View Full Version : Metamagic Sorcerers

2013-05-28, 02:51 PM
It's always bugged me that Wizards, the "structured" and book-learning spellcasters who learn the rigid study of magic, are the ones best at changing and altering spells via metamagic feats, while Sorcerers, the "spontaneous" and intuitive spellcasters are stuck in rigid spellcasting and don't have easy access to metamagic'd spells.

Furthermore, Sorcerers are considered weaker than Wizards, who are the best and strongest spellcasting class by most counts.

So, for my games, I always, always ignore the tired old rule that spontaneous metamagic takes a full-round action to cast. I find it completely unnecessary and giving Sorcerers the power to adjust and "shape" their spells on the fly makes them far more dynamic and gives them the added flexibility to keep up with wizards a bit better.

Anyone else make this change, or something similar?