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2013-05-12, 02:51 AM
Hello everyone. My name is Nate and I need a few ideas if you wouldn't mind helping me out. I haven't been active in the forum for a few years, and I seem to have lost my old account information. So I had to make another one. Anyhow, on my problem.

A friend of mine will be running a D&D game in the near future. I will be playing a rogue. He supposed to be very scammy. I was going to dip 3 levels of wizard so I can make a few magic items to help me along.

Some of the ideas I have are.
Collect copper pieces Pay blacksmith to smelt them into the shape of an egg
Buy chickens Go to public place, claim chicken lays copper eggs Sell chicken 10pp each

Buy ladders, cut them in half, mark them at six-inch intervals, sell them as standard issue 10-foot poles

Collect water in flasks Say water is magic and each bottle will add 1 day to your life To add to the authenticity, disguise myself as an incredibly old man and claim to be 120+ years old, all thanks to drinking a gulp of water a day.
Do these sound good? Also I don't really want to kill people unless I really have too.

2013-05-12, 11:48 PM
Is this 3.5? Sounds like it is. If so, get an at-will item of Prestidigitation. It will help immensely with any and every con you can think of.

2013-05-13, 12:46 AM
The ladder thing is just exploiting the poor game mechanic of D&D, a halfway decent DM would never let you get away with it.

Other than that, sell things that don't belong to you, then skip town.

2013-05-13, 08:51 AM
Real life scam artists are a gold mine of ideas: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_confidence_tricks

Joe the Rat
2013-05-13, 09:09 AM
Look at the weights. Each ladder stave is not as solid (heavy) as a 10' pole. That won't fly.

Other ideas: pick up a few points in craft (metalsmithing) so you can pour your own eggs, or else get a like-minded party member to help. make sure you file or brush out the seams from the molds. Prestidigitation to make a-just-laid egg look copper, and a little sleight-of-hand to swap the copper-seeming egg for an actual copper egg. The catch here is that you've got to make it look like an awesome deal - how much copper is in each egg? 10pp is pretty steep for a peasant.

Get into the cosmetics business - de-aging face cream (or if you are on a really short stop, potions of youth). Alter yourself to look older, then drop it when you apply the "magic" - your "newfound" youth will hold up to any magic scrutiny!

See if you could get a cost-effective "potion of prestidigitation" to stand in for all sorts of other effects. (hair coloring, flavor additive, rust removal - whatever you're selling). Subtle uses of cantrips (prestidigitaiton or mending) to enhance the effectiveness of your new wonder gadget or delicious herbal additive. Flavor rotgut to taste like rosewater - has to be a love potion, yes?

phantom sounds to create the appearance of restless spirits, and come in with your ghost-ward charms.

You should really consider having an accomplice. And a fast horse.