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Dread Angel
2013-05-19, 03:15 PM
So, awhile back I posted a thread asking people for short summaries on some of their characters to use as NPCs in my game.

This worked out so beautifully, that the campaign has fleshed out very well. I was semi-winging it for awhile but the story's continuation hit me all at once today.

Brief summary so far:

PCs have encounter with rival (but both working for the same organization) NPCs.
PCs go off on their first official mission, one PC gets killed (player left the group).
Wizard and Inquisitor get sent off on solo missions (results in wizard rescuing the third player's character to introduce him into the game). Wizard has a run-in with a demon-summoner, inquisitor has run-in with devil-summoner.

They all get back together, and are sent off on an rush mission to rescue a village under attack, along with the rival NPC group. This is the NPC ninja's home village. (She was the only NPC who doesn't have an outright beef with any of the PCs).

They witness a rather large warrior battle the NPC ninja's master, and then use magic (which felt decidedly weird to the Wizard, not using the normal Weave) to summon a demon, and step through a portal. They have a seriously epic battle with the demon. At the conclusion of this battle, the portal opens briefly and the big guy abducts the NPC sorceress (the wizard's rival).

The ninja stays back to help mourn her master and rebuild the village. The final NPC (gunslinger) shrugs off the PCs' plan to help find the sorceress, claiming he can do it on his own.

The PCs consult their organization's archive, and find an old journal that mentions an ancient order of magic users whose magic was completely alien to what was considered normal, and mentions them in association with a certain cavern.

PCs scamper off to investigate the cavern.

This is where we left off yesterday.

The rest of my plan, broadly speaking:

- PCs find the enclave of these ancient magic users (psions, though I will never use the term around my players).
- The psions help them find a way to rescue the sorceress, after proving themselves etc etc.
- The rescue is challenging, but not as challenging as it should be. Some form of semi-confrontational appearance of the gunslinger NPC around this time.
- The BBEG has planted a psychic seed in her head, transmitting to him to locations of the country's forces and so on, enabling him to plot an invasion. After awhile, the sorceress will vanish.
- She will be seen leading a unit of demons and devils (the BBEG is using psionics to control them and coerce them).
- The PCs will end up in a battle with her and her forces, with Delyn (the gunslinger) involved as well.

From there, I plan on having clues lead them back to the psions to convince them to step in and aid them against their order's ancient enemy, with them requiring proof its really him, the internal politics etc.

Ending with an epic battle with the PCs against some form of psi-lich thing I have yet to come up with.