View Full Version : Warlock (WoW) dnd 3.5

2013-05-03, 03:14 AM
As anyone ever did a Warlock class based on the WoW one?
I've seen some interesting works based on the Shaman, the Death Knight, the Paladin and the Rogue, but what about the Warlock?
It is one of the coolest classes, and is really different from the DnD one.

What about making one?

2013-05-03, 03:19 PM
Warcraft the Roleplaying Game was made years ago. You might want to check that out. It is WoW for 3e published by Sword & Sorcery and was a licensed WotC product.

Sword and Sorcery then republished a 2nd edition under OGL which is probably still available. That one is called World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game. The versions have distinct differences. The second edition is compatible with 3.5.