View Full Version : Trying to stat something...I need help.

2006-12-01, 03:30 PM
For this, it would be greatly apprieciated if those answering have knowledge of those games released by Taito.

Specifically, Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands.

This is so you may understand what it is I'm trying to do.

I have the thought in my head to try and do out two things.

1. The Bubble Dragon, as a Monster, or a template(One may only become such a creature via transformation, you see-they are NOT natural by any means.)

2. The 'Rainbow Star', as a weapon.

I have NO idea what to use in terms of damages and effects. The biggest issue is the second. Transforming a mechanic that worked well in 2D into 3D is not easy even in thought alone.

I have a few ideas, but not many.

Bubble Dragon:

Medium size.

Melee is tail and horns-Hands can't do much.(1d6 each?)
Breath is a bubble weapon that traps the target if they are caught.(No direct damage.)
Bubbles aren't damagable by attack save those of the bubble dragon.
Popping the bubble of one so entrapped(Via crushing to the ground, or popped by horns) damages the victim severely(3d8?), unless they are released by the bubble popping naturally over time. They come out enraged.(As Barbarian Rage?)

Bubbles may be hopped on to increase height, with skill.(Jump check, certainly. DC...15? 30?)

If bubbles miss their target, they form emptily and wander the battlefield. They have no trapping power in this state, but only a Bubble Dragon may push them about. Of course, there's the risk that they'll push too hard, and pop them.

Rainbow Star:

Exotic, magically created weapon.

Slinging it creates a (5ft long, 5ft high?)trail as it passes, and causes damage to anything it hits.

This trail may be walked on freely.

The trail may be used to trap enemies.

The trail fades after 3 rounds.

The trail is fairly weak-it can survive a little damage, but not much.

Jumping on or into a rainbow trail sends it crashing down, causing damage to those below.

A trail may be broken as it is forming. It is treated as though it's full-formed for the purposes of determining affected area.

There's nowhere else for this mish-mash for half-formed thoughts but here...may I ask your aid in this?