View Full Version : [D&D 3.5 PrC Fix] Fixing the Tainted Scholar

2013-05-29, 07:46 PM
Im not going to post the entire class here. Rather, I'm simply going to post the changes. Also, my change -requires- you use the spell point system or reverse engineer it to spell slots. You'll understand why.

Entry Requirements

Spellcasting: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells or use least invocations (warlock)

Spellcasting: Caster Level 1st

I felt the requirement in place was too narrow of a field, especially considering what I'm going to change has no impact on invocations, i have no problem with this.

Class Features

Tainted Spellcasting (Su): Rather than using a key ability score for spellcasting, you use your corruption and depravity scores. To cast a spell, you must have a depravity score at least equal to the spell's level. Your bonus spells are based on a number equal to your depravity score + 1o, and saving throws against your spells have a DC of 10 + spell level + 1/2 your corruption score. For example, a tainted scholar with a depravity score of 3 would gain bonus spells as a wizard with an Intelligence score of 13 or a sorcerer with a Charisma score of 13

Tainted Spellcasting (Su): You gain additional spell points per day equal to your total taint score. In addition, you gain +1 on spell DCs when you have moderate taint, and +2 on spell DCs when you have severe taint. This applies from both corruption and depravity. For example, a tainted scholar with severe corruption and moderate depravity would gain +3 on spell DCs. This stacks with bonuses on spell DCs from high ability scores.

I was inspired by the ability from the subverted psion, but felt I should keep true to the original class in some regard. Instead of gaining massive bonuses and replacing your casting stats, you simply gain separate but stacking bonuses. Its powerful, but a lot less over the top.

So, what do you think?

If you wish to take this class feature and apply it to regular spellcasting, follow the table below, distributing points as desired.

{table=head] Spell level|Spell point cost
9|17 [/table]