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2013-05-30, 11:22 AM
Well, this is a little project I'd considered a while ago, and I just recently finished the first in the series. More will be coming.

Heir of the Burning Sands
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Requirements: 21st level, Tumble 24 ranks, martial adept with knowledge of the Inferno Blast and Wyrm's Flame maneuvers, and 5 other Desert Wind maneuvers.

21st|Desert Fire's Burning Brand, Flame's Inspiration
24th|Aura of Conflagrating Winds
27th|Phoenix Fire's Inevitable Vengeance
30th|Searing Wrath of the Wastes[/table]

Desert Fire's Burning Brand (Su)
With every fiery strike, you set foes aflame, burning them to their very bones. At 21st level, every time you deal fire damage with a desert wind maneuver, a struck foe must make a Reflex save (DC10 + 1/2 your initiator level + your Wisdom modifier) or catch flame, taking 1d6 fire damage per 4 initiator levels you possess every round until they succeed at a reflex save (same DC) or are doused with water. A creature cannot catch flame if it is already under the effects of this feature. A creature who dies while burning creates an emanation similar to the Death Mark maneuver, except the save is based on the same DC as the burning effect.

Flame's Inspiration (Su)
The heir of burning sands is an elemental force, a burning dervish that cannot be resisted. At 21st level, you ignore an amount of fire resistance equal to your initiator level and reroll ones on fire damage you deal. At 24th level, you reroll ones and twos. At 27th level, you reroll ones, twos, and threes. At 30th level, you reroll ones, twos, threes, and fours.

Aura of Conflagrating Winds (Su)
The wastes are not only protected by searing heat, but also desert storms of dangerous potential. At 24th level, whenever you are in a Desert Wind stance, you gain an additional effect on top of the stance's normal effect. Within 30 feet of you, roiling winds deal 5d6 fire damage plus your initiator level to any hostile creature at the beginning of every round they are within the aura. In addition, the aura blocks any nonmagical ranged attacks made against you, incinerating them immediately.

Phoenix Fire's Inevitable Vengeance (Su)
Red dragons, fire elementals, salamanders... the desert wind master embodies all of these; however, there is a beast of grand legend that embodies the immortality of fire, the phoenix. With every death, it rises anew in a baptism of flame. At 27th level, once per day after you die you may return on your initiative next turn in a square within your movement speed. You return at half of your maximum health, with any temporary negative conditions removed. Simultaneously, an explosion of fire strikes all foes within 20 feet of your emergence, dealing 1d8 points of fire damage per initiator level you possess. A successful reflex save (DC10 + 1/2 your initiator level + your Wisdom modifier) halves the damage, but creatures with evasion instead take minimum damage, instead of none.

Searing Wrath of the Wastes (Su)
At 30th level, the Heir of the Burning Sands is an avatar of the unbearable hostility and blazing heat of the desert. Half of the fire damage dealt by your Desert Wind maneuvers and boosts, as well as effects of this epic destiny, is impossible to heal by normal means; it doesn't heal naturally, and non-epic healing spells cannot heal it. It cannot be recovered by anything short of a miracle or wish spell, and even epic healing spells only recover 1/4th of the result.

[Next in line: Iron Body Disciple]

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As a general lover of ToB, and of Epic Destinies in general :smallbiggrin:, I have only one critique.

1-The level 27 ability doesn't specify what condition you come back in. Are you at the condition you were before you died, half health, full?

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This looks pretty cool! I can't wait for more!

My suggestion for Iron Heart: perhaps use a name like "Iron Soul Acolyte" or "Adamantium Soul Acolyte" (mostly the Iron/Adamantium Soul bit).

2013-06-23, 08:36 PM
I look forward to more of these, expanding into the more popular of the homebrew disciplines later.