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2006-11-26, 03:59 AM
OK, so firstly I know that Ragewalker isn't SRD (because it MM3) and therefore is copy written. So I'll try not to type things I can't. If anything I post is out of line please let me know so I can change it.

So the first question is should I make it a Template (like Half-Dragon) or it's own Race (like Half-Orc)?

Next question, something basic that matters either way, ability modifiers.
The Ragewalker has this:
Str +8
Dex +14
Con +8
Int +/-0
Wis +4
Cha +14
So the general trend with half breeds is go with half or less for ability bonuses and half or more with ability penalties. However the Ragewalker has no penalties. So if we go on half (and round odd numbers down) then a Half-Ragewalker would get these ability modifiers:
Str +4
Dex +6
Con +4
Int +/-0
Wis +2
Cha +6
OK, so whether it's a Race or a Template there's gotta be an LA (even if we do reduce these scores).

Next thing to look at is what abilities it will have (or bestow on the base character). I think I'm allowed to list the Ragewalker's Special Attacks/Qualities, I'm just not allowed to post their text. So, here they are:
Control Living Spell
Grafted Armor
Induce Blood Frenzy
Repel Missiles

OK, so now to see which ones the half breed should have:

Control Living Spell (Su):
In a normal campaign this could be left as is. After all it is very similar to a base class ability (Cleric's Turning Undead). But I am planning to make a campaign world where all magic is Living Spells, and Wizards/Sorcerers will be given the ability to Turn/Rebuke Living Spells. So I think what I'll do is give the Half-Ragewalker a Living Spell Companion (caster level = Half-Ragewalker's HD or Character Level)

Grafted Armor (Ex):
This is a very powerful ability, because is would allow a spell caster to be well armored. A Ragewalkers armor gives it +6 to AC. It would really make sense to give similar penaltyless armor less AC bonus, so if it is to be changed there would have to be some penalties. It could maybe just get left as it is.

Induce Blood Frenzy (Su):
This definitely has to get changed. However it is part of the main flavor of the Ragewalker. The ability it's can't really be changed, but it needs to be not automatic. Not even At Will. It would have to be maybe 1/day, maybe 3/day. Maybe it could also be changed to a target effect with a ranger of 10 Ft. instead of an area effect with a radius of 10 Ft.. I think the DC is 10+1/2HD+Cha bonus.

Repel Missile (Su):
This ability is way to powerful, it needs to be cut.

Spell-Like Abilities:
I'm not sure what to with these. Maybe take them away. Maybe make them all 1/day instead of 3/day. Maybe take away the meta magic(-like ability) feats. Maybe take away the ones that don't have the meta magic(-like ability) feats applying to them.
So it might just be 1/day-blade barrier, wall of fire.
DC for blade barrier is 10+spell level(6)+Cha bonus.

Weapon Cloud (Su):
Any Race/Template with this ability could not be played as a PC. Well, I don't think it should be on the half breed. Although now that I think about it could have an iteresting flavor to keep your sword and dagger floating around you instead of on your belt, then just reach out and grab them form mid air when you need to use them. Then there's the possibility of them getting stolen...

Damage Reduction 10/cold iron:
This could be gotten rid of, or at least reduced. I guess 5/cold iron or 4/cold iron.

Fast Healing 5 (Ex):
This should also be reduced or taken away, Maybe 2, maybe 1, maybe just taken away. Maybe if the Half-Ragewalker didn't have Fast Healing, but just healed twice as fast as Humans (and other normal Races)? Maybe 3 or more times at fast even. Maybe 1 or more point(s) an hour, or 1 a minute.

Low-Light Vision:
I think the Half-Ragewalker should just get this.

Spell Resistance 26:
This most definitely needs to be reduced or taken away. I don't know what this is based on. The Ragewalker has 22HD, Int bonus is +0 Cha bonus is +7... But this definitely needs to be lowered or thrown out.

Now there's the rest of the stuff:

If it's a Race should it be Medium, or Large. If it's a Template I think it should be the same as the base creature/character.

I guess Fey, although maybe Humanoid. I don't think you can say both or Half-Fey as a type.

If it's a template base creatures HD could either stay the same or be raised up to a maximum of d6 (pretty much only helpful for spell casters).

Natural Amror:
Ragewalkers have +6 natural armor bonus. I guess logically Half-Ragewalkers would get +3 (or maybe +2).

Natural Weapon:
Ragewalker have claws that do 1d6 damage. I guess Half-Ragewalkers should do the same. Although:
url=[http://www.d20srd.org/srd/equipment/weapons.htm#weaponSize]Weapon (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/equipment/weapons.htm#weaponSize%5DWeapon) Size[/url]
So Maybe if it's a Medium Race it should be d4. And if it's a Template it should have the same damage by size chart at the dagger.

I have no idea if it should have Racial HD if it is a Race.

The Ragewalker has 24 un-accounted for skill points (and that's assuming he's always had Int 10). So, there must be some racial bonuses in there, but where?

A Half-Ragewalker would get no racial feats.

LA: ?

This is all just first thoughts and possibilities. I would love criticism, ideas, and opinion on everything. Please, let me know what you think.

(I'll make a more formal lay-out when some decisions have been made.)