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2013-05-22, 11:13 AM
I took this style of mage from the game Hero Quest. I liked the variety of having exactly one of each different spell. So I had to plan on the order I would use them in. And every turn was different and exciting.

On his two highest, and therefore most relevant, spell levels this mage has exactly one spell from each school. In exchange for this limitation he has more high level spells per day than a typical wizard. On odd levels he has even more than a specialist, yet without any banned school. He does have slightly less low level spells per day, but I don't consider this to be significant.

Diversimage (Wizard Alternate Class Feature)
A diversimage is the jack of all trades of wizards. He has learned to strongly align and balance all 8 schools onto his being to sustain more of his most powerful spells. However he loses his ability to focus too much on any one school, as this would throw him out of balance.

The strict discipline and order of maintaining such a powerful network of energies means many diversimages are lawful, but the other alignments are not uncommon.

Lose: Option to specialize in a school.

Gain: At even class levels you have exactly 4 spells per day for each spell level, regardless of bonus spells. At odd class levels it is the same except you have 3 spells per day for your highest spell level. Bonus spells may raise this to 4, but no higher.

At 1st level select 4 schools of magic for your even spell levels, including cantrips. All of your prepared spells for those spell levels must fall into one of those 4 schools, and no more than one spell may be in each school. The remaining 4 schools do the same on your odd spell levels. A universal spell may be prepared in place of a spell of any school, and more than 1 universal spell may be prepared at the same spell level.

As usual you may prepare a spell at a higher spell level than normal, so a wizard with evocation on even spell levels may still prepare magic missile as a 2nd level spell.

At every level you learn 3 new spells instead of 2, but each one must be from a different school.

Diversimages do not have any special restrictions on using spells from magic items.