View Full Version : 3.5 Thaumaturge Homebrew class

2013-05-19, 02:05 PM
Working on a homebrew class, loosely based on the Dresden Files definition of Thaumaturgy; connecting a small representative item with a larger object. Voodoo dolls are the most familar example. Don't forget potion-brewing and poisoning, either. Some undead too effects too, possibly, to keep in the whole voodoo theme, but not neccessarily.

Examples of spells would be using a splinter of a door to mimic Warp Wood, and open the door; using locks of party members' hair on a necklace to effect healing spells without having to touch them (or a doll with some connection to them); using an enemy's fired arrow (miss or plucked from a wounded member) to shatter the rest of their ammo, or using one of an ally's arrows to enhance the rest.....lots of potential for mind control, enhancements to party gear and members, healing, dvinitation/scry; possibilities are limited only by imagination.

My group's usual DM has suggested starting with touch spells for the spell list (makes sense, since I'm only casting at a doll or item in my hand, and the connection is what causes the effect elsewhere) Casting is a mix of Divine, from invoking loa, and through force of will, like a sorcerer. You can't create energy, so no Evocation or self-healing; you only transfer your energy (or a loa's) through will to someone or something else.

I'm thinking using the Sorcerer's casting mechanics as far as spells known, spells/day, and not having to prepare spells. Tack on Cleric Domain function from loa domains. Lot of emphasis on spell materials, since that's how you build connectections between things (like-colored enchanted thread tied to both, e.g.) and effect objects (needle through a doll to wound an enemy). Your doll can be used multiple times for different people, but eventually is worn out mystically and needs replaced (think like a wizard's spell book being filled). Alignment determines spell selection; white magic healing vs black offensive, with a few universal mechanical spells. No group spells, since that muddies and confuses the connection between item and target.

Am I being overly ambitious? Anyone have suggestions for mechanics or balancing? I'm thinking d4 HD, Light armor (no shields, Medium or Heavy armor feats not allowed) with no spell failure, Simple Weapon Proficiency, and the following skills: Craft (Alchemy, Poison, and Dolls), Concentration, Heal, Knowledge (religion), and Survival (for gathering natural ingredients). 6 Skill Points/level. Brew Potion as a bonus feat. Decent WILL saves, but not so much for REF; FORT bonus for poisons. Removing poison should be easy too. No literacy; training is shaman and apprentice, not academy, and they come from primitives (maybe some bonuses when interacting with Barbarians?). Can't decide if I want the casting attribute to be WIS or CHA. Not much of a need for STR, DEX, INT, or CON, but as village wise man they need CHA and WIS.

What do you all think?