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2013-05-17, 09:18 PM
So, my girlfriend just recently introduced me to Homestuck, and now I'm totally hooked. I'm up to here (http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002976) as of now, and the entire time I've been reading, I've been wondering if there was an RPG system based on the comic. I mean, it would be absolutely perfect to base a system on as it is--the characters are already playing a game with rules ripe for the picking, and the way it's designed means that pretty much everything not influenced by those rules could be done completely free-form. And if it was done as a PbP game, that would be even better, since the forum tools could be used to accurately simulate the style of the comic and things like pesterlogs--players and the GM could even upload their own homemade MS Paint images if they wanted to.

Does anything like this exist? And if it doesn't, how would one go about fixing that?

2013-05-18, 10:36 AM
I know at least one person who ran a Homestuck game using FATE...

2013-05-18, 10:50 AM
The system might contain some spoilers given how far you are currently, but there's this modification of Savage Worlds (http://mspaforums.com/showthread.php?45062-SBURBage-Worlds-a-Homestuck-tabletop-RPG-based-on-Savage-Worlds-Ready-for-play!!).