View Full Version : Zogonia?

2006-11-28, 09:25 AM
Anyone have a clue why Zogonia (http://www.zogonia.com/) isn't being updated until July 30, 2007?

2006-11-28, 12:00 PM
No, I haven't a clue; anything I said would just be wild speculation. It makes me sad, though. *sniffle*

2006-11-29, 05:23 AM
Zogonia and Mt Zogon are both awesome. I had to pry my brother away from them to read OotS, but he thanked me for it eventually.

My speculation is that life just got in the way. He does state he has at least 3 daughters, so perhaps one has fallen ill. Just wish him the best, and bug him in emails, and you may get the answer.

2006-12-02, 12:00 AM
I noticd it too, and just check back every few days. there was no update for about 2 weeks before the date was posted.

2006-12-02, 02:41 AM
I wondered about that.
My theory is that his posting of his webcomic interfered with his contractual pulication in Dragon magasine.
(IOW the publishers might not have liked that their content wasnt exclusive, even if the strip was posted online later than when printed in the magasine.)
So until he comes up with exclusive content that seperates the printed material from the web-only material the site will remain un-updated.
(Like the Giant's comic strip being exclusive in the magasine).

Lord Herman
2006-12-04, 12:01 PM
It's a pity Zogonia stopped updating. It's currently #2 on my favourite webcomics list, and it's sad to see it go.

Since Tony didn't tell us why he stopped updating, I'm guessing it's either a sticky legal issue, or a very personal one.