spot checks.

Chakra Bind (Crown)
The eye pattern on your forehead quivers for a few moments, before the bottom flips up, revealing an enormous, real eye, with a sclera the same matte orange color, and a highly dilated iris of deep purple. It has no eyelashes, and never blinks (or dries out), staring off into nothing, occasionally shifting in random directions to no discernible purpose. Your Apostle's eye changes to match.

Your Apostle's third eye gains Darkvision out to 60ft. If you have one point of essentia invested in your Dreamer's Third Eye, your Apostle's third eye gains Low-Light Vision. If you have two points of essentia invested, your Apostle's third eye can see invisible objects and beings as if they were visible.

Hands Whispering Murder
Chakra: Hands

Ropes of oily midnight-blue incarnum melt over your hands. Their clammy, slimmy embrace seems terrible, but this discomfort is nothing compared to what comes next. As the ropes harden, they condense, and dry, becoming skin-tight black gloves. Then, with a horrible crack, your fingers are bent in impossible directions at each joint, accompanied by intense pain.

You cannot use your hands while this souldmeld is shaped (though they bend back to their proper shape once you unshape this soulmeld), and you take 1 damage from the act of shaping it.

If you have an Apostle, their hands turn pitch black from the wrist down, and the joints of their fingers painlessly invert, such that they grasp at their backs, rather than at their palms. Their wrists, elbows, and shoulders also change, to accommodate this alteration such that they may continue to use their hands unhindered.

As a Dream Action, you may take control of your Apostle's arms to lash out with murderous intent, making a single attack with one of their equipped weapons, using their own statistics to calculate attack and damage rolls as normal. So unnatural and grotesque is this motion that, the first time you do this in a given encounter, the target is considered flat-footed for the duration of the attack.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in your Hands Whispering Murder, your Apostle deals an additional 3 damage whenever they strike a flat-footed or flanked target with a melee attack, or a ranged attack made from 30ft away from the target or less.

Chakra Bind (Hands)
Your wrists twist around to an impossible angle with a soft pop, and your fingers constantly twitch like dying spiders in your sleep. Likewise, the hands of your Apostle cannot help but spasm outside of their control from time to time; an errant shiver or flick whenever they are not otherwise occupied.

As a Dream Action, you may manipulate your Apostle's hands and arms to accomplish anything that could be covered under one of their Standard Actions (and that only utilizes their hands and arms, of course). You could retrieve an item from their pack, for instance, drink a potion, draw, sheathe, or drop a weapon, and so on. You cannot perform an action that they know how to do, but that you do not, such as casting a particular spell.

Somnambulating Baku Paws
Chakra: Feet

Incarnum pierces your feet in the form of a thousand tiny needles, cracking and splintering the bones, before reshaping them into a digitigrade posture, not unlike that of a large cat's. It is excruciating. The needles do not leave, instead settling in as a coat of scintillating aquamarine fur on your new paws.

You cannot use your feet while this souldmeld is shaped (though they bend back to their proper shape once you unshape this soulmeld), and you take 1 damage from the act of shaping it.

If you have an Apostle, their feet also bend and reshape themselves into blue paws, though theirs are painless and functional. As a Dream Action, you may take control of your Apostle's feet and legs (and/or wings/fins/other forms of locomotion), moving them up to their Speed. You may choose to utilize their associated skills in the process, such as Tumble, Balance, etc.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in your Somnambulating Baku Paws, your Apostle gains a +5 bonus to all of their Speeds.

Chakra Bind (Feet)
Subtly, the feet of your body and the body of your Apostle begin to fade out of being. The fur remains, real as ever, but the flesh and bone beneath becomes transparent and ephemeral. It doesn't long to notice that you no longer leave footprints where you step.

Your Apostle no longer leaves a trail, and cannot be tracked through mundane means. In addition, after performing another Dream Action that does not involve movement, you may take control of your Apostle as per the basic effect of the Somnambulating Baku Paws.

Brow, Arms, Shoulders

Eyes Heavy With Sand
Chakra: Brow

A gust of incarnum flows forth from nothing, colliding gently with your face. As it strikes your eyes, it turns the color of tarnished silver, which collects as pools of sand, sealing your sight away. The gust subsides, but the sand continues to dribble from your eyes, fading after a few inches, but never fully dissipating.

You are Blind while this soulmeld is shaped, though you regain your sight after it has left you. If you have an Apostle, their irises turn a bright, unnatural silver, and your sight through their eyes is not blinded.

Choose two Knowledge skills when you shape this soulmeld. You may substitute a Spot check in place of one of your chosen Knowledge checks to discern facts about a creature or object that your Apostle can currently see; you do not know anything about them, necessarily, you can merely see glimpses of their past, and possibly, their future, which relates information similar to a Knowledge check.

If you roll a high enough check to discern at least one fact about a particular target, you also know the values for all of their movement speeds.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in your Eyes Heavy With Sand, you may select an additional three Knowledge skills for them to apply to. If you have at least one point of essentia invested, and you roll high enough to discern at least one fact about a particular target, you also know that target's current Armor Class (as well as Flat-Footed and Touch values) until they leave your Apostle's sight. If you have at least two points of essentia invested, you learn their current Saving Throw values in addition to their Armor Class.

Chakra Bind: Brow
The sand in your eyes momentarily pours forth additional mass, which settles at your feet, before wafting upward into a continuous, gentle, ephemeral dust devil. Your Apostle's eyes begin to trail short-lived silver after-images when he moves.

As a Dream Action, you may glimpse through the sand of dreams, past that most insidious nightmare to which all mortals cling - the dream of time. Tell your Apostle what your Prophecy is.

Your Prophecy has three parts.

1) Who? You must choose one creature that your Apostle can see, that you have identified at least one fact about via this soulmeld's Spot/Knowledge function. Your Prophecy is about that creature.

2) What? You must choose "Move", "Attack", "Special Attack", or "Cast". 'Special Attack' covers Bull Rushes, Disarms, Feints, Grapples, Overruns, Sunders, and Trips. "Cast" covers spells, spell-like abilities, psionic powers, and supernatural abilities.

3) Where? You must choose either a target, if the prophesied action has a target, or a direction, otherwise.

(An example Prophecy might be "That Ogre will move to the right." or "That Wizard will cast a spell on himself." or "That Tarrasque will try to use a special attack on you.")

Your Prophecy must always be at least possible, based on what information you know about the target. Even if it is highly difficult or improbable, or even suicidal. You might see them attacking your Apostle, even though they would have to make a Jump check across a ravine that they would only succeed on a roll of 20. That's fine. But you could not, for instance, see them moving to the left if they had to circumvent a Wall of Force for which they have no means of removing to do so. If you know for certain that they are in possession of a Wand of Disintegrate, however, such a Prophecy would be fair game.

A targeted creature always feels the Prophecy in some subtle, unconscious way. They know that they should do a particular thing. It is wholly right and ordinary for them to do that thing, to do otherwise is possible, but strange and uncomfortable.

If, before the beginning of your Apostle's next turn, the Prophecy comes true, nothing happens.

If, at the beginning of your Apostle's next turn, the Prophecy has not come true, then it signifies that your vision had been clouded when you pronounced it. The future the Prophet sees is always true - but, often, one merely misinterprets it. Still, as a consolation, you automatically channel the darkness that had veiled the target's future from your eyes. Your Apostle gains a +10 profane bonus to all movement speeds, and a profane bonus on attack and damage rolls made against the target who transgressed your Prophecy equal to your Constitution modifier, until the end of their turn.

Perhaps it was their impending death that distracted your mind's eye.

Grasp of Baboulas Beneath
Chakra: Arms

Placing your palms together, thousands of tiny writhing threads of Incarnum seep outward, entwining themselves across your arms into an exquisite, if simple, adornment. However, as the blue hue fades into a matte grey, the threads fray, leaving filthy, stained, reeking rags sown to your skin.

As a swift action, you may make a melee touch attack. If you hit, your opponent must make a Will save (this is a mind-affecting effect). If they fail, you immediately move 5ft in a direction of your choice that either takes you further away from the target, or leaves you equidistant, but never puts you closer, which does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Your target is dragged the same distance in the same direction.

If you have an Apostle, they manifest the same rags and have the same swift-action dragging ability, in addition to the fact that you may also activate this ability as a Dream Action of your own.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in your Grasp of Baboulas Beneath, you may move and drag your target an additional 5ft.

Chakra Bind: Arms
You acquire the curious sensation of hundreds of tiny earthworms crawling out of your rag-covered wrists and shoulders, wriggling their way to your forearms. Over the course of a few moments, pressure begins to build until, with a horrible snap, your arms break. At the same time, your Apostle finds they have a handy new set of joints in a similar place.

While this soulmeld is bound, you cannot use your arms, and you take a point of damage in the process, though the wounds right themselves during the unbinding process.

Your Apostle gains a +4 circumstance bonus on Escape Artist checks. Furthermore, when he successfully touches a target with this soulmeld's grasping ability (or you use it through him), you become aware of whether the target has a Good moral alignment or not. If the target fails their Will save, and is non-Good, they take 1d8 nonlethal damage, plus an additional 1d8 per point of essentia invested in this soulmeld.

Lifeblood Carbuncle
Chakra: Shoulders

Midnight blue energy pulses throughout your hands and feet, draining inward through your network of veins before each tendril of power meets at the bony crest where your collarbone touches your throat. At that place, a softly pulsating red cyst forms; its pressure on your windpipe makes your breathing uncomfortable, and gives your speech an eerie rasp.

While this soulmeld is shaped, you bleed easily. Whenever you take Constitution damage, drain, or burn, you take an additional 1 point, and whenever you are subject to a wound that bleeds for additional hit point damage each turn, you bleed out an additional point per turn. If you have an Apostle, they grow a red cyst similar to your own, but they are not subject to your hemophilia.

Whenever your Apostle takes hit point damage or Constitution damage or drain (but not burn), you may choose to transfer between 50% and 100% of that damage to yourself, but not less than 50%.

Essentia: For every point of essentia invested in your Lifeblood Carbuncle, you take a -1 profane penalty to all Fortitude saves, and your Apostle receives a +1 profane bonus to all Fortitude saves.

Chakra Bind: Shoulders
The cyst upon your, and your Apostle's, collarbone crystallizes into a brilliant red gem of exquisite design and craftsmanship, and the veins in both of your upper bodies begin to glow a soft red, making them easily visible beneath your skin.

Your Apostle does not provoke attacks of opportunity when attempting to perform an Overrun and, once per turn, may perform an Overrun as a free action.

In addition, the Overrun actions of your Apostle no longer permit the target to Block; rather they may Resist. In this case, both combatants make opposed Constitution checks, with the Apostle adding your Constitution modifier, plus any essentia invested in this soulmeld, as a profane bonus to that check. Size and stability bonuses do not apply to this roll for either combatant. If the defender wins, your Apostle's movement halts and they are flat-footed until the beginning of their next turn. If your Apostle wins, they momentarily leap, as a torrent of blood, through the defender's body, and out the other side, continuing their movement as normal. This deals 1d6 damage, plus an additional 1d6 damage per point of essentia invested in this soulmeld, to the defender, and heals your Apostle for half of the damage dealt.

2013-04-21, 02:15 AM
I like them! Especially Green Heart.

How much would we have to bribe you to do the other Yozi?

2013-04-21, 05:08 AM
How much would we have to bribe you to do the other Yozi?

At the considerable price of one picture of a silly sheep, I will post what I have for the Abhorrent Prophet Unimagined.

So long as we understand that the souls of that creature were never meant to be, and that, therefore, the soulmelds thereof should likewise not exist.

And let us never speak of necrocarnum. That way lies a place without madness, and is far more disturbing for its lack.

2013-04-21, 05:21 AM
Is this sufficient? In its silly sheepness? (http://i.timeinc.net/time/potw/20090416/potw_04.jpg)

2013-04-21, 05:45 AM
Is this sufficient? In its silly sheepness? (http://i.timeinc.net/time/potw/20090416/potw_04.jpg)

That is a silly sheep. Alright, here are the three that I have. I have to go sleep now (amusingly).

If you're thinking "But, when do I get to devour free will and vomit forth prophecy?"... that comes later!

2013-04-21, 06:04 AM
So I take it that they get a full-round action on top of what you can do with Somnambulating Baku Claws and Hands Whispering Murder?

I rather like them, though I'd be wary of only having one way to get Dream Actions.

Also, are your Dream Actions performed on your Acolyte's initiative count? Do you roll your own?

2013-04-21, 12:44 PM
So I take it that they get a full-round action on top of what you can do with Somnambulating Baku Claws and Hands Whispering Murder?

If you mean the meldshaper - no. They're unconscious, so they don't get normal actions. The Apostle, yes. They operate as normal, in addition to your manipulations.

I rather like them, though I'd be wary of only having one way to get Dream Actions.

How so? I think one per round is enough to get the job done.

Also, are your Dream Actions performed on your Acolyte's initiative count? Do you roll your own?

Yeeeah, I actually realized that after I shut everything down for the night. Gotta go edit that in. When you have an Apostle, you act during their initiative. When you don't, you always act last, to the degree of which it matters for a being with no actions.

2013-05-01, 08:35 PM
Bringing this back up (Exalted Week looks good on your avatar)...

Is there a chance we can get to see the rest of the Prophet's Raiment? I feel like the 3 melds you have up already are just a teaser.

I'll take a sit-down look at all of them, with reviewing and the whole kit'n'caboodle.

2013-05-03, 06:57 AM
I am looking forward to the rest of the Prophet's Raiment, you have no idea...

Also, any other Yozis on the 'to be turned into disciplines and soulmelds' lists?

2013-05-05, 09:46 PM
The Brow is done! Come and see the Prophet's eyes, heavy with the sands of sleep.

His relationship with the Hieropantissa is one of uncomfortable proximity, for her body is infinite, and touches all sands, including those of dreams, and of time. Though she warps the dreams of lesser creatures, making them real chains for her to hold, and warps time as part of a chain upon her, five days in length, she cannot claim to wield them with the pervasive, implacable, horrible scope that the Prophet must.

2013-05-07, 08:42 PM
I have two more soulmelds up, and modified the Eyes Heavy With Sand to work off Constitution, instead of Wisdom, since it's the Incarnum Stat.

2013-05-07, 09:58 PM
Looking good...

Wait, one question.

Namely, can you redistribute your Essentia while in the coma created by Dreamer's Third Eye? I would suggest letting you do it as part of a Dream action, just so you can adapt with your soulmelds.

Still, I'm liking the whole "random commoner Steve carves his name on me, now he is my tool!" thing going on.

It's win-win, too; they get power, you get to use their body to assassinate random people. Excellent.

Lifeblood Carbuncle is awesome when combined with a Delay Death effect applied to you; take 100% of the damage, over and over again... just hope that the effect doesn't end before you get healed...

2013-05-07, 10:11 PM
Shouldn't Voice Woven Into Power be a Throat slot? Otherwise, I love 'em.

2013-05-07, 11:36 PM
Namely, can you redistribute your Essentia while in the coma created by Dreamer's Third Eye? I would suggest letting you do it as part of a Dream action, just so you can adapt with your soulmelds.

Ah, good catch. Fixed.

Still, I'm liking the whole "random commoner Steve carves his name on me, now he is my tool!" thing going on.

I'm planning on having a soulmeld that prevents you from aging, or needing to eat, drink, or breathe, while asleep.

"A hundred years ago, the magistrate in these parts was taxing our people to ruin. Eventually, we couldn't pay, so he sent his men to burn the town as an example to others. Most decided to stand their ground and fight, even though they all knew it was a lost cause. But one young lass couldn't bear to watch her newly wed husband die in battle, so she fled into the woods the night before the soldiers were set to arrive.

What came outta the woods the next morning wasn't human. It wasn't a beast, neither. It wasn't even a monster. It was just a nightmare that walked like a man. They say it took a whole volley of arrows and just laughed it off, leaping and scuttling across the battlefield, taking no quarter and showing no mercy.

The folk back then, they wasn't stupid. Of course they didn't want the nightmare-girl sticking around, but they couldn't just tell her that. You don't piss off the demon that just took the insides of a few dozen men and made them, y'know, outside, without so much as panting by the end. The story goes that she went on living around town, her husband was thrilled a'course; built that crypt on yonder hill, put something inside that none of'em got a good look at. Or maybe they just didn't want to talk about it. Sealed it up and trapped it like a fortress. Other than that, everything was fine for a while, until the business with the kids. A few weeks went by, and then, every night, the townsfolk kept finding another lad or lass, lyin' under their bed, not a thing on 'em looked wrong, 'cept their head was on backwards.

Of course, the people knew who to blame. Took 'em a while to suss up the courage to do something, but they did, eventually. Confronted the nightmare, they did, but it was the most curious thing. She said she couldn't go on like this, and that the 'sleeping demon' was to blame. She said she could tell them where it was, and how to get past all of the Crypt's defenses, and how to kill it.

Then, on the spot, she just slit her own throat. Body turned back to normal. Damnedest thing. Anyway, enough of my tall tales. You lads have work to do! The Orcs'll be here in three days, and our chances of survival'll look even worse if we don't get these barricades up."

Shouldn't Voice Woven Into Power be a Throat slot? Otherwise, I love 'em.

The actual item you get is a cloak. Since bound soulmelds prevent you from wearing a magic item in the same slot, it'd be weird if, with your Voice Woven Into Power, you could wear two cloaks, but no necklace.

2013-05-08, 07:24 AM
The actual item you get is a cloak. Since bound soulmelds prevent you from wearing a magic item in the same slot, it'd be weird if, with your Voice Woven Into Power, you could wear two cloaks, but no necklace.
I just figured that a power related to your voice should take the throat slot. Besides "wrapped around your lower face and shoulders" sounds like it averages out to the throat.