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2013-05-16, 06:44 AM
The Manyform Blade

The four of you see a translucent long sword in front, inside the blade a symbol appears a two coloured Symbol. A red and blue dragon is depicted, and around it five colours flow. Red, blue, green, white, black. At the hilt of the sword, there are to twistable rings, which now show red and blue. If you twist one of the rings, a different colour shows and the symbol and colours on the blade shift.

Changing the position of one ring is a move action. All first affects are CL 8 all secondary effect CL 12
The first and secondary effect stack. When both the first and secondary effect are active, you gain +1 competence bonus to attack, damage, skill checks and ability checks.
If you change the colour of one of the rings while another effect is already active, it immediately stops. (for instance you are currently under effect of the Dimir colour combination, you shift the black ring to red to activate the Izzit colour combination, the Dimir effect ends immediately)

If you activate one colour combination more than 3(or 5, or 7) time in a month, the blade locks and you can only use that colour combination. These “charges” on the colour combinations fade away a month after originaly being triggered.

Players are not meant to immediately know all the code words, but gradually earn them over time. The UMD check to force the blade to work should in my opinion be either redicualy high or it shouldn’t be possible to do at all.

Is this balanced? And are the different powers equaly powerfull? This is my first attempt at homebrew so I actualy have no idea what I’m doing. I may have also butchered up the name of something..I have no idea what the Aura of this blade should be… or should it change with whatever Colour-Combination is activated?

Please P.e.a.c.h! 

Colours Code word Effect Code word Effect
Death +1d6 negative energy damage for 1 round/lvl Vess Successful attack drains 1 level, circle 30 feet around you becomes unhallowed
Dimir Invisibility 1round/lvl, +2d6 sneak attack damage Szadek Increase Dimir duration to 1 min/lvl, read surface thoughts.
Ice +1d6 Cold energy for 1 round/lvl Beleren Creates three illusionary doubles, who, when hit, deal 4d6 cold damage
Golgari Comand 1 plant or undead creature/2lvl for round/lvl Savra Raise up to 18HD of Undead, all HD maximised
Simic +2str, con, dex round/level Momir Vig Gain a flight, swim, climb or burrow speed equal to your base and speed. +4 to one physical ability score
Poison Fortitude save 20+Cha 1d4 con and strength damage Garruk +4 str, +2 natural armour, +10 movement speed and pounce
Rakdos +2d6 Hellfire damage, but 1 con drain per round activated. 1 round/lvl Lyzolda Cast mass confusion
Izzit When you hit, flip a count. Heads +2d6 fire damage to your enemy, tails 1d6 to you both Niv-Mizzet Gain a flight speed of 60 good manoeuvrability, Ring of fire (4d6) surrounds you.
Gruul rage ability for 1round/lvl Ulasht Gain damage reduction 3/- and change rage to greater rage.
Fire +1d6 Fire damage for 1 round/lvl Chandra 1 fire/lightningball (6d6 fire damage, reflex half) (6d6 electricity, touch attack) as a swift action 1round/2lvl

Boros you have 3 smite evil/smite chaos attempt for 1round/lvl Razia Ring of fire surrounds you, dealing half holy, half fire damage, 2 additional smite evil/chaos attempts
Orzov You are healed the amount of damage you do each round when active. 1 round/level Teysa Summons a 2d4 harmless but distracting ghost, gain one use vampiric touch
Azurios If hit, opponent must make a willsave 12+1/2level+cha. If failed, he becomes paralised for one round. Chaotic opponents gain -4 on their save. 1 round/lvl Isperia Magic circle against chaos, and all lawfull creatures within 60 feet gain a +4 deflection bonus to AC
Gain one use of Hold person
Selesnya For every ally within 10 feet, you gain +1 to attack and +1 damage Tosimir Enlarge the Selesnya area to 30 feet, allies also gain it’s benefit. Also every ally gains 5 temp HP per ally within 30 feet of you.
Life +1d6 Positive energy (heals living creatures, damages undead) 1round/lvl Ajani Mass cure light wounds, circle 30 feet around you is hallowed

P.S. okay, I'm having trouble getting it in a table as I intended to. can anyone help me?

Edit: I still haven't found out how to place a table on the forum, but I put all the bonusses of the balde between spoilers so the page woudn't be so clustered.

P.P.S I'm not a native speaker, so please comment on grammar and spelling errors in a polite manner :smallbiggrin: