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2006-11-26, 12:05 PM
I saw a webcomic a while back and I can't find it or remember it's name. It had sort of the same artistic style as OotS, although the arms and legs weren't sticks. It sort of combined D&D with Shadowrun.

I looked through the webcomic list at the top of this forum, but I didn't see anything that looked like it. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

2006-11-26, 01:57 PM
Google "Shadowrun webcomic".

2006-11-26, 03:09 PM
I looked and couldn't find it.

One comic I remember from it is someone complaining about comedians ruining society because of the kinds of jokes they tell. So the comedian on stage challenges him to do better. He gets up and tells a joke about someone living on the island of Java and catching a mermaid or something when he was out fishing, anyway the punch line was "There's no multiple inheritance in Java", and the next frame was of a newspaper headline saying 'Society Ruined'.

2006-11-26, 03:36 PM
Are you talking about Commissioned by any chance?


I don't know that the sytle is very OtS-ish, but it features both D+D and shadowrun storylines.

2006-11-26, 04:01 PM
No, that's not it. It was a big multipanal thing with simplistic art.