View Full Version : Making a Necro-Estate

Dming For Noobs
2013-05-10, 10:25 PM
Quick Question-Im trying to create an 8th level Dread Nercromancer, and am trying to build him in as a nobleman. Currently Trying to design an estate around him. Any ideas would be appreciated, as i have been playing 3.5 for about 5 months now.


The Mentalist
2013-05-10, 10:43 PM
If you want us to design new material for this character post it here, if you're looking for build advice post it in the Roleplaying Games section of the gaming forums.

Dming For Noobs
2013-05-11, 10:55 AM
Thanks, sorry, first time posting

2013-05-11, 01:40 PM
I've done this tons of times in past games. First of all, how overt are you intending to be? Nobleman with (figurative and literal) necro-y skeletons in his closet, or all out necro lord?

Once we determine that I can start providing real suggestions.

For ideas, my first suggestion would be a third party sourcebooks called the secret college of necromancy and another thats escaping me currently... City of Shadowfaust? Something like that...

Divayth Fyr
2013-05-11, 01:42 PM
City of Shadowfaust? Something like that...
Hollowfaust, City of Necromancers - one of my favourite locations.