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2013-05-25, 12:07 AM
My group loves playing Pathfinder. Perhaps it's because there aren't that many books. Perhaps it's because there aren't (quite) as many cheese options. I'm not sure.

What I am sure, though, is that, once our current campaign is over (which won't be for a few years, as we only play biweekly and even then, only about 20 or so times a year due to holidays, vacations, and work), I'm running the next one. I plan on making it a sequel campaign to the one I ran last (Eberron based but things happened, the fluff of the campaign I'll work on over the next few years until we play it), but I also want to remove some of the broken-ness of Pathfinder (and D&D in general), by limiting the campaign to Tier 3/4 classes.

So, I'm searching for Pathfinder options to fill the holes left by the removal of the high (cleric, druid, wizard, artificer, sorcerer, psion, etc.) and the low (fighter, monk, paladin). I really like the idea of splitting the Wizard into separate classes (Beguiler, Dread Necromancer, Bard, etc.), but I know that all of those options (at least the published ones) are v.3.5 rather than Pathfinder.

For the campaign I'd be needing replacements for the High/Low Tier classes for both Core and Psionics (though I'm not sure how low the DSP soulknife is, so it might be around just the same).

Also, with the changes to Pathfinder's magic item rules, I'm not sure if a replacement for the Artificer is really needed (though I'm sure some of you have opinions), and even if it was, would it fit within the Tier 3/4 restrictions?

2013-06-03, 01:20 AM
Well i too love playing Pathfinder.

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