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2013-05-03, 04:11 AM
Do you guys have any stories where a random crafting attempt helped get you out of a sticky situation? Below is my situation!

So in my last game of Survival Horror DND my character (a Ninja slowly turning into some kind of awesome elemental/inner planes hybrid) and the 2 other party members (a Beguiler and a Duskblade) set up camp for the night in a convenient cave. The weather was relatively clear before but after a few hours some heavy snow started falling. We had recently just gotten over some severe taint affliction and needed some chearing up so the beguiler used Major Image to make some illusions of our dream women and we did adult things with them to pass the time and raise moral :p

The snowstorm quickly devolved into a blizzard (and was a random weather generator apparently) and we had to try block the cave entrance a little. My ninja who had somehow got the ability to enlarge/reduce person, grew large and made the dusk blade large, had the duskblade stay in the cave and brace himself while my ninja went out to collect snow and rocks to build a blockade from the cold. We swapped half way after i took some cold damage but we managed to seal the entrance ok.

Come morning when we exited we saw a 10ft wall of snow at the cave entrance! The duskblade was going to melt it with his magic flaming sword but it would have taken too long and made too much water. after a few moments my ninja (Who can also fly thanks to the elemental transformations) decided to fly out and see what he could do. He saw a bunch of half buried trees a way off and i had him 'walk' along the surface of the snow (whilst actually flying) and asked if i could make a craft: snowshoes check. Now, my int had just been bumped up to 16 (elemental awesomeness again) and i had no ranks in craft (except for poison making) so i rolled and got an overall 19! success! made a few pairs of snow shoes, returned to the cave and helped my comrades up onto the top of the snow where they can now use my randomly improvised snow shoes to walk along the 10ft deep snow!

Random crafting attempt win!