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2013-05-14, 03:41 PM
Well, I've seen a couple of workable Truenamer fixes that were fairly workable, but none of them "felt" quite right. As a result, while I updated it to Pathfinder, I gave it a few goodies.

Before we start, let's begin with the modified laws of Truenaming:

Law of Difficulty:The base DC to speak a creature's Truename is 10 + 5/4 the Target's CR.
Law of Resistance:Whenever you use an Utterance on a specific target, the DC to affect the same target with the same Utterance increases by 2 for 24 hours. Each increase wears off independently.
Law of Sequence: While one of your Utterances is in effect on a target (not including instantaneous Utterances), you may not effect the same target with that Utterance until its duration has run out on that target.
Law of Termination: A Truespeaker may dismiss an ongoing Utterance he cast, but doing so requires a Truespeak Check (DC 15 + 2* Utterance Level)

The Truenamer:
Game Rules Information:
Hit Die: d8
Skill Points/Level: 4+Int
Class Skills: Craft (Int), Perform[Oratory] (Cha), Knowledge[Any, taken separately] (Int), Linguistics (Int), Truespeak (Int), Use Magic Device (Cha)

{table=head]|BAB|Fort|Ref|Will|Special|Evolving Mind|Crafted Tool|Perfected Map
1|+0|+0|+0|+2|Known Personal Truename|1||
2|+1|+0|+0|+3|Knowledge Focus|2||
3|+2|+1|+1|+3|Spellspeaking (Level 1)|3||
6|+4|+2|+2|+5|Truename Research, Spellspeaking (Level 2)|6|1|
7|+5|+2|+2|+5|Knowledge Focus|7|2|
8|+6/+1|+2|+2|+6|Bonus Recitation Feat|8|2|1
9|+6/+1|+3|+3|+6|See the Named, Spellspeaking (Level 3)|9|2|1
10|+7/+2|+3|+3|+7|Knowledge Focus|10|2|1
12|+9/+4|+4|+4|+8|Spellspeaking (Level 4)|12|3|2
14|+10/+5|+4|+4|+9|Knowledge Focus|14|3|2
15|+11/+6/+1|+5|+5|+9|Bonus Recitation Feat, Spellspeaking (Level 5)|15|4|2
17|+12/+7/+2|+5|+5|+10|Speak Unto the Masses|17|4|3
18|+13/+8/+3|+6|+6|+11|Spellspeaking (Level 6)|18|4|3
20|+15/+10/+5|+6|+6|+12|Say My Name and I Am There|20|5|4[/table]

Proficiencies:Truenamers are proficient with all simple weapons, light armor, and shields (but not tower shields).
Truenaming (Sp): A Truenamer uses a unique form of magic called Truenaming. The Truenamer does not have spells, they speak Utterances. An Utterance is a spell-like ability. To cast an Utterance, a Truenamer must succeed on a Truespeak check (DC 15 + 5/4 the target's CR for creatures, DC 15 + Caster level for items, and DC 15 + Utterance level for Areas). Upon success, the Utterance takes effect. On a failure, nothing happens. The Truenamer may not have more than one instance of an Utterance active on any given target at once. The DC for using a given Utterance on a given target increases by 2 each time it is used on that target, lasting 24 hours each increase. A Truenamer may dismiss any of his ongoing Utterances at will. Using a target's personal Truename reduces the DC by 4. The maximum level Utterance a Truenamer can speak is based on Intelligence, while save DCs are 10 + ½ class level + Cha Bonus.
Known Personal Truename (Ex): All Truenamers know their own personal Truename.
Knowledge Focus (Ex): At levels 2, 7, 10, and 14, a Truenamer's extensive study grants him a permanent +3 bonus to any one Knowledge skill.
Spellspeaking (Sp): At level 3, a Truenamer can use his knowledge of reality to warp a spell into existence. He may replicate any spell of level 1 or lower by making a Truespeak check (DC 20 + 3*spell level). If a spell appears on multiple lists at different levels, the spell is always treated as the higher level. Every time this ability is used per day, the DC increases by 5. At levels 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 20, the maximum spell level that can be replicated increases by 1. The Truenamer does not need somatic components, nor does he need material components of a negligible cost. He may not replicate spells with an experience cost or a costly material component.
Bonus Feats: At level 6, the Truenamer receives Truename Research as a bonus feat. Additionally, at levels 8 and 15, he gains a Recitation Feat for which he qualifies.
See the Named (Su): A Truenamer, at level 9, can replicate the effects of scrying once per day (without need for a mirror) on any creature whom he either has affected directly with an Utterance in the past 24 hours or whose personal truename he knows. To do so, he must speak the target's truename (personal or otherwise) as if affecting it with an Utterance (a Truespeak check).
Sending (Su): A Truenamer, at level 13, can replicate the effects of sending three times per day on any creature whom he either has affected directly with an Utterance in the past 24 hours or whose personal truename he knows. To do so, he must speak the target's truename (personal or otherwise) as if affecting it with an Utterance (a Truespeak check).
Speak Unto the Masses (Ex): When speaking an Evolving Mind Utterance, a 17th-level Truenamer can choose to effect multiple creatures of the same type (humanoid, construct, etc.). When doing so, use the most difficult target for the base DC, and for each extra target past the first, the DC increases by 2. Creatures affected by this utterance are treated as having been affected normally for determining later DCs, but are each figured separately from the group DC.
Say My Name and I Am There (Su): At level 20, a Truenamer creates for himself a “true nickname,” an abbreviated form of his Personal Truename that he can give to those he chooses. This does not give them additional power over him, but when this nickname is spoken (no check required), the Truenamer can teleport there instantly, as if by a word of recall spell. The Truenamer knows who said the name and can choose whether to go.

The change made to Utterance DCs, as well as the Spellspeaking, should serve to grant this class a healthy boost in power and push it into the more playable area. Please PEACH, and tell me what you think!