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The Mentalist
2013-05-11, 01:58 AM
"So you want to know about the great ruin in the field there, people say it just appeared one day in a cloud of sulphur and ash, yes it bears the marks of Hellfiend claws and the aspect of witchery...

I've been inside it, I've seen the secrets, the pacts with the gods and demons to keep the small fortress alive in the infernal battlefields, experienced the guardians and the ghosts.

And here I record what little I have seen of man's last desperate stand on a dying world."

So yeah, notes from a city-based game I'm developing. Fortress in one of the planes of the Abyss, defended by all my homebrew has to offer. Will be a combination of old and new material.

Designer Notes
A lot of this is just about seeing how much fluff I can add to seven notebooks of mechanics and if I can find links and pieces to fit together, hopefully to make some new things from splicing together and adding interactions between some older stuff.

Looking at the fluffy intros I'm doing this may become an adventure series when it's all over and I've added the monsters and all

The Mentalist
2013-05-11, 02:10 AM
Fluffy intro
You can see the hovels there outside the wall, for those who had given way to the corruption, given up and lived their doomed lives in a drug induced fog, they may have been the lucky ones when the end came.

Torve Weed
This weed when chewed grants Good Hope for 10d10 minutes afterwords the chewer is afflicted by Crushing Despair for 1d4 days. The Good Hope effect stacks up to 5 times and the Crushing Despair stacks endlessly.
25gp 1/10lb

Avabush Spice
Opiod sleep and truth drug
The ingester takes a -2 to Bluff and Diplomacy and a -1 to all saves against sleep for 1d10 hours

This drug makes the user extremely energetic, though jittery and unfocused. The injecter gains a +4 to Init checks but a -6 to all other Dexterity and Intelligence based rolls. These effects stack, each additional dose after the first does 1d2 points of Con burn.

This gray herb produces a calming smoke when burned, all within 10ft gain a +1 to Diplomacy rolls and a -1 to Sense Motive Checks for the hour that it burns.

Escapism drug
Take 1/2 of all damage as nonlethal for 3d2x10 minutes, during which you take a -8 to Initative, attack rolls, will saves, and skill checks.

Happy Slave drug
You gain a x5 str Good Hope (except Will Saves) but suffer a -10 to all Will Saves and any creature may speak a suggestion to you. These effects last 2d10 minutes.

Produces a DC 2 Intoxicating smoke that all within 10' must save against for 1 minute.
10gp 1lb

Rankweed Cigarettes
These rolled and treated leaves of Rankweed poduce a DC 11 Intoxicating smoke for the ingeter. This smoke may be blown in the face of one target with a touch attack, causing both the ingester and the target to require a DC 8 Save
100gp and 1lb for 20

Dispersing Rankweed Log
Produces a DC 2 Intoxicating smoke that all within 100' must save against for 10 minutes.
45gp 3lb

Concentrated Rankweed Log
Produces a DC 12 Intoxicating smoke that all within 10' must save against for 1 minute.
50gp 1lb

Taking Viptiel for a year changes the ingesters gender, this process is painless and grants a +5 inherent bonus to disguise checks in avoiding your previous gender idenity.

This coarse golden dust grants the ingester or the object it is rubbed on a faint aura of one either one school of magic or one alignment for 6 hours.

Refined Auraspice
This fine golden dust grants the ingester or the object it is rubbed on a weak aura of one either one school of magic or one alignment for 6 hours.

Pure Auraspice
This pale golden liquid grants the ingester or the object it is rubbed on a strong aura of one either one school of magic or one alignment for 6 hours.

Concentrated Auraspice
This coarse golden dust grants the ingester or the object it is rubbed on an overwhelming aura of one either one school of magic or one alignment for 6 hours.

When applied to food, it preserves it, increasing the lifespan of the food by 200% and providing a +1 Circumstace bonus to all cooking checks with them.
1sp per lb treated

Refined Andris
When applied to food, it preserves it, increasing the lifespan of the food by 700% and providing a +2 Circumstace bonus to all cooking checks with them.
5sp per lb treated

Treated Andris
When applied to food, it preserves it, increasing the lifespan of the food by 2500% and providing a +4 Circumstace bonus to all cooking checks with them. Eating food treated grants a +2 to Spot and Listen checks for 1 hour
10gp per lb treated

Pure Andris
When applied to food, it preserves it, increasing the lifespan of the food by 10000% and providing a +10 Circumstace bonus to all cooking checks with them. Eating food treated grants a +5 to Spot and Listen checks for 1 hour
50gp per lb treated

Booster Blue
This is a small capsule that is broken and inhaled, when it is taken the inhaler gains a +4 to Initative, +2 Dodge Bonus to AC, and a +2 to Reflex save for 10 minutes

Bright Blue
This is an even smaller capsule then Booster Blue that is filled with purer chemicals and is taken in the same way when it is taken the inhaler gains a +6 to Initative, +4 Dodge Bonus to AC, and a +4 to Reflex save for 10 minutes

This drug is popular among despots looking for shock troops and the incredibly reckless. It grants a +8 to all stats though you have a 10% chance to die at the end of the drugs 1 hour cycle You have a 50% chance to fall into a 1d10 day coma and no matter waht you will be nauseated for 2d6 hours.

This drug is popular among despots looking for shock troops and the incredibly reckless, it is even more dangerous than Carsunum, causing death far too often to be accepted by the sane. It grants a +12 to all stats though you have a 35% chance to die at the end of the drugs 1 hour cycle You have a 75% chance to fall into a 3d10 day coma and no matter waht you will be nauseated for 1d4 days.

Rise and Fall
This drug gives the user a really good few minutes at the expense of the rest of their day. The ingester gains a +6 to all stats that goes down by 1 point once a minute until it becomes -4 where it remains for 2d4 hours.

Crash and Burn
This drug gives the user a really good few minutes at the expense of the rest of their day. The ingester gains a +10 to all stats that goes down by 1 point once a minute until it becomes -6 where it remains for 3d4 hours.

Pheonix in Reverse
This drug gives the user a really good few minutes at the expense of the rest of their day. The ingester gains a +16 to all stats that goes down by 1 point once a minute until it becomes -8 where it remains for 6d4 hours.

You do not require food but you only take single actions for one day. A DC 16 Will Save can restore your full actions for 1 hour.
15 pills for 1cp

Take 15 or 30 (instead of 10 or 20) on all craft checks for 1 day, though they require twelve hours of sleep a day to function on it.

Neutrea Pixie
This coarse white powder is mixed into a drink and grants +4 to Init, +2 Dodge Bonus to AC +2 to Str and Con and DR 5/- for 3d10 minutes, afterwords the body tries to purge the drug, causing an inversion of all effects for twice the time the drug lasted and nausea for 1d4 hours

Naivarag Cat Spice
+4 Dex, +2 Init, Darkvision, -1 size bite and claws

This is the mental lubricant of reckless wizards and sages, it allows the user to reach peaks of mental effort but long-term use invariably cripples the user's mind. The names of the various strengths are precious substances. The drain chances are cumulative and reset whenever the drain occurs. All Noum lasts for 1d4 hours
Bronze: +2 Int and Wis, 5% drain chance 15gp
Silver: +4 Int and Wis 10% drain chance 30gp
Gold: +8 Int and Wis 25% drain chance 75gp
Platinum: +12 Int and Wis 50% drain 150gp

Grants telepathy with a range of 30ft for 10 minutes, each dose has a 2% chance of giving a permananent -1 to Spot checks that may only be restored with Greater Restoration

Increases the inner rythm of the user, granting them a +10 to all perform checks for 1 hour, though you must make a DC 17 Will Save to not work in a predictable rythm, suffering a -2 to AC and Social rolls.

This drug makes the user feel invincible, and to some degree that is true. They take 20% less damage, simply because blows do not affect their mind and you have to crush them until they cannot get up, they also gain a +4 to Str and Con, they function as though they are in a Barbarian's Rage and when the drug has run it's course (1d4 hours) they take 1/4 of their full hitpoints in non-lethal damage.

This drug sustains the user through the many trials of regular drug use and is often used as a "chaser" to other more destructive drugs, it grants 1d6 temporary hitpoints and 1 temporary point to each stat for avoiding damage and drain.

+2 +4 or +6 to Str, Dex, or Con for 2d6 rounds, fatigued for 1d4, 1d6, or 1d8 rounds.
25, 75, or 125gp

Battle Stimulant
This drug causes the user to focus almost exclusively on combat, granting him a +4 to hit and converting 1d6 damage of each blow into nonlethal damage for 2d6 rounds, at the end of this period they take a -2 penalty to all stats for 1d10 minutes.

Hyper Stimulant
This drug causes the user to focus exclusively on combat, granting him a +8 to hit and converting 1d10 damage of each blow into nonlethal damage for 3d6 rounds, at the end of this period they take a -6 penalty to all stats for 1d4 hours.

When applied to a dying creature (0 or below HP) this injected potion heals 2d10 temporary hitpoints

This chemical cocktail sends a boost of adrenaline through the body, reducing the damage of each blow by 1d4 and increasing the movement speed by 30' for 1d3 minutes

Dead Eye
This focuses the sight and mind of ranged weapon users, granting them a +2 to all ranged attacks, +4 to Spot, and allows them to ignore the first range increment penalty of any shot for 1d10 minutes.

Metabolism Overdriver
This caues a three round coma during which the body goes through a day of it's natural processes, including natural healing.

Long Term Overdriver
This causes a three day coma during which the body goes through six months of natural processes, normally this would cause starvation and dehydration but the magic of the potion sustains the body during it's healing.

Grants a +2 to Dex and Int for 8 hours, during this time they take 50% more damage from electricity and suffer a -1 to all Will saves.

Sustains the body for 1d3 days without sleep and subtracts 1d8 points of damage from all attacks for 1d3 hours, the user must make a DC 16 save against 6 poisons, each dealing 1d4/1d4 to a one stat (1 for each)

This drug increases memory exponentally, granting the user a +10 to Autohypnosis checks to recall a piece of information gained while under the influence of the drug. Each dose lasts 1 hour and forces a DC 16 Will save or have memory overload, causing the user to take partial actions for the duration while he tries to decipher what is present and what is images from the past mind.

This inhaled pollen grants a +2 to all Intelligence based checks for 1d10 rounds, additional doses add to the duration.

This drug grants a +2 to all Str and Con checks as well as all Str and Con skill checks for 1d10 rounds.

The Mentalist
2013-05-11, 02:14 AM
More fluffy intros
And the farms, those ravaged and bloody farms, you can still find seeds trying to sprout though, even seeds from before their descent.

This beet may be ground into an acidic paste that deals 1d3 damage each round for three rounds unless it is scraped off as a swift action.
10gp 1/5lb

Agamarian Soybean
These beans are ground into a paste which then hardens in 2 rounds into temporary tools, the tools may be eaten or dissolved in water. Anything made by these beans lasts upto one hour. Each use makes 1 pound (normal weight) worth of tools.
5GP 1/2lb

Aleudrupe Berry Gas
When the pits of these berries are boiled they produce a gas that may be contained to produce an alchemist's fire variant that must be ignited separately to explode and does not ignite things. The gas must be rendered out with a DC 22 Alchemy check.
Cost for berries 5gp 1lb
Cost for gases 15gp 1/10lb

Almakian Apple
These are extra-soft apples that may be thrown with a 10ft range increment doing 1d4 non-lethal damage and on a critical strike blinding the target for 1 round unless it makes a DC13 Reflex save
1gp per apple

When this root is grated it sparks for 1d4 rounds dealing 1d2 electricity damage per round to all within 5'. It takes a standard action to grate enough Amber-Root to cause the reaction

When chewed this garlic causes the user to produce large amounts of mucus that may be used as a spit attack dealing 1d8 damage to Vampires. 1 spit may be used per clove.
1sp per clove

Scent fascinates all within 5' unless they make a DC 13 Will Save

Avedame Fruit Syrup
A syrup of Avedame may be added to a drink making it DC 11 alcohol or adding +2DC to an existing alcohol. (no more than 10 doses)
5sp 1/10lb

B'omarr Pickle
These pickled cucumbers instill a sense of calm when eaten. They grant a +2 to Diplomacy checks when eaten by all parties of a diplomacy check.
25cp per pickle

Balka Green Bandages
Bandages made from Balka Greens prevent infection from lycanthropes, a wound by a lycanthrope treated with them causes the user to automatically make his saving throw against infection.

Balka Green Wafers
When dried and pressed into cakes.the Balka Green Wafer may be eaten by shapeshifters it stabilzes their shape for 10 minutes, making them unable to shift forms.

When ignited this corn forcefully explodes dealing 1d4 bludgeoning damage to all in 5' the next round.

Bang-Corn Poppers
This roasted Bang-Corn is a hollow shell that crunches very loudly when stepped on. When sprinkled over a 5' square it provides listeners a +5 to the the listen check against move silently.

Bang-Corn Firestarters
This is a single, chemical soaked, kernel of bang-corn that explodes and ignites all objects in 5' unless they succeed at a DC 5 Reflex save. A Bang-Corn Firestarter may be thrown with a 5' range increment as an attack action.

When chewed this weed makes the user irresistible to bovines, it causes cows to come towards the user at their full movement speed if they are within 150', creatures of above animal intelligence may make a DC 10 Will Save to resist the effect. A single Banthaweed lasts one hour.

Barabel Fruit
This fruit is black and yields to even slight pressure, eating a single Barabel Fruit sustains a medium creature for 1 day without water.
1/10lb 1gp

These berries may be crushed on an object to cool the tempeture by 20 degrees, they may not cool it below 0F. If used as the component for FireSeeds they produce cold substituded berries.
5gp 1/10lb

Bellassan Pepper
An extremely hot pepper, any creature eating one must make a DC 16 Fortitude save or be stunned for 1d4 rounds.

These small, gray, flavorless cubes must be made for a specific species, they are very hard and are sucked on throughout the day, providing constant energy and nutrition. A single cube lasts one day. They are sold in bags of 100.
2gp 1lb

Bestinnian Tang-Root
When added to food it increases bloodflow providing resistance to cold. All enviromental cold sources are treated as 1 degree less for eight hours. One foot of root provides ten uses of it's effects. It tastes very warm and causes bloodshot eyes.
1ft 50gp 1lb

These berries make a very good compost. A few handfuls of Bilaberries in one's dirt during planting season can increase harvests. Increase harvest of one acre by 25% for one harvest. Multiple uses of Bilaberries may be used (up to 8)
5sp 1lb

These greasy fruits are a jester's common foil, when peeled (as a move action) and thrown on the ground they cause any creature passing through the square at more than half it's move speed to fall prone unless they make a DC 15 Reflex save. This aspect of the fruit lasts 1 minute after peeled.

Bith Bean
When Bith Beans are eaten they cause the consumer to be treated as one degree more encumbered for 15 minutes unless the succeed at a DC 11 Fortitude Save.
5sp 1/2lb

Blicci Syrup
Blicci is a red colored fruit that bears a similar composition to flesh, when concentrated into a syrup it can provide an unpalatable "meal" for Vampires and other blood drinkers. The drinker must make a DC 13 Will save to drink it and a DC 13 Fortitude save to hold it down. This increases by 1 for each consecutive meal.
25gp 1/2lb

Bloddle Cookies
These cookies are considered a subtle jibe in the courts of nobles, when presented to a lady it says that you think the woman does not eat enough. Smelling the cookies requires a DC 14 Will Save to avoid eating, If a Bloddle Cookie is eaten the consumer must make a DC 16 Will Save or eat two more. Every two cookies eaten increase the wieght of the eater by 1lb. The cookies are baked and sold by the dozen.
15gp 1lb

Bluefruit Jam
When Bluefruit Jam is consumed it dyes the mouth and tounge of the user blue for 1d6 days. A jar contains enough for 10 uses.
15gp 1lb

Blueleaf Powder
This spicy herb may be added to meals or blown in the face of an adjectent enemy as a standard action (this requires a ranged touch attack). This action causes them to lose their next action to sneezing.

These large red berries are mildly sedating, giving the consumer a +2 bonus to Concentration and Autohypnosis checks for 1 hour but causing them to suffer a -1 to Will Saves for the same period. These effects are cumlative.

Blumfruit Syrup
This is concentrated Blumfruit juice, increasing the skill bonuses to +5 but increasing the Will Save penalty to -2.

Blumfruit and Bloddle Tarts
These cookies combine dangerous the effects Bloddle Cookies and Blumfruit, the smell requires a DC 14 Will Save to avoid eating, each tart eaten causes the eater to make a Will Save DC 16 or eat another one, each Tart increases the eaters weight by 1lb, increases their Concentration and Autohypnosis checks by +2 and gives them a -1 penalty to Will Saves for one hour.

Dried Bofa
Bofa is a very sweet fruit and when dried almost uncomfortably so, however the energy it provides allows the user to forced march at a hustle for one hour without need for a fortitude save making it very popular for commando units and skirmishers.

Boyy'lo Husk Tunic
2cp +1AC/Max Dex 4/ACP -1/ASF -- 2lb
Boyy'lo Husk Armor
1gp +2AC/Max Dex 2/ACP -2/ASF 15% 5lb
Hardened Boyy'lo Husk Armor
10gp +5AC Max Dex 1/ACP -5/ASF 45% 15lb
Boyy'lo Husks are very light but require thick padding to be effective armor, they are in abundance in tropical regions where the plant grows.

Digla-Nut Armor
This armor is made from the steel hard husks of Digla Nuts, armor made from Digla Nuts has the following properties based on it's category.
Light +1 AC, +3ACP, +15% Arcane Spell Failure -5ft movement speed
Medium +2 AC -2 Max Dex +6ACP, +30% Arcane Spell Failure -10ft movement speed
Heavy +3 AC -4 Max Dex +9ACP, +45% Arcane Spell Failure -15ft movement speed
Digla Nut armor costs 1/2 of what normal armor costs.

Crystalweed Armor
Any light armor (or chaimail) may be made from Crystalweed, the armor gains +1 AC due to it's additional hardness, and a -5% to it's Arcane spell failure thanks to it's magical resonance. It however suffers a +2 to it's ACP and a -2 to it's Max Dex bonus due to it's increased weight and stiffness (double wieght of the armor)
-50% cost

Hubba Fiber Armor
This armor is made from the inner fibers of the Hubba Gourd, they grant Fire Resistance equal to ACx2 from water in the fibers.

Hubba Shell Armor
This armor is made from reflective and highly polished shell of the Hubba Gourd. Enemies must make a DC (10+AC) save when attacking you in bright light or be dazzled, you suffer x3 to your Armor check penalty for purposes of Hide checks

This wood is rich in nutrients and may be used as an emergency food source, being sucked, chewed, or boiled for essential nutirients, any object made from Gimerwood may feed one medium creature for one month per pound of the object, in addtion to its normal functions.
Cost: 1gp per lb

Alderaanian Rainbow Wood
Alderaaian Rainbow Wood makes beautiful and dazzling patterns, the user may make a move action to attempt to dazzle all creatures within 15' the DC is 15 in bright light and 12 in dim illumation. The effect may not be used in darkness. If multiple Rainbow Wood objects are worn or held, each creature must make a save for each object.
Cost: +4000gp

Bodywood posesses almost humanlike properties, being treated as a 1HD humanoid per 4 pound block for all magical purposes.
250gp per lb

Dusk Wood
This charcoal gray wood forces the illumination level to dim spread of 1 foot per lb, each 5lbs of Duskwood also made of Dusk Wood grants a Lycanthrope a +2 to all DCs to control his shape.
10gp per lb

Treated Dusk Wood
This wood is highly alchemically treated to affect werewolves. It grants them either a +10 bonus to maintaining their human shape or a +10 to go into their animal form. In either case it raises the DC of achieving the opposing form by 5. Weapons made of Treated Dusk Wood force the +5 DC save on every hit.

Greel Wood Scalpels
These scalpels are made of crimson Greel Wood that absorbs and clots blood very easily. When using Greel Wood Scalpels you gain a +2 to all Heal checks.

Greel Fiber Bandages
Made of spun Greel Wood fibers these bandages prevent blood loss and triple natural healing rates from slashing and peircing wounds. It is a 1 minute action to apply a days bandages.

Greel Wood Bone Replacement Surgery
You replace your bones with Greel Wood which allows your blood to clot more quickly, keeping more of it in you when you're injured. You gain DR 1/Bludgeoning. This may be taken multiple times though more treated Greel Wood is required. Add bonus x 2000 gp to the price for every additional DR

This wood is light and bound together by ambient magic. This magic may be charged by a spell, each pound of Homogoni may store a single spell level of magic or 1 power point. The maximum spell level that may be stored is equal to the 10 logarithm of the weight.

This is a thick black wood that is in touch with other planes, it functions as a ghost touch weapon and deals 1/2 of it's damage as force damage.

Japorwood Talisman
Japorwood Talismans contain the same spell effect as a potion, except that it may be released as a free action if worn. The talismans cost twice as much as normal potions and weigh one tenth of a pound

Silkenfrond Armor
Any light armor may be made from Silkenfrond, the Max Dex Bonus is increased by 2 and the Armor Check Penalty is reversed to Escape Artist, Move Silent, and Hide checks.

This heavy, dense, bulbous wood may be made into any bludgeoning weapon, increasing the size of the damage dice by 2 sizes.

Moagwood Barrel
A Moagwood Barrel increases the fermentation rate of any liquid placed inside it. Any alcohol aged in it has it's DC increased by +4 and is fermented and aged twice as quickly.
5gp per cbft of space

This wood may be made into any weapon primarily made of wood, when ignited (as a move action) it deals one half of it's damage as fire damage.

Sanwi Wood
This wood is subject to the will of living creatures, any creature may make a DC 11 Will Save to shape a piece of Sanwi Wood as a standard action. Sanwi Wood has a hardness of 8 and 20hp per inch of thickness
15gp per 3" cube (1lb)

Tinklewood Bobber
Named for the sound the splashing water makes as the fish attack the bobber. A Tinklewood Bobber grants a +10 to Survival checks to find food in a place where there is somewhere to fish.

Norrian Dye
This red dye is naturally energy resistant, any object dyed by it gains Energy Resistance (all) 1, and armor dyed by Norrian Dye grants it's wearer the same Energy Resistance. An armor may be dyed up to ten times gaining a more vibrant red each time.

Acid Root Braid
When a creature is tied up with Acid Root Braid (treat as rope) and fails at an Escape Artist check or break check they take 1d6 acid damage
100gp 50'

Acid Root Glove
These guantlets are made from knit Acid Root Braid, when the wearer makes an unarmed attack they deal acid damage as a size category smaller.

Balmgrass Clothing
Balmgrass is a particularly soft grass, clothing made from Balmgrass grants a +2 bonus to Escape Artist checks when worn or it may be torn into strips for bandages granting a +5 to a single Heal check, this option destroys the clothing.
50gp 1lb

Buehl Grass Log
This is a thick braid of highly combustable grass that may be used as a long-term fuel source. A single braid of Buehl grass wieghs 1lb and burns for six hours, it may also be shredded and put into a lantern, burning as oil for 1 hour.

Buehl Grass Whip
This whip may may be used as a normal whip or ignited, causing all of it's damage to be converted to fire damage for one minute. At the end of that time the weapon is destroyed.
5gp 2lb

Razor Grass Whip
Instead of dealing normal damage this whip inflicts long shallow cuts that bleed for long periods of time, dealing 1 point of damage each round for 1d10 rounds (3d10 on a crit)
10gp 2lb

Razor Grass Lauching Net
Made from Bang Corn and Razor Grass this net deals 3d4 slashing damage and it launches upto 50ft. Single Use

Razor Grass Shirt
This shirt is made of backed razor grass, any time a creature makes an unarmed strike against you they take 1 point of damage and any creature grappling you takes 1d6 points of damage.
75gp 3lb

Frond-Grass Rope
This 'rope' is actually the root of a very water loving plant, if soaked in water for an hour the roots of the plant grow 5'. Any material cut off from the main plant withers away to nothing in 1d4 days.

This plant is a sickly purple grass covered in lighter luminous patches, any area growing Kaluthin is considered difficult terrain and the grass provides a 5' radius dim light as a candle. Large quantites of Kaluthin (more than 1lb) efficently process the air reducing the DC of all airborne diseases and inhaled poisons by 2. In the same quanties the plant also provides heat as a single log.
10gp per lb

Spiro Grass
Most people are allergic to this orange tipped grass, causing them to be dazed once every d10 rounds due to sneezing, however prolonged exposure to the grass promotes good-health and well-being, causing a +1 to saves and +1 to all stat checks for anyone staying in an area where this grass is for more than a month. The bonuses fade one month after leaving the area.

Adder Moss
This carnivorous moss becomes incredibly violent when exposed to heat, when ignited an ounce of Adder Moss becomes a creature with the stats of a Tiny Viper and the Plant Type for 10d6 rounds at which point it reenters dormancy and may be collected.

Fgir Root
When struck a Fgir Root fires spikes that deal 1 point of damage and a DC 13 1d2/1d2 Dex injury poison to all in 5'.

Gwanda Gourd Rattle
These rattles are very solid, able to be used as a club that deals 1d6 damage in addition to 1d4 sonic damage. On a critical hit the target must make a DC 11 Fortitude save or be deafened for 1 round.

Ghoba Rice
Ranged Weapons + to range, non-lethal damage, -damage -to cost

These fruits are of a surprisingly high alcohol content. Any creature eating one must make a DC 13 Fortitude Save or suffer intoxication penalties. They must also make a DC 17 Wisdom check to realize that they had to make the save.
2gp 1/4lb

A Bristlemelon has a hard husk and sharp spines, it may be thrown with a 20ft range increment that deals 1d3 piercing damage and 1d3 bludgeoning damage. It requires a simple weapon proficency to throw properly.
1sp 1lb

Combat Bristlemelon
These Bristlemelons are hollowed of their flesh and filled with an alchemical flask. They deal 1d4 Bludgeoning Damage, 1d4 Piercing damage and the damage of the flask.
10gp+Flask cost

Bristlemelon Bomb
These Bristlemelons are filled with Ears of Bang Corn and Acid Beets. They deal 2d4 piercing damage, 3d4 bludgeoning damage, and 1d4 acid damage to all within 5' It takes a standard action to throw the bomb due to the awkwardness of the action. 5' range increment
125gp 5lb

Bluefruit Bombs
These small packets of Bluefruit jam have a few kernels of Bang-Corn and are hidden in a square the first creature to step through the square is stained by the Bluefruit for 4d6 hours.
3gp 1/10lb

Bristlemelon Cloud Bomb
This Bristlemelon is shaved and filled with Bang Corn and Blueleaf Powder, when thrown it causes all within 10ft to lose their next action to sneezing. It must be thrown as a standard action due to the awkwardness of the toss. It has a 5' range increment.

Processed Bang-Corn
This ear of bang corn has been filled with the contents of another ear of Bang Corn, when ignited and thrown it deals 2d4 Bludgeoning damage to all within 5'
25gp 1lb

Burr Ball
These heavy nettled berries function as sling-stones that do piercing and bludgeoning damage.
5sp for 10 1lb

When the Burrfruit is thrown (20ft range increment, standard action) it fragments and scatters. All squares within 5' of the landing point are treated as covered in caltrops.
25gp 3lb

These stalks of millet may be used as a nonlethal damage club, anything struck by them has caltrops layed in their square. Each stalk lasts for 1d4 blows.
5gp 1lb

This orange root is particularly spicy and nutritous, when it is placed into boiling water it thickens the water into a hearty broth. This broth sustains a creature with food and provides them with a +2 bonus to saves to resist enviromental heat and disease for 6 hours
3cp 1/10lb

Cambylictus Berry
These small purple berries cause increases in empathy, anyone who eats them gains a +4 to All Charisma based skills for 1 hour.
25gp 1/10lb

Camba Juice
When one bathes in Camba Juice once a week it arrests the visual aging process. A creature appears to age at 1/4 the normal rate for as long as they maintain their bath regimin
25gp 50lb

This stringy green has been the bane of many aged people and foolish young men. When eaten it forces a DC 2 Fortitude save if failed the consumer takes 1d4 Con Damage.

When the Candleberry is crushed it's juices glow blue and illuminate a 5' radius for 1 hour before fading. 25 berries may be crushed to produce a 20' glow and 150 berries be crushed to produce a 60' glow for one hour

Chartash Flour
This ashen gray flour may be packed around any object that deals fire damage it increases the radius of the damage by 5'
25gp 1lb

Fine Chartash Flour
This is finer, more easily dispersed Chartash Flour, it increases the radius of the damage by 15'
125gp 1lb

Celto is a dried plant paste that increases resonance of sound. It may be spread over a square to increase the DC of Move Silent checks by 10 or made into an instrument increasing Perform checks by +2

Chee Nut
These nuts dye the user's skin green five minutes after they are eaten, this grants a +4 to Hide checks in forests and jungles for 1 hour

Charbote Root
This thick root may be used as a club and ignited, illuminating as a torch and dealing 1d6 fire damage on attacks for 10 minutes. Igniting a Charbote Root in this way destroys it at the end of the duration.
5gp 2lb

Chee-Chee Berry
Chee-Chee berries slows aging, any creature eating Chee-Chee berries every day has their aging cut to 1/3 it's natural rate.

Infused Chewing Root
Chewing Root can be infused with any ingested object which can then be held in suspension in the mouth until the core is punctured as a swift action. Only one chewing root may be held in the mouth
+10% to infused potion

Braided Chewing Root
This is several Infused Chewing Roots that have been braided together to provide more rapid access to the stored materials. The roots may be unbound with a move action.
Cumulative +10% per potion in addition to potion costs

Clait Berries
Clait Berries are often eaten by the animalistic tribes of the jungles, they increase the strength and agility of the consumer at the cost of their higher functions. It grants a +2 to Str and Dex and grants a +10ft to Movement speed while reducing Int and Cha by 4 for 10 minutes.

Clait Berry Syrup
This is the concentrated juice of Clait Berries, it reduces the mind to pure animal instinct while increasing strength to unheard of levels. The user gains a +8 to Str and Con but reduces Int to 2 and forces a (roll 10) Will Save to avoid attacking the nearest living or moving creature for the duration of 10 minutes.

Cloudberry flowers hold such a strong scent that it entrances those who smell it. Any creature smelling a fresh or crushed dry Cloudberry flowers (those within 5') become fascinate.

Prevents any shapeshifter that eats it from changing form for 1 day unless they make a DC 10 Fortitude Save

Ebla Grain
When this grain is burned it allows one to see the tendrils of time, granting them glimpses of their possible futures, treat as a Divination spell with a 1 hour cast time. The smoke of Ebla Grain is addictive, causing those who burn it to come too often back for more. Each time a creature uses Elba Grain make a DC 17 Will Save or suffer a minus -1 to all rolls on a day when it has not been burned. This addiction stacks.

Elssa Seed
When these seeds are eaten or burned they produce a psychoactive effect that causes mental reversion to childhood. Gain a -4 to all charisma based skills and -2 to all Will Saves, and a +4 to all Str and Dex based skills. The effect is incredibly pleasurable and somewhat addictive (DC 12 Will Save)

Elssa Cakes
Gently heated Elssa Seeds have a different effect on the mind. They are a gentler effect giving one an "inner child" it grants a +4 to all craft and perform skills and a -2 to all Charisma based skills -1 to all Will Saves.

Ettel Nut
When eaten these nuts make it very difficult to stop talking and even more difficult to lie, the ingester gains a +4 to Diplomacy checks and a -8 to Bluff and Intimidate checks.

When these berries are eaten they rest in the body for one week, if the creature dies within that time rises as a zombie in 1d4 minutes.

A whole Dabaroo glows blue out to 20', it may be cut into segments (up to 6) that each glow out to 10' or ground into a paste that glows 5' and may be smeared in 20 doses.
25cp 1/2lb

These berries are delicacies across the world and equally prized by diplomats and adventures for their powerful properties, each 1/2lb of berries eaten provides a +2 to all Charism based checks because of their hypnotic smell and they also provide a stacking +1 alchemical bonus to all physhical stats, both of these bonuses last 1 hour and stack up to ten times. Eating a half pound of berries is a move action.
Cost: 150gp per 1/2lb

Farrberry Syrup
These are Farrberries in a very concentrated syrup, allowing you to ingest 2lbs worth of berries in a single dose.
Cost: 700gp per 1oz dose

As their name suggests these seed packets are extremely flammable, the outer packet burning slowly and then detonating the oil-filled seeds. When lit these seeds burn for 3 rounds before detonating, dealing 1d4 damage to all creatures in 5'

Firebud Fuse
This is the processed husks of Firebud pods, the fuses burn at a rate of 50' every 1-10 rounds depending on the fuse.
3gp per 50ft

Firebud Net
This net is made of Firebud pods and twisted Firebud fuse, it is ignited when thrown and entangles as a normal net as it burns for three rounds at which poin the net detonates and deals 3d4 fire damage to all within 5' with double damage to any creature captured inside the net. Firebud Nets are not reusable.

Flushberry Tea
When this tea is drunk it causes terrible nausea for 1d6 hours starting 10 minutes after ingestion (as nauseated condition) it grants the target another saving throw against disease with a +10 bonus.

Flurr-Cle Onion
These onions have long ropey stems and dense fruits that may be used as a temporary flail, they deal 1d6 points of nonlethal damage and instead of doing extra damage on a critical hit they release a spray of fumes that cause all within 5' to be blinded for 1 round unless they make a DC 15 fortitude save. An Flurr Cle Onion lasts for 10 successful strikes or 2 critical hits, whichever comes first.

Galma Juice
This is a blood-red juice that may be used a Vampires and other blood dependant creatures to prevent frenzying or being forced to feed on their living compainions. To drink enough Galma Juice to subsist for a day the Vampire must make a Will Save DC 11(+1 for each consecutive day) or be driven to immediate bloodfrenzy to purge the foul taste from their mouth.
10gp per day

Animal Mixed Galma Juice
This is Galma Juice mixed thick with animal blood to make it more palatable, when drinking animal mixed Galma Juice the will save only increases every 3 days.
15gp per day

Human Mixed Galma Juice
This is good Galma Juice, used for desert journeys or other places where feeding would be impossible or impractical, the DC of Human Mixed Galma Juice increases once a week.
25gp per day

Virgin Mixed Galma Juice
This is the very best Galma Juice, used for long isolations among vampire the vampire elite, this is very palatable, it's DC only increases once a month.
50gp per day

Geldan Sun Apple
The Geldan Sun Apple glows out to a 5' radius with genuine sunlight for one week before it rots and it's light fades.

Sun Apple Juice
This juice is kept in a crystal flask and glows in a 10' radius of genuine sunlight for 1 month (may be renewed if mixed with new spices for cost of an addtional flask) or it may be splashed on a light sensitive creature to produce a minimum CL sunbeam on a single target.

Blessed Sun Apple
The light of this sun apple deals 1d3 damage to undead each round. It still only lasts 1 week before rotting.

Blessed Sun Apple Juice
This Sun Apple Juice is blessed by clerics of the sun god, it automatically makes a turn attempt as a cleric of 3HD against all undead within it's light radius and when splashed on an undead target it makes a greater turning attempt as a cleric of 10HD in addition to it's Sunbeam effect.

Garlic and Apple Pouch
This pouch when thrown detonates, dealing 2d10 damage to all vampires in a 10' radius from sunlight and overwhelming smell of garlic, it then leaves mashed sun apples and snot garlic in a 30' radius, creating an area of 20' radius that vampires must make a DC 16 Will Save or flee from and take 1d4 damage each round while they are in. The secondary effect lasts 2 minutes.

Flounut Butter
Is very slick, it may be used to provide a +20 to an Escape Artist check, a +10 to a Move Silent check in armor, a +5 to an Open Lock or Disable Device check, or a +4 to a Str check to force a door or slide a heavy object. The use of any of these is a full-round action.

Galla Seed
These will extend the life but at a great cost to some, it reduces the actual aging of a creature to one tenth of it's usual speed but makes their body feel aged. Treat the ingester as Venerable (no bonuses) and halve all movement speeds and require 25% more sleep a day the effects take effect three days after ingestion starts and ends three days after ingestion stops.

Gor Apple
Gor Apples last nearly forever and are very easy to stockpile, if kept away from light they will remain fresh for 10d6 years and if kept in a cool dark place such as a cellar they will remain fresh for 20d10 years with no degradation in flavor or texture.
1sp per lb

Gor Apple Jam
This jam made from Gor Apples lasts 10d100 years
1gp per pint

Gor Apple Flour
This flour made from Gor Apples lasts 10d100 years
1gp per lb

Gor Apple Skin Cream
A creature using Gor Apple Skin Cream does not visibly age for along as they use it.
3sp per day

Goatgrass Mask
Goatgrass has a very pungent smell that prevents most other smells and gases from intruding it grants a +2 against scent based attacks and inahled poisons.

Tightwoven Goatgrass Mask
This is a better protective version of the regular Goatgrass mask, it grants a +6 to saves against scent and inhaled poisons.

Goatgrass Trailer
This is a dangling belt made from woven Goatgrass, any creature that tracks by scent gains a +4 bonus to track a creature wearing one.

Guroot Powder
A regular diet of Guroot Powder increases one's physical endurance, they gain a +4 to all Con checks while maintaining the use of the powder.
10gp per day

Gwanda Gourd Rattle
These rattles are very solid, able to be used as a club that deals 1d6 damage in addition to 1d6 sonic damage. On a critical hit the target must make a DC 11 Fortitude save or be deafened for 1 round.

Hanava Wood
Hanava Wood is almost universally termite infested, each pound of wood may be heated or broken to force the termites out into a swarm with the stats of a dire rat. The wood may be left in a wet enviroment for one week to reinfest it with termites.
150gp per lb

These friuts carry a weaker but similar magical resonance to gemstones. 5lbs of Jewelfruit may be used as a substitute material component for 100gp of gems or gem dust.
5gp per lb

This pear may be used as a thrown weapon, dealing 1d3 bludgeoning damage with a range increment of 30' on a natural 20 and a confirmed critical the pear splatters on the face of the opponent, blinding them for 1 round.

Kyrf Beer
Kyrf beer is made with small quantities of blood, it is a DC 6 alcohol, thoughthe DC is 20 higher for the race who's blood it is made from.

Mandalorian Orange
Mandalorian Oranges increase the formation of muscle memory and over the course of years^2 grant the consumer a level of fighter when eaten daily.
10gp per day

When crushed a marble berry quickly dries into a stone hard paste. A handful of berries produces a 4 cubic inches of stone that may be shaped as desired.
7gp 1/4lb

Tass Root
Tass root is a highly acidic root that may be sliced or ground into a paste and is a common tool of sabatoge. Tass Root Slices deal 1 point of acid damage a minute for one hour and ignore all hardness less than 10, Tass Root Paste deals 1 damage a round for a minute and ignores all hardness less than 20. Either application of the root can add a +10 to an Open Lock or Disable Device check, a single Tass Root can cover 25sqft if sliced or 5sqft in a paste

Gomex Moss
When planted in a field in enriches the soil greatly, anything planted in the next four harvests is under the effect of the enrichment version of plant growth

Megonite Moss
When this moss is exposed to friction or heat over 100F it bursts into flame, dealing 3d6 fire damage to all in 10ft, it is a standard action to place Megonite Moss.
175gp 1lb

Jaddyyk Moss
This moss grows on the bodies of dead creatures, forcing them to move to spead it's spores. A creature affected by Jaddyyk Moss gains either the Zombie or Skeleton template with the Plant type.

Eol Sha Lichen
When watered with the blood of a creature this lichen glows brightly (5') when a creature of the same species is within 30' and shadowy when it is within 60' The same effect may be achieved with alignments using blessed waters and poisons with each type of poison and magic by casting a spell of a school on it.
100gp 1/10lb

Dromund Kaas Lichen
This lichen is grown into shapes for summoning circles, taking 1d4 weeks to grow and raising CL by 1 for every bonus^2 1000gp spent on moss and intricate patterning.
1/2lb per 1000gp

The Mentalist
2013-05-11, 02:31 AM
Buried beneath those fields are the sleepers, undead legions ready to fight to defend the fortress

The Desecrated Onyx
These finely cut Black Onyx stones are a boon to necromancers, allowing them to raise more frightening and powerful legions, it is rumored that their are carved Onyx rings that grant this power to all undead created by one who wears them... (To be made)

Onyx of Vigor:
Adds +1 HP per HD to the creature. The creature may not benefit from this more than this more than once per HD.
Cost: +10gp per additional HP^2

Oynx of Alacrity:
Adds a +5' to Movement speed as well as an addtional x1 to the undead's run multiplier. The creature may not benefit from this more than once per HD.
Cost: +15gp per use^2

Oynx of Grace:
Adds a +1 to Dexterity. The creature may not benefit from this more than once per 1/2 HD
Cost: +25gp per use^2

Oynx of Might:
Adds a +1 to Strength. The creature may not benefit from this more than once per 1/2 HD
Cost: +25gp per use^2

Oynx of Toughness:
Adds a +1 to Natural Armor. The creature may not benefit from this more than once per 1/2 HD
Cost: +25gp per use^2

Oynx of Durability:
Adds DR 1/Bludgeoning/Slashing/Peircing (pick one). The creature may not benefit from this more than once per HD.
Cost: +15gp per use^2

Oynx of Resistance:
Adds Energy Resistance 1 (choose an energy type). The creature may not benefit from this more than twice per HD per Energy Type.
Cost: +10gp per use^2

Oynx of Power:
Adds an addtional HD to the animated creature.
Cost: +100gp per use^2

Oynx of Enduring:
The creature heals 1 hitpoint per minute. The creature may not benefit from this more than once per 2HD.
Cost: +50gp per use^2

Oynx of Skill:
Grants the animated creature 1 feat. Both the caster and the animated undead must qualify. The creature may not benefit from this more than once per 2HD.
Cost: 250gp

Oynx of the Artisan:
Grants a +1 untyped bonus to a skill. The creature may not benefit from this more than twice per HD per Skill.
Cost: +10gp per use^2

Spellblade Oynx:
Grants the animated creature access to a spell as a spell-like ability 1/day; if used five times for the same spell the ability is at will. The creature may not have more than 3 spell levels per HD.
Cost: 360 for lvl 1; 2160 for lvl 2; 5400 for lvl 3

Onyx of Docility
Any creature animated with this Onyx is treated as 1HD less for purposes of controlling. (Minimum 1/4HD)
Cost +25 per use^2

2013-05-15, 01:16 AM
These are the sort of things I enjoy. Interesting items with novel effects. I'm currently too tired to properly PEACH anything in specific, but Ghoba Rice
currently has no proper crunch. I want to see all these.

The Mentalist
2013-05-15, 01:30 AM
Thanks for the note, I'll clean that up soon and I know it's an awful lot to try and EACH so I may divide it up and post it in smaller bits, (maybe throw an edit in and make some more combinations while I do)