View Full Version : How should I feel if a player in a pbp is having trouble focusing?

2013-04-30, 01:00 PM
The main issue that's come up(in a pbp I started two days ago) is one player who keeps misspelling things now that the game has started, as well as having trouble focusing(for example, he just tried to attack the hostage in a hostage situation).
Would it be wrong of me to write him out of the story via sudden random divine lightning that 1-hit-kills him?

2013-04-30, 01:06 PM
Yes, because RFing the guy is lame and meanspirited.

Some people cannot spell. Ever. They could study the dictionary for years and get a doctorate in English and they would still have mispelled words everywhere. There are medical conditions that cause this stuff, and they aren't uncommon.

Not focusing is more a "Are you sure you mean the hostage?" situation. It could be a brain hiccough.

If they're being disruptive, talk to them, don't aRF them.

2013-04-30, 01:52 PM
aye, i calmed down a bit after a while.. it was just a bit alarming at first(also I had only been awake about ten minutes when I checked the thread so I was also still a bit groggy)

2013-04-30, 08:11 PM
OOC conversation is always, always the answer.

2013-04-30, 09:51 PM
I have actually resolved the issue since then(turned out he did mean to say that he targeted the cleric, because he thought I meant the cleric was the one holding the young man against the wall, turned out he just misread:smallredface:)