View Full Version : Onezumi.com Webcomic Introduction

2006-11-26, 08:32 PM
Hello everyone, my name is Harknell and I am the webmaster of the webcomic at http://www.onezumi.com. I have had the honor of meeting Rich Burlew at a previous Ubercon where we were both on the webcomic panel. It would be hard to easily describe Onezumi.com in regular genre terms, except for maybe by referencing part of our tagline: "The Insanity". We are not a game comic, or an anime comic, or a story line comic--we're basically social commentary but based on a very distorted view of reality. You will never know what to expect when you view the newest comic.

You CAN expect though to see our large selection of Photoshop and art related tutorials and videos (http://www.onezumi.com/oni/html/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=10), Our http://www.harknell.com webcomic and art community forum featuring an Oekaki board, and our http://www.onezumistudios.com store site featuring many T-shirt designs and other funky weird products.

We feel strongly about the art and webcomic community, and are very glad that guys like Rich are doing such great work in the field. We hope that you have a fun time checking out our stuff--please feel free to post feedback here, on our forum, or directly to us by email.