View Full Version : Funniest incident?

2013-05-24, 03:13 PM
What is the funniest thing to happen in one of your campaigns?
Whether by design or by rolling a natural 1 and getting eaten by the ground squirrel.
What made your group laugh longer than it played that night?

2013-05-24, 03:19 PM
A SWd20 game, the GM decides to roll random traits for an NPC. One of which was "Well-Endowed".

For a male NPC.

2013-05-25, 12:34 PM
there's a player in my group who likes to crossplay to the point his characters are almost never male. finally, one day, he decides to go for it, and makes a male dragonborn cleric. about a year passes, and we are on a new campaign now, making new characters. while people are looking up names and stuff, one person decides to look at dragonborn names. going through them, he realized that the name the player had stuck on his dragonborn cleric was, in fact, a female-only dragonborn name.

2013-05-25, 07:23 PM
So I'm the resident oddball. In a group of oddballs I'm the oddball. We're standing atop this floating stone platform and there's another across the way other than that it's a black emptiness. I'm quite light being a bard, (we're like paper airplanes) and I've been reading some Marvel and I've been asking for a fastball special. One guy is modeled after Captain America (this is an x-crawl campaign so it's not too weird) he decides to shut me up and grabs me by the collar and tosses me. I get about halfway when this huge column of wind sends me flying down screaming all the way. My characters have been dying but they're all rocking the clone spell so it doesn't really take. I'm bummed until I come flying out what would be a wall screaming in both fear and fun. This goes on for a round or two as I try to cast some kind of spell to fly. Than it hits me I've got phantom steed. I cast it and the horse appears right beneath me

I was going quite fast while I was castling so I was stopped quite suddenly. By the way this bard is a man. I can now hit those high notes and not much else.

So we finally run into a fight which are these humongous phantom things. Me being a bard I lack much in the magic they can't just see through. I step on the druids back who is currently a giant. I fire an arrow and knick it in the shoulder. It turns to me. I drop the bow and arrows and just point at the druid and whistle a little. It was clearly the druid and not the tiny bard.