View Full Version : Changing max-skill ranks and cross-class skill cost [D&D 3.5 E6] [PEACH]

Marcus Amakar
2013-05-03, 09:29 AM
I'm working on an E6 campaign and trying to make cross-class skills worthwhile. Without further ado, here's the proposed fix/change.

Maximum skill ranks: A character's maximum skill rank is equal to whichever of the following is greater.

3+Number of levels in which the skill is a class skill.
2+1/2 Character level

Purchasing skill ranks: A skill point spent on any skill increases its rank by 1, up to the maximum skill rank.

What does the playground think? I'm worried that having a skill as a class skill may not be that valuable, as the difference at 6th level is only 4 (9 and 5).

If I put in an E6 Epic feat which increased your maximum skill rank to 11, with the prerequisite of having a maximum skill rank of 9, would this alleviate this problem (if it is one)?

2013-05-04, 09:36 AM
So, this cuts skill rank cost in half for CC skills and increases the max rank by 0.5?

I think it's not a bad change at all, but it's not really a huge change.

You also might want to consider just using the Pathfinder version of skills. All skill ranks costs 1 point to purchase and have a max rank equal to class level. Class skills get a +3 untyped bonus, assuming you have at least 1 rank.