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The Psionic Monk: A taste of things to come...

HD: D6

Class Skills:

{table]Level|BAB|RS|FS|WS|Special|AC Bonus|Movement Bonus
1|+0|+2|+2|+2|Improved Unarmed Strike, Psionics|+0|+0
2|+1|+3|+3|+3|Bonus Feat, Evasion|+0|+0
3|+2|+3|+3|+3|Enhanced Motion, Iron Mind|+0|+10
4|+3|+4|+4|+4|Monastic Style, Kinetic Armor|+1|+10
5|+3|+4|+4|+4|Bonus Feat, Mind Over Body|+1|+10
6|+4|+5|+5|+5|Kinetic Strike, Uncanny Dodge|+1|+20
7|+5|+5|+5|+5|Mental Fortitude|+1|+20
8|+6/+1|+6|+6|+6|Mental Contact|+2|+20
9|+6/+1|+6|+6|+6|Uncanny Dodge|+2|+30

AC Bonus: Starting at first level a psionic monk may add their wisdom modifier as a dodge bonus to their AC, this bonus applies even when flat footed.

Unarmed Strike: At 1st level, a monk gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A monkís attacks may be with fist, elbows, knees or feet. This means that a monk may make unarmed strikes even with her hands full. There is no such thing as an off-hand attack for a monk striking unarmed. A monk may thus apply his full Strength bonus on damage rolls for all her unarmed strikes.
A monkís unarmed strikes normally deal lethal damage, but she can choose to deal nonlethal damage instead with no penalty. She has the same choice to deal lethal or nonlethal damage while grappling.
A monkís unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured masterwork weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons, including enchantments.
A psionic monkís unarmed strike deals 1d6 damage. The monk may choose slashing, piercing or bludgeoning with each attack. If no damage type is chosen, assume bludgeoning.

Psionics: Beginning at first level a psionic monk gains a number of power points equal to Ĺ her level plus her wisdom modifier, if any, with a minimum of 1. These points are restored each day after eight hours of rest and meditation. This time need not be consecutive.
At each level (including first) the monk may select a power trick, as listed and described below. These power tricks each have their own requirements and costs, as described in their entries. At the beginning of each day the psionic monk must make a concentration check using one half of itís level as itís caster-level in order to use any all-day duration tricks. The DC is 15+the cost of the tricks. Treat itís wisdom score as itís primary casting attribute. Thus an 8th level monk with a 16 wisdom using a 3 cost all-day duration trick must make a DC 18 check with a +7 bonus on the roll (+3 from wisdom, +4 from Ĺ psionic monk level). All day abilities are called Foci (singular: focus). The costs are payed normally, including any modifiers, each time a focus is attempted the cost must be payed again. Only power tricks stating an all day duration are usable as Foci, and only if all of the requirements in order to do so are met, such as the appropriate ranks in the proper power-trick.
If struck while any Foci are active the character must make concentration checks as described above at the DC of the most expensive focus. A failed check results in the character losing that focus, though the others remain until the character attempts to regain it, at which time all concentration checks must be made again.
Power tricks: Unless otherwise stated, these abilities may only be taken once.
Clarity: This focus makes the psionic monk immune to mental control, and influence. Such as that caused by a charm person or dominate person spell. This ability modifies mental bastion, adding this bonus, and increases its cost by 5 power points.
Distant Strike: Using this trick allows the monk to make one ranged touch attack per base attack, as though attacking unarmed (thus at level 8 the monk could make two ranged attacks using this power). The distance these attacks can be made at are equal to 10' per psionic monk level. This ability requires Kinetic Strike.
Fine Control: This a modifier of the telekinesis power trick. By adding one to the cost the ability may be used to open or close containers and doors, or flip switches, etc. This ability requires the Telekinesis power trick.
Foresight: This ability grants a bonus to any skill and ability checks made once, or to one save, chosen at the time of itís use, even on anotherís turn. If taken a second time this ability is active for one round. When taken the third time it applies to saves and checks, and lasts until the beginning of the characterís next turn. The bonus granted is equal to the characterís levels in this class. This ability costs two points per time taken. Thus if taken once, it costs 2, but if taken thrice it costs 6.
Forethought: The psionic monk may dodge death. This trick allows the psionic monk to roll a reflex save DC 15+(the number of hp below 0 the monk would be reduced to, even if below -10) if successful the monk is instead at 1 hp. This ability costs 6 power points, and requires BAB +6. This trick is usable once per round. This ability may be taken once.
Kinetic Warfare: A modifier on telekinesis. This Power Trick allows the use of weapons with which the character is proficient from a distance. One attack may be made per round each time this trick is taken to a maximum of the number of Base Attacks. This ability requires Telekinesis and Fine Control. This ability may be taken up to six times, after the third time, it applies to a second weapon. Normal penalties apply if the character does not have the two weapon fighting feats.
Improved Evasion: Sheer speed is not always enough, this ability allows the psionic monk to spend 4 power points when making a reflex save to take half damage on a failed save, or no damage on a successful save. Requires Base Attack Bonus +6.
Improved Kinetic Strike: The psionic monk may add 1d6 damage to their kinetic strike. This ability may be taken multiple times. It increases the cost of Kinetic Strike by 1 power point each time it is taken. This ability may be used at varying strengths. This someone having taken it four times may instead choose to only use two of their ranks in it, thereby increasing the cost by 2, and adding only 2d6, instead of increasing the cost by 4, and the damage by 4d6. This ability may be taken once for each 3 BAB the character possesses. Thus once at +3, and again at +6/+1, etc.
Levitation: The character may levitate up and down at a speed of 10' per round. Alternatively the character may hover a few inches above a surface and move at half speed. This ability requires Fine Control.
Mental Agility: Spend one power point to gain a bonus on one athletics or stealth check equal to the characterís levels in this class. Taking this twice allows the use of these abilities for an entire round for the cost of three points. Taking this ability three times allows this ability to function all day, but at a cost of five points.
Mental Bastion: This focus allows the psionic monk to take a ten on opposed concentration checks for this class. This ability has a power point cost of 4. This ability requires Mental Fortitude.
Mind over Matter: For the cost of one power point per round the monk may cling to any surface as though standing on the ground, and may move normally upon it. If ending a turn on a non-flat surface, such as a floor, the monk must either make an appropriate climb check, or spend an additional point to remain there until their next turn, or fall. Each time this trick is selected it increases the amount of time the monk may spend on the wall without renewing it by one round, but increases the cost by one point. Thus a monk having taken this trick twice may spend two points to openly defy gravity for two rounds by paying only two points, rather than the three it would take if this trick were selected only once. If taken three times this ability may be used all day at a focus cost of 6 power points, or normally at a cost of 3.
Precognitive Dodge: By spending two power points the monk may add their base attack bonus from this class to their AC (minimum 1) as a dodge bonus for one round. As a dodge bonus this bonus applies to all attacks, even incorporeal ones. This ability may be used in response to being struck, is usable only once per round, and only applies against a single attack. Each time this trick is selected it may be used one additional time per round, or applied to one additional attack. This trick requires the Feat: Dodge.
Refraction: This ability allows the character to turn temporarily invisible, but the character suffers the effects of severe cold. This ability modifies mental agility, and costs 3 additional points. At the second rank the character no longer suffers from extreme cold, and the cost is 4, at rank 3 the character remains invisible for a number of rounds equal to itís wisdom modifier at a cost of 5. This modifier cannot be applied as a focus, but may be payed individually if the mental agility focus is active.
Repletion: The expendature of a four power points on this focus allows the character to go for an entire day without the need for food or drink. This power trick requires the Mind over Body class feature. This ability may be taken a second time at level twelve, allowing the character to go without the need to sleep (though the character must still rest or meditate for eight hours to regain itís power point pool), and increases the cost to eight. It may be taken a third time at level 18, negating the characterís need to breath, but costing 12 power points each day as a focus.
Sudden Movement: The character was here, now it is there. By spending 10 points the character may move instantly between itís starting point and another. This is an instantaneous movement, and too quick to provoke attacks of opportunity.any creatures within 5' of the characterís reappearance must make a reflex save or be knocked back 10' by a sudden gust of wind DC 15 + Ĺ the Monkís class level + itís Wisdom Modifier. The character may move a distance equal to itís normal movement rate. The area must be within sight, or the character risks reappearing within a wall, creature, object or floor. Though alternatively, the creature or object might be within them. In either case this results in instantaneous death. Even if the character would normally survive. This trick requires Enhanced Movement, class level 10, and a Wisdom score of 18 or higher, it is only usable on the characterís turn, once per turn.
Telekinesis: The character may move up to 5 lbs of material 5' per round per level. This ability lacks the finesse required however, to open doors or containers, and lacks the control required to wield weapons, though it may move them. This ability has no cost unless modified.
At second rank telekinesis allows the moving of 10 lbs per level up to 10' per round per level.
Telekinetic Flight: The character may use this ability to gain flight for one round. This ability requires Levitation and Mental Agility.

Bonus Feats: The psionic monk may select feats from the following list, but must meet the requirements, if any. New feats will be explained in a spoiler near the bottom:
Deflect Arrows
Enhanced Concentration
Expanded Pool
Extra Trick
Faster Focus
Greater Focus
Improved Concentration
Improved Focus
Improved Initiative
Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Sudden Focus
Superior Focus
Trick Combination
Two Weapon Defense
Two Weapon Fighting
Weapon Finesse
Weapon Focus

Enhanced Motion: Through practice the characters movements become more fluid, allowing a more effortless transition from one point to another.

Iron Mind: The psionic monkís mind is a hard nut to crack. As long as the psionic monk has one point in itís power pool it may add Ĺ itís levels in this class to itís will saves.

Monastic Style: The character may choose one monk melee weapon, including unarmed strike. Treat this character as having flurry of blows as a monk 3 levels lower when the character is using this weapon. Thus a 4th level psionic monk choosing unarmed strikes would have a flurry of blows with the bonus of a first level monk when not using a melee, or ranged weapon. A psionic monk may use Distant Strike with a flurry, but must have the appropriate rank in the power trick, as normal.

Kinetic Armor: The psionic monk gains damage reduction equal to the AC bonus as according to the table. This bonus applies as damage reduction vs physical, and force effect damage. Thus at 4th level a psionic monk gains DR 1/-.

Mind over Body: The monk may add their wisdom modifier to their fortitude saves. This is in addition to their constitution modifier. In addition, by spending 5 power points a psionic monk may ignore a disease or poison effect. Doing so negates the disease or poison. This ability does not effect magical diseases, but does effect all poisons.

Kinetic Strike: The character adds an additional damage die (equal to the weaponís default damage die) to all attacks made using their monastic style (selected weapon) per five character levels. This ability applies to the Distant Strikes power trick, and costs 2 points each round it is used.

I'll finish this later, for now, this is what I have.

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