View Full Version : Pathfinder Artificer (PEACH)

2013-05-15, 02:37 PM
This is a link to my Pathfinder Artificer (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pRqtwN7wx9vCmMwaWwVMJN-aP0Y_y4C2QkVzBYdtcYA/edit?usp=sharing).

Almost all of this class is my own creation, but I did base it off the 3.5 Artificer, so it plainly uses those infusions and Infusions per day (which can be found in the Eberron Campaign Setting). Also, I did use this version of the Artificer (http://epfrpg.wikispot.org/Artificer) for some inspiration. I cannot find the author's name anywhere, but I'm linking for credit.

I hope you all enjoy, and I'd love to get some feedback. Thanks!