View Full Version : Monster Hunter-like 4e (Building Weapons)

2013-05-08, 01:36 PM
Cross-Posted from the 4e section because you guys may have a better sense of how CBLoader homebrew for 4e works as well as the mechanics I'm talking about.

So here's a crazy idea I had and I'm trying to figure out how the hell I'm going to balance it. Basically, I want to run a 4e Monster Hunter type campaign, all Primal style with nature spirits and giant beasts and whatnot. I want a mechanic whereby the players can build their own weapons from their kills. I've been fiddling around in CBLoader homebrew stuff and I have a system where a player can take a blank base weapon (with no properties or groups, initially), and add on their own properties to it in a modular way. The idea is ok, you killed a dinosaur and ripped off its horns - you now bolt them to your weapon and it's a Heavy Blade. Or braided the leather from its pelt to make it a Flail. Or serrated the edge of your weapon with its teeth to make it Brutal.

So, fun stuff. How the heck do I balance it? I'm thinking a limit of two weapon groups and two properties for each weapon (seems pretty in line with the vanilla stuff) but I'm not sure how to set damage up. Assuming they could buy it with some sort of currency, I'm trying to figure out what prices are appropriate. Something like set up damage tiers such that weapons with the Two-Handed property have the highest damage dice, and things like Light Blades have the lowest dice.