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2013-05-23, 10:54 PM

Personality: While more flexible in morality than most races, they all tend to care a lot about both their people and tainted lands. Their natural curiosity would be a greater problem for them, if not for their natural caution. When it comes to magical practices though, they are quick to use any tools at their disposal. Whims rule them more than anything else.
Relations: While they are glad to mix with other races, they tend to have a distrust of others. Most races, knowing what infekin are, are at best hesitant to even come near them and their cities. Infekin cities, due to their location, often have to reach out for diplomatic relations. Infekin as individuals may face hostility from most races, but this depends upon an individual's knowledge of taint and of what infekin are.
Physical Description: Infekin are roughly the same weight and height as humans. Their bodies and limbs tend to be thinner however, more elongated. Their flesh is often anywhere from dark grey to a deep black, with the appearance of decay. Their eyes are solid orbs of color. Reds, yellows, and greens are common. Their hair tends to be black, though other colors exist.
Alignment: Due to their connection to taint, one would expect they are a wholly evil race. This couldn't be further from the truth. While very few are truly good, they are as often neutral as they are evil. When they are considered evil, it is more often on the basis of their methods than their intentions. Ruled by whims, chaotic infekin are by far more common than lawful.
Infekin Lands: Infekin tend to make their homes in or near the boarders of tainted lands.
Religion: Infekin are not the most religious of races by far. Many take up the study of faith, but rarely do they pay homage to any one deity. Among deity worshipping infekin, there is no typical deity and their particular deity of choice may vary from day to day. Clerics, paladins, and divine minds among infekin are more likely to follow ideologies than deities.
Language: Among their own kin, common with traces of a variant of abyssal is spoken. Not all of them, however, are adept enough with abyssal to communicate with a demon effectively. In the presence of other races they take more care to keep from dipping into abyssal, but the occasional word in abyssal slips out due to habits.

+2 Constitution (Corruption) or +2 Wisdom (Depravity), and -2 Strength: While infekin are often more durable or wiser than most races, they seldom have any kind of physical power.
- Humanoid (evil): Infekin are humanoid creatures of the evil subtype, due to their innate connections to taint.
- Medium: As Medium creatures, infekin have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size
- Infekin base land speed is 30 feet
- Tainted mind and body: An infekin, unlike most of the evil subtype, always has a corruption and depravity score equal to their HD. Taint accumulated from other sources is simply granted as health. Health gained through this ability above a infekin's maximum remains in place for 1 round per point before it is lost. They still receive bonus feats for high corruption and depravity, and can still accumulate traits associated with taint.
- Tainted Discipline: Infekin are trained in the use of taint. As such they may use their corruption score + 10, or their depravity score +10 for any spell, invocation, mystery, or power they use. This only takes the place of DCs and Bonus spells/power points/ect. Minimum ability score for casting spells (and similar abilities) remains the same as the base class. This decision is made upon creation and effects.
-Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Abyssal, Dwarven, Elven, Orc, and Undercommon.
-Favored Class: Archivist A multiclass infekin's archivist class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty for multi classing.