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2013-05-15, 07:32 AM
The only thing I haven't finished is my base pricing and CR for this template and accompanying spell, any suggestions?
Also, requesting example creatures made with this spell/template.

Anthropomorphized Item Template
Size: Becomes a creature of an appropriate size based on the originating item. Examples: A grain of sand is fine, a gold coin is diminutive, a longsword is small, a bookshelf is large, a wagon is huge, a cottage is gargantuan, and a castle is colossal.

Type (Subtype): Gains the construct type and if the originating item had spells with an alignment or energy descriptor then the construct gains any one of those as a subtype.

HD: Gains a base minimum HD of 1, +1 per each 2 special attack and quality, +1 per each point of enhancement bonus that the item bestowed to attack as a weapon or to defense as an armor or shield, +1 per each individual spell involved in the item's creation, +1 per each size category it is greater than medium size, and -1 per each size category it is less than small size.

hp: As a construct it gains bonus hp based on its size and it gains the original itemís hp as temporary hp that, once gone, cannot be restored.

Speed: Gains a base land speed based on its size as follows; F-D: 5', T-S: 20', M-L: 30', H-C: 40'

AC: Gains +2 natural armor per each size it is larger than medium size, and it gains an enhancement bonus to AC equal to that it bestowed as a magical armor or shield, and it gains an armor bonus to AC equal to that it bestowed as a mundane armor or shield.

Attack: Gains one 2-handed slam attack as a primary natural attack. Retains any enhancement bonus that it once had to attack as a weapon.

Dmg: Deals damage of the same type it would deal if it were to have been wielded in combat before the template. This usually means bludgeoning though if it could have been wielded multiple ways (Example: A sword pommel being used to bludgeon.) then it still can be at the same penalty. Deals damage based on its size plus 1.5 Str mod as follows; F: 1, D: 1d2, T: 1d3, S: 1d4, M: 1d6, L: 1d8, H: 2d6, G: 2d8, C: 4d6

S/R: As that granted by the subject item.

Special Attack: A magical property that can cause harm or hinder that doesn't provoke an AoO, a spell or spell mimicking property that doesn't provoke an AoO, any magically derived combat modifier such as a weapon enhancement or that the magic weapon counts as magic vs DR, all become supernatural (SU) special attacks; this includes the rod of cancellation, ring of shooting stars, and a +1 dagger.
Any spell or spell mimicking property that does provoke an AoO becomes a spell-like (SP) special attack; this includes a potion of cure light wounds.
Any non-magical or mundane special property that modifies combat becomes an extraordinary (EX) special attack; this includes material properties (a silver weapon counts as silver vs DR) and that a purely MW weapon gives a mundane +1 to attack.

Special Quality: Gains construct traits, darkvision 60' (unless the item had better already), and the construct retains the hardness of the originating item.
An item property that is derived from magic and doesn't cause harm to or hinder an opponent becomes a supernatural (SU) special quality; this includes a cloak of resistance or boots of elvenkind.
An item property that isn't magical in nature and doesn't cause harm to or hinder an opponent becomes an extraordinary (EX) special quality; this includes a rope that gives a mundane bonus to climb checks or the fact that water can douse a flame.

Saves: If the item gave a bonus to a save then the construct gains the same bonus.

Abilities: Constructs have base stats of Str 13 (1), Dex 12 (1), Con -- (--), Int -- (--), Wis 10 (0), Cha 9 (-1). An intelligent item retains its mental stats. Also, for each size category that the construct is less than small size it gains a -2 to Str and a +2 to Dex while for each size category that it is greater than medium size it is it gains a +2 to Str and a -2 ot Dex.

Saves: If the item gave a bonus to a save then the construct gains the same as a racial bonus.

Skills: If the item gave a bonus to a skill then the construct gains the same as a racial bonus regardless of whether it gains skill points from an Int score or not.

Feats: If the item contained access to a feat then the construct gains that feat as a bonus racial feat regardless of whether it gains feats from an Int score or not.

Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary

CR: Each construct has a base CR based on its size: F: , D: , T: , S: , M: , L: , H: , G: , C: . For each special attack add +1 while for each special quality add 1/2.

Treasure: None

Alignment: Never more than one step from originating item or alignment subtype.

Advancement: By character class.

Level Adjustment: Compare item's gp worth x3 to PC wealth by lvl (DMG 3.5 pg. 135). LA is +1 per each wealth lvl above the constructís HD the result is.

Construction: Created via the presented Anthropomorphize Item spell.

Prices: MP: By HD CtC: ?

Racial Traits: Radiates a strong Transmutation aura. Can understand common plus one language of their creator. Intelligent items can speak common plus one language of their creator in addition to any communication they previously had.
Are proficient with items identical to their base form in combat.

Description: This template anthropomorphizes inert material, usually a magic item, into a humanoid shaped construct with certain of that items properties intact. When an item with special properties is anthropomorphized the resulting construct gains access to those same special properties as special abilities.
The construct, in effect, has the item as an integral part of its body and has the use of that items properties just as a character would were they wielding that item. Treat the construct as wearing or wielding, irremovably, the item for purposes of how it accesses the items properties or how those properties affect the construct.
This means that a free, standard, or full round action to use the property becomes the same time it takes to utilize the special ability. Additionally, if the item states that its removal or dropping has a specific function then that function is inaccessible. If the item were usable only a number of times per day, hour, or round etc. then the subsequent ability is usable that same number of times per that same duration.
A continuous effect is continuous on the construct as well.
Consider unintelligent constructs with bonus feats or skill bonuses to have a preprogrammed rudimentary intelligence to utilize the skill or feat effectively as long as the skill or feat doesn't require the use of a trait or ability that the construct is absolutely incapable of.
Charges become special abilities that, as before, are gone once expended; this removes the ability only and not the HD or subtype gained from having the spell in the item in the first place.
The CR or LA increase for a special attack that vanishes from the creature once used should probably be less severe (possibly 1/2 or even negated) than usual.
Item properties that could cause harm or hinder an opponent become special attacks.
Item properties that couldn't cause harm to or hinder an opponent become special qualities.

Combat: Anthropomorphized Items are usually created for a very specific purpose or function, often infiltration or errand running because of their generally smaller stature.

Society: Intelligent items become intelligent constructs capable of discourse and reasoning.

Applies to: This template can be applied to any single item or body of inanimate, nonliving material. The target object loses nearly all remnant of its previous form as it is molded by the spell into a humanoid shape thereby becoming unusable as an item. Rope isn't rope and a sword isn't a sword and you could no longer use a targeted rock exclusively as a rock. The construct is also now made of a golemstuff material and loses all vulnerabilities it may have had as an item; wood no longer burns and iron no longer rusts etc.

New Spell
Anthropomorphize Item
L: Sor/Wiz 9
C: V, S, M, F, XP
CT: 1 week
R: Touch
T: One fine item per CL; see text.
D: Instantaneous
ST: None

You imbue a single inanimate, nonliving item or body of material with mobility, semblance of life, and a humanoid shape. You may anthropomorphize 1 fine object(s) (such as a needle) per CL or an equivalent number of larger objects per CL. A diminutive object (such as a gold coin) counts as 4 fine objects, a tiny object (such as book) as 8, a small object (such as a life-size statue of a halfling) as 12, a medium object (such as a suit of medium armor that covers from head to toe) as 16, a large object (such as a large stone door) as 20, a huge object (such as a wagon) as 24, a gargantuan object (such as a small house) as 28, and a colossal object (such as a castle) as 32.

This spell cannot anthropomorphize items worn or held by a creature.

Material Components: The object to be anthropomorphized.
XP Cost: Is equal to 1/4 of the base itemís gp value; minimum of 4,500xp.

Edit: In rereading it and reformatting it for this post I think I hit on part of my answer, possibly "CR: As HD times 1.5."