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The Mentalist
2013-05-15, 03:30 AM
Weapon of the Elemental Soul [Minor Artifacts]
There is at least one weapon made from Elder Elementals of the Inner Planes, each sword deals 10d10 elemental damage (if made from a Composite Plane it deals 5d10 of each element) they are non-magical and may be enchanted as normal (though they may not have elemental or elemental burst enchantments)

They are indestructable unless used to Coup-de-grace an elemental of the opposing type of Greater or above category

These blades may be made with access to a Primal Elemental a DC 50 Craft (Weaponsmithing) check

(Considering spliting these and giving them powers based on each plane specifically as weapon templates

Flayed Skin of the Beast [Minor Artifacts]
This armor is made from the skin of a still living Tarrasque, the armor bonus of such a piece of armor is doubled and as it fuses to the skin it grants Regenerate equal to the user's Con Modifier and grants the user the Tarrasque's Carapace ability. The user must eat Armor Bonus^2 times as much every day he wears this armor. Any armor made in this fashion takes only 1 round to don but one hour to remove

This armor loses all power and crumbles to ash if the Tarrasque is slain

This armor may be made with access to a live Tarrasque and a DC 60 (Armorsmithing) Check

Hydra Head Whip [Minor Artifact]

Through training and vigorous grafting you atrophy a hydra's body into a vestigial stump without sacrificing the might of the heads, a whip or spiked chain constructed in such a way makes 8 1d10 attacks (that may be against multiple targets) per attack roll, and if an attack is successful each may attempt a grapple at +5, though an attack being used to grapple may not make attacks against other targets.

This weapon may be made with a DC 50 Handle Animal check, a DC 50 Craft (Weaponsmithing) check and access to a hydra of at least 10 heads
(possibly more to follow)

2013-05-16, 06:55 PM
Hydra whip is a bit terrifying, but the main thing I'm curious on is the weight of each of the items. Does the Tarrasque armor not count towards encumbrance as it's bound to the body?
The elemental weapon template sounds like it could be awesome if it had little effects based on type, like fire dazzling, earth sickening, wind leaving them shaken, and water doing...something. I don't know. All in all I'm curious what other nonmagical item you got in mind.
Seriously though, I feel bad for the hydra whip. :smalleek:

The Mentalist
2013-05-17, 03:29 AM
Once I dig out my Planescape books I will add extra effects.