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2013-05-05, 02:18 AM
I'm researching a new spell for the character I'm running on a Call of Cthulhu D&D campaign. The spell is intended to be from level 5-6th. The components are Verbal, Somatic and Material, it is intended to be THE SPELL, so it will take its time for casting (from 1 full round to 1 min). It's my first spell, so I am looking for advice (from nerfing to power it) before presenting it to my DM.

Judgement of the Crawling Chaos' Envoy

Conjuration (Creation)/Evocation (Force) [Chaos] [Evil]
Level: Cleric 6, sorcerer/wizard 6.
Components: V, S, M.
Casting Time: 1 round.
Range: Long (400 ft + 40 ft / level).
Target: One lawful or non-chaotic creature.
Duration: See text.
Saving Throw: Reflex negates, fortitude partial; see text.
Spell Resistance: No.

Your devotion for the Crawling Chaos grants you the power to punish those who Nyarlathotep hates so much, typicali lawful creatures or non-chaotic beings.

To cast this spell, you must worship Nyarlathotep.
The caster puts a troat of blood on the spiked chain (the one used as the material component) so the spiked chain floats arround you in a circle.
At the start of the target's round, 5 lights appear arround the target of this spell, forming a perfect pentagon; then spiked chains apear from the lights, linking them and forming a 5-spiked star arround the target. From the links of the star, 5 spiked chains (made of force) appear, attacking the target of this spell. Every spiked chain attacks (as a touch attack) uses your caster level + your key ability modifier as base attack, dealing 2d4 force damage on hit (critical is 20/x2), if the target is lawful-aligned, this damage is doubled. When a spiked chain strikes the target, it stays on the spot it hits, the target may attempt a Escape Artist check (DC is 10 + Caster Level) to get rid of the chains, for every chain attached to the target, it imposes a +2 circunstance bonus to DC. If the target did not escaped the chains an interdimensional hole apears just under the target, where a thousand of chains apear, attacking the target.
Depending on how many chains of force were attached to the target, one of the following effects applies:

1 chain: The target gets a Reflex save, which negates the damage completely if succesful.
2-4 chains: The target gets a Reflex save with a -2 penalty /chain attached.
5 chains: The target does not get a Reflex save.

The chains deal 1d10/2 levels of force damage (or 1d12 /2 levels to lawful creatures). The target then must attempt a Fortitude saving throw with a DC of 10 + Spell Level + Key ability modifier + 1/10 of damage taken by the chains (round down) or die. This effect is a killing effect, which kills every creature type, except for constructs, oozes or undead. If the target success this saving throw, it is reduced to -9, stable, unconscious and helpless. Lawful creatures who passes their fortitude save, while unconscious meet Nyarlathotep on its plane as if on a Communion spell, normal taint and sanity effects applies.

As a secondary effect, if you apply any kind of poison to the spiked chain, instead of your blood, the poison effects applies with the first spiked chain of force that hits.

Material Cost: A masterwork spiked chain, and blood (or poison).

Was this too OP?
Or maybe it wasn't fitting level 6th?
Maybe it fits a higher post?
Ideas pls?

The Mentalist
2013-05-05, 02:51 AM
No worse than Disintegrate, and with a non-trivial material component

2013-05-05, 03:24 AM
So, what would you suggest, then?

Increase damage from 1d10/2 levels to 1d10/level.